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  1. SPAWNmaster

    Space Force

  2. SPAWNmaster

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    YMMV. They wouldn't give me a ticket for Jolly 51 since I "wasn't on the list". I'm a member of the unit. We then worked it up to a manager and they finally tried to get me on and of course all their seats were taken. Ended up paying $1200 out of pocket for a one day funeral trip (wouldn't have missed it for the world to say bye to my brothers). I just bring this up because I feel like these airlines do this for marketing or to say they are somehow charitable but haven't met anyone who has actually successfully done it.
  3. SPAWNmaster

    VA Loans

    Thanks. We legitimately want to use it as a primary residence just are tied up on orders for longer than the 2 months. Any agents or lenders you recommend who can help us in New York State?
  4. SPAWNmaster

    VA Loans

    Marty - in your experience would I have luck getting an unusual circumstance extension by saying my wife will move in at the conclusion of my current TDY (say within 6-9mo of closing)? Thanks
  5. SPAWNmaster

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    That’s kind of what the wife and I were thinking. Biggest threat may be economic downturn or bad timing on rates etc. Thanks all for sounding board!
  6. SPAWNmaster

    VA Loans

    Does anyone know if VA loan requires you to live in the house immediately upon purchase? Anticipating being away from the area on orders for another year or so but wanting to jump on our “dream home” now.
  7. SPAWNmaster

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    We are familiar with the area and have lived there before. Originally we said we’d come back when we retire but why wait? Finding out life is short with all these friends of mine going in so may just end up pulling the trigger if we can make it work. Question now is if VA loan permits us to be away or if we have to move in immediately.
  8. SPAWNmaster

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    Financially yes. It wouldn't be a burden but obviously we won't be saving as much as we would (however we are saving mainly for this purpose anyways)
  9. Traditional guard guy currently on full-time orders. Expect to be away from home of record for another 1.5yrs. We do not currently own property and have have been thinking about buying a house very seriously over the past two ish years. We've spent this time researching what we want and we already have lived in the area we are looking (we know we like it there). Come to find our dreamhome listed a few days ago, seems to be the right place for our kids, the price is right and all the features we wanted. We don't want to lose our chance at getting this place especially since we haven't seen anything of note pop up in-market as we have looked the past few years. Is it crazy to buy a home knowing we wouldn't be living in it for at least another year (if not longer)?
  10. SPAWNmaster

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Completely anecdotal but worth mentioning: In my Fort Rucker class we had a guy we'll call Ryan. The kid just could not hover. Maybe his instructor wasn't the right match, couldn't make the right connections for him, whatever. Or maybe the syllabus didn't afford Ryan the time and free space to focus on his weak area when we had a full list of other contact maneuvers to work on. Trying to be a bro, I invited Ryan over to put on my HTC Vive and I spun up the most accurate flight model for a Huey I could find (DCS Huey for the record). We spent a good hour drilling the required control inputs and hand-eye exercises demonstrating the various aerodynamic phenomena involved in hovering (and make no mistake for those who haven't flown a helicopter, hovering is all experimentation and feel till you get it.) No shit, within that hour something finally clicked and Ryan was getting it. The next day we saw that kid hover the way he was meant to in the helicopter and it wasn't a problem from then on. I bring up this story because I can see how as a function of part-task training, you could easily accelerate learning for very specific skill sets in undergraduate training using technology. To the extent that these accelerative events would add up to producing an extra pilot (or however many extra pilots) without sacrificing quality is obviously the big question. I'm just saying that I can see how there is value in holding the experiment.
  11. Any guard/reserve DOT guys here notice the NGB A3 timeline to full up is now showing about 5.5 years from start? I think it was closer to 3 years total when I was hired over two years ago. If I had to guess why so long I'd venture that significant b-course delays are the issue. Curious what the timeline is for the active duty component. Now back to your regular programming...
  12. SPAWNmaster

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    If one believes per the article that a) there has just been poor communication about this aspect of the test and b) that they legitimately want data points on learning modes (and not trying to actually build an enlisted -> pilot program) then this is just a big flag that they are investing heavily in Instructional Design to optimize pilot production. In any case I think everyone is pretty clear that big AF has given up on the retention piece and is now in panic mode to make enough pilots fast enough to get us through what will be a very painful ripping of the bandaid as experiences guys continue to pull chocks. No matter how you slice it it's not a good signal.
  13. I'm just going to leave this right here.... https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2017/12/06/enlisted-combat-pilots-the-air-force-is-launching-a-test-that-could-lead-to-that/
  14. SPAWNmaster

    Requesting Status of Medical Waiver - FC1

    Have you gone to your med group? Sounds dumb but I spent months badgering my recruiters about my waivers and only got "we haven't heard anything yet". Walked across the hall into med group and spoke to a flight doc who was like "oh I have access to that system" and just pulled it up right then a there. Turns out Wright-Patt had submitted the paperwork maybe a month after my FC1.