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  1. I recommend contacting the units (start at their Recruiting office first) you would like to join and finding out if they have an upcoming board. They are likely unaware of this program so you'll have to explain it. They also may be only be considering candidates with their degrees in hand. But, you may be able to convince them to take a look at you and this program with the right attitude and credentials. The pilots in the unit might not care but the recruiting office should be happy as it will save the unit an OTS slot. If one (or ten) unit(s) says no, don't let it stop you. Many future Guard and Reserve Pilots interview at many units before finding the right fit.
  2. Where do you want to live/what type of airframe do you want to fly?
  3. The Congressman is back yo

    As an ANG C-130H nav, there are definitely training events that could be reduced/eliminated from a pilot's current readiness requirements to allow them to maintain a fully mission ready status with less days required at their unit (given the current real world ops requirements). Additionally, it would be an outright boon to morale and retention to eliminate the Afghan Air Advisor mission (or contract it out if it will continue). If not entirely familiar with this, let me know and I can elaborate. It could decimate the instructor force in the ANG the longer it goes. Guys will go to the desert for 60 or 120 days with their units but there are not many who will go for 180 to fly as Afghan Air Force crew members.
  4. Herk future in AFRC/ANG

    Rebooting this thread with the recent release of the FY2017 Force Structure Changes... http://www.afrc.af.mil/News/tabid/5048/Article/655595/af-officials-announce-fy-2017-budget-force-structure-changes.aspx Of note on the MAF side, Charlotte and Elmo (Guard) and Pittsburgh (AFRC) go from Herks to Budas. And Baltimore gets Herks in FY20 when the Hawgs go to the boneyard (maybe). Of course, until this all changes again.