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  1. Promotion and PRF Information

    I doubt it, how else will the chosen 3-4 guys in each wing be identified for school? It may eliminate excess work for those who were submitting an award or 2 to make sure they didn't wind up in the bottom 5% at their Major's board. I can say there's a few things I wouldn't have bothered with if O-4 had been 100%.
  2. RIP Doc

  3. CFB 2017

    Well, we tanked our season in style by laying down for the second half and letting UCLA pull off an epic come back. I for one support the A&M regent calling for Sumlin's firing. He should have been fired in the locker room. We ran all over them the entire first half, then with a lead we threw the ball the entire fourth quarter with a true freshman quarterback. Madness.
  4. I was told by AFPC that they are in the middle of re-writing this reg. I'm sure they'll force everyone to incur 3 year ADSCs for any/all flying training in the future even if it extends beyond 10 years. It should drop in the next few months.
  5. Thanks from Houston

    I'm also from the area and was visiting but left early just before the storm hit. It amazes me to see the helos from rescue squadrons all over the country, I've seen videos from a rescue unit in NY pulling people from the water. I just have a question about the logistics from anyone who may know, we're these helos airlifted to a staging area close to the disaster zone or do they actually fly cross country from that far away? I would think with the flight being over CONUS that they probably just flew south. I'd also like to thank any and all who are helping. My family miraculously was spared from the floodwaters, but are surrounded by devastation. I had some friends who were almost swept away while being rescued, and they lost the house they just purchased a few months ago. Sure wish I could be there to help, but if any of you are many thanks from me, my family, and my friends in the area.
  6. Flight Pay increases

    I was just using the date that big blue referenced in the article for the last change. Guess I should know better than to trust anything they say.
  7. Flight Pay increases

    Should have been at least $350 to account for inflation since 1999 for the $650 bracket. Something above that would have been a positive indicator, but this just shows how out of touch senior management is.
  8. Military Equivalency Process

    I probably had an appointment. I've done and drank too much since then.
  9. Military Equivalency Process

    I had mine done at the Fort Worth FSDO. If I remember correctly, the most annoying part was filling out the IACRA form beforehand. I just showed up with my mil comp exam results, form 8 equivalency MFR, flight hour printout and it only took a few minutes.
  10. Finance Problems

    It looks like this is the solution, MPF/Finance is submitting a BAH waiver to HQ AF/A1. We'll see what happens in a few weeks.
  11. Finance won't pay DLA or TLE

    Without even looking at the reg I'd say you're correct. If you have a 10 year commitment how do they know it's your final PCS? You could switch guard or reserve units at some point. Final PCS is for separation/retirement. I've had to fight multiple times to be paid what I was entitled to, go to the first officer in the chain and don't take no for an answer.
  12. Finance Problems

    Well, if they can cut back on pro gear and spouse pro gear because of the new definitions in the JTR, then they sure as f*ck can change my BAH per the JTR. I'm sick of this bullshit and them only following the regs when it benefits big blue.
  13. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Thanks for the info.
  14. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    I know I've asked about medical benefits, but wasn't sure if I asked about B Fund contributions by the airlines. Are there any limits like there are with 401K contributions or is the 16% valid no matter what the salary? That means at $200k a year you receive $32k in contributions. If that's the case this is worth upwards of $2 million after a 26 year airline career at a 7% return. Sounds too good to be true.
  15. Finance Problems

    Dammit, I used the wrong reference. It's Chapter 10, Part E, Section 7. Advance or Delayed dependent travel. This tells me that I can move my family there ahead of me so my kids can start school, and since I am doing training they should change my BAH to the location of my dependents. 10412 DEPENDENT TRAVEL - ADVANCE AND DELAYED A. General. When a PCS order has been issued, the member’s family may perform PCS travel at a different time than the member. 1. Example of Advance Travel. A member stationed in England receives a PCS authorization/order in July for reassignment to Norfolk with a November reporting date. The member’s family returns in August to get settled before school starts in September. 2. Example of Delayed Travel. A member stationed in Chicago receives a PCS authorization/order in January to report to Japan in April. The member’s family remains in Chicago until the school year ends in June. B. Housing Allowance Based on Dependents’ Location or Old PDS. Unless otherwise authorized/approved, a member’s housing allowance is based on the PDS. A member may be authorized a housing allowance based on the location at which the dependents maintain a permanent residence, or the old PDS, if authorized/approved through the Secretarial Process. Examples of separation situations that are routinely authorized/approved at a lower level than the Service Secretary include: 1. The member is assigned to a PDS in an area in which sufficient housing quantities do not exist; ... 7. The member is assigned to a Professional Military Education (PME) or a training course that is scheduled for a duration of one year or less.