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  1. MooseAg03

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    C-17s. Our supply store will let you trade items dollar for dollar, so a few guys who came from other squadrons and didn’t need much out of their initial issue were able to score one. I happen to like my nomex flight jackets and I prefer to wear those when I fly. I just wish we had something like that for the OCPs. I hate wearing fleece.
  2. MooseAg03

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    Wearing a jacket with an elastic bottom and the A2CU is just weird. It rides up worse than with a flight suit and it makes the bottom of the flight suit top flare out and looks ridiculous. My squadron won’t buy the fire resistant OCP Massif jacket, so we all settle for the brown fleece which is not flight approved. https://uspatriottactical.com/massif-elements-fire-resistant-usaf-jacket-with-battleshield-x-fabric-multicam-ocp/
  3. MooseAg03

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    1 year last I checked. I think the risk setting a date that far out is they have plenty of time to tag you for that shitty 179. I’m still wondering where the sweet spot is, 8-9 months?
  4. MooseAg03

    “Red is the new Green”

    C-5s are strat as well, and AR is a special qual for them as far as I know. We could limit AR quals to IPs and with all ER jets it wouldn’t change much.
  5. MooseAg03

    “Red is the new Green”

    RAP would be much better, as it gives the SQ/CC the power to make aircrew NMR or waive requirements and let them keep CMR status based on their unit’s mission areas. At the end of the cycle, each unit drafts a memo advertising their shortfalls and explaining why they occurred. This is transmitted to the MAJCOM by the group and can be used to argue for more manning, training, etc. We did it for years in RPAs to argue for dwell, and hopefully that will become a reality soon. I’m not sure if the pro-ration letters in MAF squadrons ever get pushed to HHQ, but they should.
  6. MooseAg03

    The new airline thread

    Not bad considering I’m making about the same but missing kids’ birthdays, wife’s birthday, anniversary, and the entire summer with the kids while deployed. Choices are good, I’m looking forward to having some.
  7. MooseAg03

    The new airline thread

    Thread bump. We’re into the busy flying season, anyone want to post their monthly gross for some motivation for those of us still in the penitentiary?
  8. MooseAg03

    “Red is the new Green”

    Fly what you can, log what you need. If we go NMR, we leave fewer people to execute the mission. So...all this stuff will be prorated anyway. If it isn’t, then we will punish those who are proactive to get all of their beans accomplished by increasing their Ops tempo. Brilliant. As for the tactical stuff, 95% of what we do (in my community) operationally ends with vectors to an ILS final. If you want us to practice large force integration, that’s fine. Then eliminate AR quals for 90% of our crew force because we NEVER do it operationally. Then we’d have plenty of time to practice C2 integration, brevity, and all that jazz.
  9. Apparently they are immune from lawsuits as well. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-tsa-lawsuit/tsa-screeners-win-immunity-from-flier-abuse-claims-u-s-appeals-court-idUSKBN1K125W
  10. What’s worse? That TSA didn’t close them up correctly or the fact that he put his mother in checked luggage?
  11. Well, I’m not willing to take the chance. I’ll just rack up as many PIC hours as possible in my last year and save the 6 week trip to Altus.
  12. Read note 1c very carefully. If you crossflow/retrain to a new airframe you incur the 3 year ADSC even if it extends beyond 10 years rated service. I believe you need a previous Form 8 to avoid the commitment. This is exactly why I didn’t fight to go UPT upon returning to fly. Does anyone have experience limiting ADSC for MWS IP upgrade to end concurrent with the UPT ADSC? It seems to me Note 1b would apply here and even if I upgrade to IP with only a year to go, that 2 year ADSC should end at the same time as my UPT commitment.
  13. MooseAg03

    The Next President is...

    The FBI let the dude’s wife flee the country after stopping her at the airport with personal possessions and a large amount of cash. They were investigating Awan and had a first-year agent as the lead, so it sure does seem like it was a priority. I’m sure they had absolutely nothing to do with the ridiculous plea deal.
  14. MooseAg03

    Future of E-8 JSTARS?

    I saw an article about Offutt keeping their C-135 variants flying until the 2030s (maybe later, I can’t find the article again). The Air Force can’t afford to replace the E-8 anytime soon.