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  1. I've got my boat driving license, was worth the cost. I only bled a little.
  2. they were hot as hell every time I went, you just needed to drink a lot more.
  3. So imagining things or being lied to, awesome.
  4. Same PT shirts as everyone else, in the back with the rest of the uniform stuff.
  5. Some poor bastard at Yokota has to take the RPA must fills. At least they'll PCS all the way across the pacific for 6 months before they head to Randolph.
  6. Hope to see a timeline soon, mildenhall was/is next for me.
  7. He seemed like a good dude at Yokota, from a young guys perspective. He was regularly in the squadron, engaged with everyone. flew with him once or twice, didn't hate it.
  8. No, I don't think I'll ever be over macho grande
  9. anyone have any experience riding/racing in Colorado? I'm moving back to the US and really want to get back to racing, just trying to decide whether to go back to dirt, supermoto, or road racing, I only get to pick one this time around (damn kids are expensive) but it seems like CO has a bit of everything.
  10. My wife and I no major issues with our house. It was no palace, but we were fine for 15 months. I don't remember having any big issues with mold. Worst problem we had was ants, but a couple visits from the exterminator took care of that.
  11. Anyone here at the 50th right now? I may be headed there shortly with some slightly abnormal circumstances, looking for some info.
  12. Ibleedteal13....AKA Devon Adair Kearn, calls herself a "classy bitch." This one is a keeper folks. Good thing she put her full name on instagram and left it public. This won't haunt her in any way.
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