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  1. Fast_N_Low135

    Guard Heavy Unit - T38s at UPT?

    Yes it is possible, I am a living breathing example of this...here's how it happened (WARNING, not to be used as a template of what you should do). I was a prior enlisted crew chief that was hired in house by my heavy unit. While in T-6s I performed towards the top of my class. My T-6 flight commander made everyone fill out a track select dream sheet (yes, even me thought I knew I was headed for T-1s). Being the punk smart-ass LT that I was, I racked T-38, UH-1, T-44 then T-1 in that order. Five minutes after handing in the dream sheet I was called into the Flight Commanders office to redo it. After some back and forth discussion, my Flt CC picked up the phone to the NGB to see what he could make happen. The day of track select I was called to the DOs office and put on a 3-way (sts) phone call with my home heavy unit and the NGB. It was decided that I could track T-38s, with the understanding that I go back to my heavy unit and if I struggled and washed out of T-38s, I was done. So that night, everyone was surprised when a T-38 came up on the screen instead of the T-1. (Don't worry, it was an NGB funded slot, I did not take it away from an AD stud). Fast forward a few months into T-38s...I was the red-headed step child of the class, but towards the top in performance. After being approached by several IP and my Flt CC telling me I should fly fighters, I made a difficult phone call back to my sponsor unit asking for their blessing. They said go forth and look for a fighter unit up until my Altus dates, at which point I'd be committed to heavies. I interviewed to 2 units the weekend after assignment night and was officially hired by my #1 choice the weekend prior to graduation. During IFF/B-Course , I found out that big blue was looking to get rid of our jets (and other units as well), which eventually happened after flying the jet for 1.5 yrs. Being an inexperienced fighter dude (in a then dying airframe) during sequestration, it was difficult finding a unit to hire me and send me to another B-course. Staring down the barrel of RPA class dates, I pulled the trigger and was hired back by the heavy unit that sent me to UPT. The end. BL. Bust your ass, luck and timing (my Flt CCs, IPs, and home unit were awesome and extremely supportive), don't go behind your sponsoring units back (I didn't call a fighter unit until I received a blessing), and have a good attitude and my thankful and happy wherever you end up.
  2. Fast_N_Low135

    McChord Hiring Climate.

    WAANG has a rated board this summer, and they hire dudes from other airframes.
  3. Fast_N_Low135

    Any recent Envoy pilots?

    I just started training with another regional that primarily flies in the northwest. One person in my class is an ex-envoy FO who spent 7 years there, and another in the class ahead of me. I also know a buddy of mine who just bailed to start over at Compass. My guess is that they're hemorrhaging pilots for a reason, beware.
  4. Fast_N_Low135

    MC-12 Crash in Afghanistan

    I went to college with Andrew McAdams, he was a fellow guardsman and a prior E. Really solid dude and have had my fair share of beers with him. He leaves behind a wife and a 3 month old daughter. Donations can be made at the link below http://www.gofundme.com/67s1rc Him, Him
  5. Fast_N_Low135

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The Scorpion Flies Kind of impressive that it went from the drawing board to its first flight in just under two years. It's ugly as sin, thus it would make a perfect replacement for the hawg regardless of capabilities.
  6. Fast_N_Low135

    US flags at half-mast for Nelson Mandela--thoughts?

    I convinced myself it was half mast for Pearl Harbor. Perception is reality.
  7. Fast_N_Low135

    CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    Nuggets up Y'all, I just completed my FIRC CFI refresher course using American Flyers online. It seems that they have revamped their courseware as there were no time requirements like before. Very CBTesque, just click through as fast as you can, then take the 5 question test at the end of each section. 16 sections total, took me an easy peasy afternoon to complete. I recommend having two screens open, one to the test, the other to the lesson. BL, good value for your money, paid $75, good for as long as you live, and it didn't steal away a weekend of my life. Cheers!
  8. Fast_N_Low135

    Academy informant program

    You're into dudes? That's cool, to each their own.
  9. Fast_N_Low135

    Academy informant program

    Ha, far from it, although I might be retarded because I did go to a small state school. All I did was point out a shitty irrelevant argument to keep the Academies. Show me where I said we should get actually get rid of them or that I'm but hurt that I didn't get accepted? (Hard to get accepted when you don't apply) BTW, I'm a guard(s) baby, let me know who's the bitter one once you've been on AD for 6-9 years. Cheers and congrats on your Rhodes Scholars, I'm real impressed!
  10. Fast_N_Low135

    Academy informant program

    So what exactly is your argument? We should keep the academies because the produce a lot of Rhodes scholars? Would those students not be able to achieve that at some other university? Plus, we should keep the academies so the CEO of some PRIVATE company can hire ring knockers? Yep, sounds like a valid reason to keep them around. So tell me again how the service academies increase our warfighter capability?
  11. Fast_N_Low135

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    And just for fun: http://defensetech.org/2011/03/29/a-10s-tag-team-with-p-3s-to-savage-libyan-coast-guard/
  12. Fast_N_Low135

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Here's a book you could read: http://www.amazon.com/A-10s-Over-Kosovo-Airpower-Operation/dp/1585661228
  13. Fast_N_Low135

    USMC Helo pilot to USAF Fixed Wing

    Good luck flying A-10s
  14. Fast_N_Low135

    ANG/ RESERVE Fighter jobs

    Negative, attack bubba. You guys hiring, I am familiar with Tucson. Will re-train for food.
  15. Fast_N_Low135

    ANG/ RESERVE Fighter jobs

    Updates? 11F Lt looking for a J O B.