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  1. ... Said the new RNAV arrival to KEWR - yikes!
  2. "It starts at a syllabus "conference" when someone says: "students don't learn anything new from that second T-6 MOA solo anyway." ^^^Wait, What??^^^ Damn!!, two of the best days in UPT for me were solo MOA double-turns on a Friday - once in the -37, and later in the -38. While at the desk dropping off my 'solo chit' at 11am for the 2nd -38 sortie, I distinctly remember the OPS-O saying "Hey, even I can't do that!" - then said, "Fly Safe, have fun!" Point is, me thinks that self reliance/confidence in the jet is learned in small increments - perhaps by flying solo! Flying time back in early '97 was 87 Tweets/105-ish Talons. 192 total, just sayin'.
  3. The ART to AGR conversions in AFRC are just getting started, and should be in full-swing within 12-24 mos. As an AGR, you'll see identical pay/bennies - and still be eligible for the 35K bonus, plus AD retirement at your 20 year point. Lots of info myPers, just sayin'. https://www.afrc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1755395/chief-of-air-force-reserve-approves-changes-to-the-active-guard-reserve-program/
  4. ^^True Dat^^ As for Heritage, our C/S was ROCK XX, even used it overseas. Here's a few 'un-official' patches from 15+ years ago, Enjoy!
  5. Bigred, say if going AD or ANG/AFRC? Quote: "I’m switching over to fly the 135, and my first set of orders will have me with a squadron flying like normal. After that, what options exist?" Your options will vary greatly by your gaining command, etc.
  6. Ideal solution would be to pay the part-timers what they deserve - a full month's flight pay for maintaining qualification in the jet/mission - along with reasonable participation expectations. ROA used to fight for this back in the day, never came to fruition... If the ARC wants to keep more of it's experienced talent, I hope they reconsider!
  7. So, the AFRC ART breakdown for CY19 - and caveats. 1. New SSR pay regional pay tables retroactive to 6 Jan 2019 is your "Basic pay" from OPM. (Applicable to ALL GS-2181) 2. Add 10% "Retention Incentive", paid Bi-weekly if GS-13. (This is not automatic, and must be requested by Wing and NAF by name - approved by OPM, and reviewed/renewed annually) 3. Add 18K yearly "AFRC ART Bonus" if UPT service commitment complete until 25 YAS. (This is a new thing as of Summer 2018, you must apply on ARPC website - planned to be paid as a lump sum in arrears). 4. Add MIL PAY!!! Again, not advocating ART by any means, just posting some of the current options. 😉
  8. SD, -12 is usually for AC upgrade - and -13 is for IP in AFRC MAF tails. Back in the 90's, a copilot had to start at GS-09! All said and done, I think the best way to go is with an AFRC/ANG UE Wing; i.e. unit equipped - not associate. Anyhoo, nice to see the ARC finally giving a good living wage to our replacements.
  9. GS-11 step 1 in NYC pay tables shows $87K. Add a conservative $20K for 1LT MIL pay, and that's a nice paycheck for a 25-30 year old LT! Not advocating long term ART by any means, just wanted to mention the new pay tables can be a great option while upgrading to AC/IP.
  10. New 2019 ART SSR tables posted on OPM website to reflect the retroactive pay increase passed in Feb. Pretty good coin for most, glad to see a new 1LT can actually make a decent wage while building time/experience. (NOOB TDART GS-11 can exceed 100K+ with MIL pay...) Just sayin' YMMV.
  11. Duck, It's ~120K, the +% on the right is just a reference multiplier of the GSXX base pay for your Metro area. Still good coin for most! Also, you'll be paying just over $200 per pay period (4.4%), in to a 'theoretical' FERS retirement. You can ask for a full refund when you separate - just submit a ticket via MyPERS.
  12. Ide, ^^This is correct^^. Congrats on starting at Step 4, that's huge. OT: I highly recommend looking into 'buying back' your AD time prior to your FERS start date. Process took 2.5 years for AFPC/DFAS to get it right!
  13. Scooter, good idea - thanks for posting a new topic. After some basic forensics, each of the 9 tables are different - and arranged in descending order - based on locality/major metro areas. The multiplier ranges from +68% to +45% on your GS-13-XX step based on duty location. Also seems like the recent $18K ART Bonus is an AFRC thing, up to 25 YAS - link posted below: https://www.citamn.afrc.af.mil/Features/Article/1590068/some-arts-eligible-for-aviation-bonus/ I think the real hidden gem here is starting 2019, the new SSR pay is included in your "High Three" for a CIV OPM retirement - a 20%+ increase for most... Hat's off to a small group of smart folks that spent YEAR's seeing this through!
  14. Heard this in the SQ the other day, too! Looking forward to the LES in a few weeks when it takes effect... Also, for the TECH's that are ADSC complete - and under 25 YAS - add the $18K AvB ART bonus that was approved in June. YMMV, but the ART gig seems to be headed in a better direction for now, $$$.
  15. Ya, it's been a thing for a while... My AFRC Wing was expected to cough up a C-130 'Current OPS/ Airdrop planner' to OXXX in the Spring of 2015. I was an easy target, even though I haven't flown that AC/MSN set in 8 years! Why they would tag an individual ART for a 179 in an undermanned squadron is interesting. Long story short, a TR Capt stepped up to take it, did OK. Go check out the AFRC C-130 UE units that had an Air Advisor bill to pay in the recent past if you want to see some real carnage in 11M losses. Shit Happens...
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