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  1. History Friday - Patches

    This got a few laughs in the squadron today.
  2. Take a few minutes to look up recent board stat's on myPers under Officer Promotions. IMA's are/used to be tracked in a separate category among LAF boards. Please confirm if AFRC or ANG. If AFRC, you'll need a PRF (usually due in Jan), and the boxes are either "BPZ" or "I/APZ" - however, your OSB/CDB will will likely say "twice considered" in the top section. Verify in vMPF website. Finally, check the PDRA sp? to verify ALL of your OPR's and citations are loaded - missing, incomplete info to the Board is PK=1.
  3. ARC retirement calculator link: https://mypers.af.mil/app/processes/form/fn/rpc Stumbled upon this a few weeks ago, 15 seconds and you're done - best one I've seen yet.
  4. Promotion and PRF Information

    FF, The AFPC feedback was informative for me, but it does take about 8-10 weeks for the phone call. PM if you'd like more details - finally made it APZ++... Caution: For those of you who are considering/transitioning to AFRC - be advised there is now huge competition for certain year groups due to the large influx of recent AD separations, and the board %'s are similar to AD - ANG not so much. If you're expecting a TR/airline bubba to write your OPR's/PRF - think again if you'd like to make it to 20 years+ in the ARC. You gotta row your own boat here... Lots of good info on this thread, wish I had read it sooner.
  5. History Friday

  6. OT: ART Bonus VALID! Just wanted to update a sidebar from a few weeks ago - the 25% Bonus is a thing, and showed up in this week's LES. (Voodoo math involved, YMMV by locale) Looks like it's being applied differently in the ARC, and may take some time for full implementation, at least in AFRC... Anyhoo, it's good to see Big Blue follow through on something with a tangible positive impact - $$$, but still long overdue. Hope the AD folks get a similar boost soon.
  7. Fingers crossed on the 25% ART bonus. Just checked the OPM pay tables for 2017, and a non-rated GS-13 step 8's gross will exceed the current SSR (base +30%) by $1100+, at least in my locality. At least morale is 'PDG'. Anyhoo, looking forward to the LES this week - and hoping the 1.7% FERS retirement proposal gains some traction - that would be a game changer for some of us... Best Update: Looks like my neighborhood received the full locality, since it exceeded the old 30% 'bonus' - fair enough...