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  1. LOL! KLRF PIQ classroom instructor, and Vietnam vet described the latter part of his career saying "I've been passed over more times than Toneyville"! I remember having to hold there in IMC for nearly an hour on my 1st Qual Check in the 90's. (no magenta line or autothrottles with the -E's back then, too funny)
  2. "It starts at a syllabus "conference" when someone says: "students don't learn anything new from that second T-6 MOA solo anyway." ^^^Wait, What??^^^ Damn!!, two of the best days in UPT for me were solo MOA double-turns on a Friday - once in the -37, and later in the -38. While at the desk dropping off my 'solo chit' at 11am for the 2nd -38 sortie, I distinctly remember the OPS-O saying "Hey, even I can't do that!" - then said, "Fly Safe, have fun!" Point is, me thinks that self reliance/confidence in the jet is learned in small increments - perhaps by flying solo! Flying time back in early '97 was 87 Tweets/105-ish Talons. 192 total, just sayin'.
  3. Ideal solution would be to pay the part-timers what they deserve - a full month's flight pay for maintaining qualification in the jet/mission - along with reasonable participation expectations. ROA used to fight for this back in the day, never came to fruition... If the ARC wants to keep more of it's experienced talent, I hope they reconsider!
  4. Few things validated our purpose in H-3's back in '06 (IMHO), more than being launched for a live AE ALPHA Alert - extremely rare. One hour from the call to wheels up headed to OAXX x 2 to hopefully make a difference. Was an incredible symphony of coordination and precision, all with the Top 3 there at the plane, watching our every move. Agree with the last two as well!
  5. Wow, thanks for posting. Vid was less than 2 min, but the AOPA Safety debrief/commentary was 30 min+. Well worth the time, IMHO. Was hosted by a Ret USAF O-6 and former T-Bird CC. ARC Bubbas are auth a GTP for watching, share with your folks. Fly Safe!
  6. Unsure, but the info above may be dated... The retirement "points value" for a retired O-5 has already gone up .03 cents per point since FY16 (worth an extra $150/mo for someone with 5000 ARC retirement points). I'd hate to see someone lose out on this by not staying in the IRR until 60 - assuming they have 20+ good years. Sorry for the de-rail..
  7. This got a few laughs in the squadron today.
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