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  1. Eligibility matrix is up; no rated AFSCs. No surprise, not eligible for any of the other voluntary outs anyway.
  2. +10 for pig mania reference. Too much Magic Hat, perhaps?
  3. Search "Finance Guy" for a primer in useful contribution to the dialog. It is baseops.net after all, not MPF.net.
  4. Been much discussion over how to get a JTAC capability inherent in rescue, whether an actual dude assigned to the PJ team/squadron or training CROs or other team members in JFO as above. Several example from recent ops (like this one) demonstrate the need in case no A-10 or FAC(A) is around, but hard to convince senior leader aviators that PJs have any business on the ground more than a rotor disk from the helo sometimes.
  5. Especially to all dads not with their kids today -- dudes have pretty high moral character if you ask me.... Cheers, dads. Ain't easy. PS: congrats to all of you who sweated out another year and didn't have a card show up from PI/Thailand/Korea!
  6. So am I turning before that stick up at 1 o'clock or after it?
  7. In other news, pilot selected for O-6.
  8. No, of course not. But it is an indicator.... Someone who signs up to be an aviator, and is fortunate enough to be selected and graduate training is expected to enjoy their job and get really good at it. When someone appears more interested in box checking, visibility, and staff opportunities at the expense of what most of us believe should be their focus, it reeks of careerist douchebaggery. However, practical leadership for us in the USAF is usually quite limited (especially compared to other services) until FGO levels. Some guys do well, some don't, but the guys with several ops tours usually have more credibility and an ops focus, both of which usually equal "great commander" in our minds. I know plenty of great leaders with zero hours. But I'm wary of an O5 with 1200 hours and 6 years at the pentagon.
  9. Any slick pilots, navs, and loads at LRF looking to stay in the herk, then transition to J-mods at a later date, can make your AFPC fam aware that you are a volunteer for Rescue. We are trying to swing some extra pft to mission qual guys at kirtland, go to Moody in legacy, then convert to HC-130J as slots are available. Nav position is retained on J. Options after Moody are DM or Kirtland schoolhouse. Community is under-manned and over-deployed, but mission rocks and beats a lot of other gigs. Slick cross flows have traditionally done well and upgraded ahead of peers (had several from RMS and DYS past years). Not sure yet numbers we can get, so put name in early if interested.
  10. For anyone wondering what the HC-130 has been up to in theater. PEDRO/FEVER/Guardian Angel still doing plenty of heavy lifting post-surge.... Moody crew wins Tunner Award
  11. Made more of a positive impact on the USAF than most of the CSAFs.... Him Him
  12. HC-J Schoolhouse is at Kirtland (415SOS vice 550SOS for legacy) following initial qual at Little Rock. Ops tempo is still going to be high, but expect more flying and less sitting alert (at least initially) in the J. DM will get all of their aircraft in the next year, while Moody will gradually phase them in between CY13-15. Guard and Reserve follow. New aircraft = less breaky, much better performance. Not a whole lot of mission changes, but airframe adds heavy equipment drops and receiver air refueling. Rescue is an amazing mission w/ a small, tightly-knit community including -60 bros and PJs, and get lots of tac flying (yes we do entire sorties VFR). PM me if you want any other info.
  13. Very little, and no. Your 942 says "1" all the way down, not much chance anyone is going to dig through the individual Forms 8 in-depth.
  14. Quite true. Where I come from, we don't really have weapons guys, so our SEFEs are usually the most squared away. Unfortunately, some commanders upgrade shitty EPs without providing them any perspective on their role in the squadron. However, someone who hasn't been a SEFE trying to tell me how to administer a check probably doesn't have much to contribute to the conversation. I'd also say that anything you have to look up clearly wasn't scary/important enough to hook for, but the verbiage on the form 8 might have to be written in a particular way. Point is to make the right call for the squadron. Guy can/cannot do his job. Easy. Skitzo's question is an admin one, and not as cut and dry. For instance, guy can't fly maneuver X. Is that a Q-2 because he needs more training or Q-3? Anybody who says "my hands are tied" should be kicked in the junk and downgraded. Use your professional judgment -- theoretically, that's why you're a SEFE. You work for the boss to give him an honest (and accurate) assessment; if you need some time to do so, take it.
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