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  1. Has anyone taken this stuff? Was on leave in Central America and experienced "travelers diarrhea". Cause unknown, most likely local water. In an effort to curtail my symptoms I took this stuff on a local doctors recommendation. You can get this at the local pharmacy and all it is is a set of probiotic vials w/ a set of pills. BL, do you think I am required to tell the flight doc I took it upon my return or no? It did work and I feel fine now. Thanks
  2. Copy. I also checked AFI 36-2903 and here is all it said: "The Leather A-2 Flying Jacket is authorized for wear unless prohibited by MAJCOM supplement or restricted due to safety of flight concerns." ACC sup says nothing about the leather jacket at all. The only thing I could see is if someone tried to make the link between safety of flight (i.e. not being NOMEX) and then applied that to all mankind. A bit of a jump if you ask me. If anyone does have a AFPD, AFGM, MFR, FCIF, SRF, SS to a T.O. or sticky note from Orville Wright banning leather jackets in-flight I would love to see it.
  3. Question: Where do the AFIs (or some other reg) state that thou shalt not wear your leather jacket in flight/while flying?
  4. Hey Bra, I am currently on the King as a Nav. I will try and give you some insight for what its worth. We actually seem to get alot of ACC's left overs. There are several fast mover types that found their way here for one reason or another. There also seems to be an inordinate amount of FAIPs also; weird. Anyway, Kings are still hackin the mish but the ops tempo has slowed down a bit. The DM unit is pretty much stood down until they completely stand up the J which should happen shortly. Then the Moody unit will take a SLIGHT break and stand up their J program (FYI, the Nav stays on the J and gets called CSO instead). Compared to AMC or AFSOC units that are heavily deployed, the Kings can usually get a way with 120 gone and 360 home if you want. More guys are looking to deploy than guys trying to stay home. The PR (personell recovery) sphere is dynamic for us and I would excpect to see some changes more towards old school SAR and PR (think Vietnam) compared to what we do now because of the J capabilities. Our currently planes suck and are old and hot as hell all the time. Morale is pretty good and the future is brighter than most I'd say. There is a little talk about us going back to AFSOC instead of ACC (good and bad) but time will tell. In my oppinion there is actually good chance for career progression and leadership. That old saying of "Navs are second class citizens" doesnt really hold true here. There are just as many shop chiefs wearing bug smasher wings as radiator wings. They kept the Nav on the J for a reason. Good luck man and remember, dont be an asshole.
  5. !!!Thread Revival!!! Sort of. I will be here in ABQ for a few months. I need to know the hook up on a 4 month golf membership. The base course does not have a student rate (something like LRF). Anyway, I know there are allot of good courses around here and have researched a few but was wondering who has already done their homework. Any thing helps. Thanks, Barney
  6. Question: Has anyone spent time at "Habanero" the Southwest Suite just outside the Eubank Gate at Kirtland. Supposedly 5 minutes from base and allows a big dog, wife and baby. Anythoughts? Would they be safe if I left them alone at night? I too have seen the many COPs episodes of ABQ and do not know the local geography that well. Thanks, barney PS. Whatever happened to Rainman gettin some after being called a douche? Also, What is the lowdown with a Texas CHL and New Mexcio reciprocity? Does anyone know the basic rules off the cuff for NM? Thanks, barney
  7. Does anyone have a briefing guide for a C-130 formation brief that would be used/given by the MC. I am not talking about an AC brief or table top brief or anything like that. I am talking about the actual Formation brief given by the MC. I looked in the 3-3 and vol. 3 etc. and got nothing. I also checked the gouge section on this site to no avail. Anybody got a legit guide, gouge, know where to get one? Thanks -Barney E/H Model
  8. I tried to find this on here already so get pissed if I ask this question twice. Someone told me that there was a way to get up to $5,000 for a one time certification. Basically, it is covered by the air force and includes things like getting a PPL, if you have a PPL then getting a commercial cert, getting a CDL, becoming a CPR instructor, whatever. The idea is for you to improve yourself and the AF covers it. It is not TA or the MGIB. Is this too good to be true or has someone done this? Thanks, Barney
  9. barney


    Do all aircraft (mil/civ/airliners) need to have TCAS to fly in Class A airspace on a Jet route in the CONUS? RVSM? Thanks
  10. For those of you with seasonal allergies that you normally take claritin, allegra or flonase for, have you ever gotten them in the dessert? Obviuosly I am guessing it is seasonal and depends, if it all. I guess my question is if I am sneezing and have a leaky faucet now at home should I load up on the drugs and expect the same downrange? Thanks, barney
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