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  1. Danny Noonin

    The new airline thread

    -Can easily get fired from airline job for this. Will be no hiding it once the orders are turned in. -Can also get disciplined from military for this.
  2. Danny Noonin

    The new airline thread

    ARTs can’t legally be on mil leave for any civilian day.
  3. Danny Noonin

    Future T-38 replacement?

    Never, ever, ever believe the glossy brochure.
  4. But orders less than 30 days (or 31, can’t remember) don’t give you BAH or tricare. So breaking it up like this would be worse on you financially than just paying for your own place to crash.
  5. Danny Noonin

    The new airline thread

    There are also non-flying options that aren’t points only. There are AOC augmentation units in both ANG and AFRC in various places around the country that are pretty much your classic one weekend a month+2 weeks a year jobs. Skulls up: You’ll also likely buy a 179 to a CAOC once every couple years in those jobs. There are “IMA” jobs in AFRC. Think of those as part time staff jobs, although some rare ones are not staff probably. Believe it or not, those can be challenging to get for an 11 because here are not that many of them and dudes park in the slots for years.
  6. Danny Noonin

    The new airline thread

    Of course it’s not. It’s likely illegal. And he very likely might get fired when he turns in his orders to the company and they show him on mil AGR orders during the dates of indoc. And if he’s still in the military at that point (part time) could also be subject to discipline on that end too. Turns out it matters not in the eyes of USERRA whether you “plan” to drop mil leave or if you are forced to. Both are legally protected. BUT...buyer beware. Doing things to bring a spotlight on yourself during probation (like dropping mil leave right after indoc) might not be the wisest move, even if perfectly legal. You’re protected by USERRA for your mil service. But when you return, you are a still a probationary employee that can be fired for virtually any reason legally. And dudes have been. If you don’t act in good faith to the company, don’t expect any slack when you sign in late, miss a commute, struggle in training, are involved in an incident, etc. Not that one minor thing would mean you’re fired. But it could. Probation is a risky time to play obvious games with mil leave.
  7. Danny Noonin

    The new airline thread

    1). It’s not even remotely a “technicality”. 2). What exactly is “periodic legitimate military service?” One weekend a month and 2 weeks a year? Only Deployments? What about volunteer mob vs invol? If “periodic service” is all the law intends, then why is 5 years the limit? Is serving as a desperately needed FTU IP during time of pilot production crisis “legitimate service?” What about a CMR pilot serving as Full time support in a squadron that’s wheezing to fill FTS spots? Or what about someone on the staff, which is otherwise manned at 12% with 11Fs right now? Is that service “legitimate?” It is it just a self serving boondoggle? Pretty much every job—flying or staff, deployed or home station is desperately needed right now. You can argue style points about dropping mil leave on probation or right after, but at the end of the day it matters not that much. Other that that the pilot would be in some level of jeopardy going through training one more time while still on probation. If you suck. Airlines don’t like it if you drop mil leave at all. But they also accept it as reality
  8. Danny Noonin

    Active retirement in ARC

    Inactive duty points (UTA, TP, etc) don’t count toward AD retirement. They only count towards your reserve retirement check calculations drawn later in life. Only active duty days count toward active duty retirement. (RegAF time+ AGR, MPA, RPA, etc). They also count as one point per calendar day of active duty served toward reserve retirement calculations.
  9. Danny Noonin

    New BAH rates are out.

    What. The. Fuk.
  10. Honestly I think that field is left blank for reservists. There really isn’t any such thing as “above the zone”. If you don’t make it, you’ll go up again the following year without any “above the zone” stigma. Did you look at the reg to see if it explains it? Not sure off the top of my brain if it addresses it. Also, should be no limit on Definitely Promotes like RegAF boards have.
  11. Danny Noonin

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    That's how my drop was. Except we also had the other bases on a conference call. Order of bases rotated each drop. #1 from Vance would get up and pick e.g. I'll take line 5, F-15C to Tyndall," then someone at each location would cross that line off the transparency with a marker (list was displayed on an over-cranium projector. Then #1 from CBM would go, etc. Until the last guy at the last base got what was left Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Danny Noonin

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Road trip to Austin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Danny Noonin

    Goldfein advocating FAA 1500 hour rule change???

    I'd agree except for the snarky part. Hoss implied here he was kicked out for "dissent". He was kicked out because he retired. Roto explained why he deleted the original post and, after a discussion that seemed (to me) to clear it up, he invited Hoss to repost with source. There's a literal handful of dudes up there trying to make things better. Roto is one of them. Doesn't help any of us when dudes are throwing spears at him and implying dark motives where there are none. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Danny Noonin

    Goldfein advocating FAA 1500 hour rule change???

    Not exactly how it went down Hoss. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Danny Noonin

    Goldfein advocating FAA 1500 hour rule change???

    Ive seen the study. Apparently you haven't. I also can't recall the exact numbers but RAND showed getting out at ADSC was financially best (for pilot), getting out at 20 as an O-5 next, and 25 as an O-6 last. All examples included going to the airlines. There was another situation or two but I don't recall what. And yes, the difference was in millions. About $2.5M at the far end and $1M at the min. That's what the study showed. He's not making it up. What the study didn't account for was life after 65. The comparisons were all made AT 65 as I recall. So it didn't account for the value of the pension at that point (active retirement or guard/reserve retirement) or life expectancy. Nor did it account for health care costs at all. It's impossible to show accurate math because there are too many variables with companies and who the hell knows what the industry will be like in 10 years. I will say that in the late 90s, all my buds were believing the same "indefinite hiring" and "we're all gonna be rich and have tons of days off!" stories that people seem to believe wholeheartedly now. Do you guys think you'll be the only pilots in the history of the industry to go through without a major downturn (furloughs, massive pay cuts)? I hope it's true, but the airline industry has embarrassed a lot of predictions in the past. The only constant is that it's volatile. My sim partner at Delta years ago sold farm equipment 3 days a week for 2 years to get by while furloughed. That wasn't in the brochure when he was hired. Dudes keep saying you can't put a price on quality of life and that's true. Realize for many people, there is also a value to the security blanket of a pension and health care that probably exceeds its direct value. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk