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  1. That was my question. I just reengaged with my friend, it seems that in their hasty review of the non-selection paperwork they made some poor assumptions about what it meant. I also did some digging into the AFI, and it looks like continuation becomes a player after your 1APZ.
  2. For the group, has anyone heard of people who didn’t get promoted to O5 IPZ, but then also got a non-continuation paperwork this board. Asking for a friend
  3. There is a form you submit as “justification” why you should meet an SSB. Autumn Foley helped me as an Active Duty member. The goal is to find anything that you can, to get yourself another look.
  4. Good luck to all those people waiting on the info. If your boss is worth their salt, they should be letting people know before the July 4th break...
  5. If you’ve had limited work interaction with the Civilian Force of the DOD, then it can be a bit of a culture shock. Ask most of them and they know a “blue suiter” will be gone in two years, that’s good or bad. If you work at the Pentagon I’m sure the turnover is greater than that. Try this leaders, treat people like you would like to be treated. Screaming at people, in my opinion, is an ineffective technique.
  6. I read the comments and I think what it shows is the civilian population complete lack of understanding of the US armed forces culture. This is not an indictment on them, just they have no clue on what we do or who we are. Every military aviator saw the MAGA patch and thought “that’s funny”. They see it as something entirely different, as they have no idea what a morale patch is.
  7. I guess somebody just realized she had a FIRE BREATHING dragon at her disposal...Like what has she been doing this season
  8. Is PTDY able to be broken up like that for multiple weeks at a time....I didn’t think it was just free leave to use at your leisure, it’s for your “transition” to the real world
  9. Looks like it’s a wrap for the flying mission at the Puerto Rico ANG.They had to send all their flyers through a gentleman’s “requal” last summer... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/27408/puerto-rico-air-guards-c-130-airlifters-and-flying-role-are-being-taken-away
  10. More food for thought https://news.clearancejobs.com/2019/03/30/can-i-invest-in-a-marijuana-business-if-i-have-a-security-clearance-ask-cj/
  11. Keep the current test in place; eliminate the “minimum passing standards” for each event. All that matters is if you get above a 75. Unfortunately the fear among the generals is seeing a bunch of fats kids in their uniform, so therein lies the purpose of the waist measurement. There are multiple ways to skin the cat, and it all depends on what you think is the best way to achieve fitness; i.e. Running, weight training, or HIIT.
  12. This absolutely would be the best way to use a DA. But as that is common sense and logical; it has no place in this decision process 😬 I hope this turns out like it should...
  13. Not any knock on those who put in their time on that desk, but Big Blue has enabled sending 220 Execs directly to school...do we think a Wing/CC will send anyone else??
  14. Each lead MAJCOM will have a list of “certified” Simulators that meet the requirement to log an OFDA creditable flight.
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