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  1. We we’re in Vietnam for 20 years...and still have bases in Korea. I’m not sure the military has ever been good at “end game” strategy; besides occupation
  2. That slides title font is really something to behold; I’m surprised they didn’t use Wingdings...
  3. This seems like a really big over course correction... https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/05/06/coronavirus-survivors-banned-from-joining-the-military/
  4. Unfortunately meeting your O-5 board with anything other than a DP checked PRF essentially boils down to a coin flip; probably less, but I haven’t looked at AFPC stats recently. It’s a kick to the junk when you thought you “checked” all the boxes, but still end up in the P bucket. Just remember promotions don’t define you, they just open up different career paths.
  5. For all the smoke and mirrors and “changes” to the system, this is really what it always boils down to. If you’re able to get that DP as an APZ major, looking at past statistics, you’ll be extremely competitive. May the odds be ever in your favor!
  6. As a member of the Teamsters Union before my life in the USAF; this type of attitude is what “Union” organizations routinely sound like. Especially with old heads who’ve seen management screw the workers. Enjoy the bitching, and don’t side with Bobs..
  7. First assignment was in Alaska, and I was in same Squadron with Kevin and Julie. He was just a great dude; this is heartbreaking for their family. Certainly makes the entire pandemic feels a little closer to home...
  8. Unfortunately those of us APZ types are at the mercy of their SRs “personal preference” when it comes to how you PRF is presented. It always bothered me having to complete one, then seeing it leave blank
  9. Of the 330,000 odd people serving in the active duty Air Force, I’m betting the number of people growing beards and wearing turbans is quite low. If you’ve sworn the oath to defend the US, then I really could careless if your religious beliefs expect you to wear a turban or beard. Times change, and unless those actions affect their job performance, it shouldn’t be an issue.
  10. Earning Gate month is tied to your UMD billet (pay attention to API codes in 11-401) and if you’re actively flying. If you’re assigned to an active flying billet and don't log a flight every three months, you then could “lose” a month. Flight pay is tied to being medically qualified. As long as you’re not DNIF longer than 365 days, or miss your annual Flight PHA you’ll receive your flight pay. If you’ve earned the appropriate number of OFDA time, you will continue to receive your flight pay in a staff or non-flying billet. If applicable, there are waivers for missing your OFDA “gates”.
  11. If you’re the SQ/CC sitting in the back seat when this happens, I can absolutely see why he was fired. He’s supposed to be the adult leadership...
  12. What a a fantastic resource; glad to see some effort is being made to support the mental welfare of operators who have been at the frontline of a new type of warfare.
  13. I feel like we’ve only begun to see the onslaught of PTSD for those individuals whose who operates weaponized RPA’s. It would be surreal to routinely track and ultimately kill someone during a sortie, then have to drive home but “hey don’t forget milk and bread” for the family. That type of dynamic could absolutely mess with an individuals psyche. I hope the Air Force can provide something, besides lip service, for them
  14. So what I’ve learned is that if your wife says someone grabbed my ass, we have men who would need 2 or 3 other witnesses, plus texts messages confirming the act, before she’s to be believed...
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