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  1. If 24 years works for you and your life situation, then sign the paperwork. ThreeHoler is correct, it’s not an ADSC, you can leave whenever you want. The purpose of Continuation is it provides you a path to obtain a full military retirement, once you fail to get promoted, that’s all. No one will be forcing you to stay the full 24, but it’s there if you want.
  2. He’ll serve 12 months; then have the “courage” to step down while his family deals with his newly diagnosed cognitive decline issues. Or they keep his body at the helm, and try and run the country behind the scenes like Cheney did...Either scenario, the most liberal US Senator will be POTUS sooner, rather than never.
  3. I think we can all agree after watching those interviews that Harris is just remarkably unlikable. Her fake smiling laughter “tick” is odd and off-putting.
  4. The general public has no idea how military aviation operates. They don’t understand the training crew gains by hitting a set TOT, they don’t recognize the work that goes into route study and all the coordination it entails. All they see, is the awesome jets flying over at the right time of the Anthem. Then make silly comments like “hard earned tax dollars at work”. Yeah Joe that’s exactly what we’re all paying for...letting aircrew execute their skill set #FlyEaglesFly
  5. The Hunter Biden narrative isn’t going to move the needle, unless you can show that VP Biden actually did something illegal. Here’s the deal, there are hundreds of thousands of parents who have to deal with their children’s addictions, yes even grown children. You don’t stop trying to help your kid just because he’s an adult. It’s what you do, because you watch them grow from an infant, and try to help them ever step of the way. I don’t care if HB was a coke head, that’s his cross to bear. He’s not running for President.
  6. Term limits. Get rid of every DC swamp creature (D’s & R’s) who’s been there for 20+ years [emoji106]
  7. Unfortunately I was blindly listening to an individual who got “Chiefed” at a retirement ceremony about the brown boots and Flight suit. The reg says mandatory wear on 01 Apr 2021...good thing I bought them last week. However, the coyote brown (tan 499) shirts are required. When you work on staff, you’ve got lots of time to worry about the important stuff....
  8. Pretty sure 1 September was date for boots, 1 Jun was date for tan shirts
  9. Easy there Corn Pop...he’s a bad dude
  10. There is a form you submit, which explains the error, and how it affected your board. Personally, I would try. You lose nothing by trying to meet the supplemental. Touch bases with Autumn Foley, she’ll be able to provide current guidance. Mine experience is several years old. For reference, my OSB showed me in S flying status, versus K flying status. I was on staff, and the paperwork hadn’t caught up to reflect me being in an Non-Flying billet. I used that to get another look.
  11. Everything FourFans said is spot on. I do think it’s Autumn Foley, she’s been there for awhile. The only additional piece of advice, is scour your As Meet records. If you find anything missing or incorrect, there’s a process to apply and meet a supplemental board. If your missing an OPR, could be a game changer. The guy punch is real, and I never really get more than “needed more O6 strats”. Keep your head up, different opportunities are available to you now.
  12. I hated that class for my online Masters degree...
  13. We’ve missed you Chang. And as one of those “barrel-scrapers” vectored for MAJCOM staff, it would have been nice to have someone in a position of leadership explain the rules. The vast majority of us don’t ever get the secret decoder ring brief.
  14. This next week is going to be many peoples high, and many peoples low. If you happen to be one of the latter, don’t despair. Not getting promoted doesn’t define you as a person, it is a big kick to the junk. However, dust yourself off and try to focus on what’s good about your situation, versus what could’ve been. Good luck folks.
  15. Congratulations and thanks for your service! Now get to the BX kiosk and buy your OIF/OEF retired veteran hat [emoji106]
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