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  1. With the Dems in charge, the repercussions of this idiotic event will be the thing to watch. I think this author (Glenn Greenwald) summed it up perfectly. "But as was true of the Cold War and the War on Terror and so many other crisis-spurred reactions, the other side of the ledger — the draconian state powers clearly being planned and urged and prepared in the name of stopping them — carries its own extremely formidable dangers. Refusing to consider those dangers for fear of standing accused of downplaying the threat is the most common tactic authoritarian advocates of state power
  2. I haven’t been paying attention to the events in D.C. today, but based on some replies on the Interweb’s, sure seems to be a whole bunch of D’s are real big “Law and Order” types today. Regardless of your motivation, we can all agree the destruction of property is wrong. And storming the capital while holding a Confederate flag, isn’t making the statement you think it is...
  3. Republicans need to move on from Trump and focus on how they’re going to attract new young voters and grow the party. The day he leaves office, Twitter is going to ban him, and he loses the most effective tool he has for promoting his message. I honestly feel like if the Senate goes D, we’re in for a unprecedented time in our nation. And Republicans need to have a productive counter narrative.
  4. This is a really thought provoking documentary on the ease with which election votes can be manipulated. It’s from that right wing conspiracy channel...HBO https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/kill-chain-the-cyber-war-on-americas-elections
  5. Trump knows he lost, he’s just dragging it out to try and inflict political damage on Biden. I personally don’t think that there’s a massive multi-state conspiracy that’s keeping him from a fair election; that requires too many moving parts to execute. His own actions turned previous supporters against him. I will say this, if the tables were turned and Trump was getting all the mail-in votes, and Biden lost his election night lead over it. We all know what the reaction on the streets/MSM would have been...and it wouldn’t be how Trump supporters are handling it.
  6. I don’t know, nor is it important. The only thing pharmaceutical companies care about is money. And getting their vaccine distributed global, first, is all that matters. OWS created an environment of accelerated development, which they were directly part of.
  7. Pfizer was in direct competition with every pharmaceutical company looking to be the first to market with a safe vaccine.Whoever gets there first “wins”; they will make billions. Even if they didn’t take a penny, they were racing against those that did.
  8. In 2000, Al Gore conceded Florida on December 13th...just for a frame of reference for litigation purposes
  9. I’ve never understood this part. America is terrible and racist, with a government that oppresses women and minorities. But it should also provide everyone with an basic level of income, and all with free Universal health care, So what’s the system/model that offered all this? Where on the globe do you not have evil...
  10. If the Republicans can hold a majority in the Senate...A 50-50 split and VP is tie breaking vote on bills 🤞
  11. Yes https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/kamala_harris/412678/report-card/2019
  12. The election results aren’t going to be official for weeks. At least with a landslide victory there would have been quick resolution. Now it’s going to be non-stop “mystery ballot boxes appearing” and “count every vote, even if it arrived a week late” rhetoric until it gets resolved by the SCOTUS....basically right on brand for 2020
  13. The Harris/Biden campaign waited until many people had early voted before she posted this cute Twitter clip. “Equality of outcome, so we all end up at the same place”, is contrary to what has made America an environment which people across the globe seek out. I absolutely accept that many people, don’t start off on the small place. But if we start to expect the “Government” to ensure we’re all ending the same, that’s the opposite of freedom.
  14. Point of order...I never mentioned your comments. I was referring only to Joyrides silly statement; my panties are unbunched.
  15. I’m going to venture that Joyride has never participated or planned an event like this. For many airframes, TOT control is critical to “combat effectiveness”.
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