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  1. Doing Well in UPT

    You will end up completely finishing systems in about 2 weeks during Phase I. It goes fast. Like really fast. You won’t be expected to know boldface/ops limits until you hit Phase II (T-6 flightline) around a month into UPT. You can try to find the most up to date T-6 Boldface/Ops Limits before you get down there, but outside of that, there’s really no amount of studying that’s gonna help or get you ahead. Definitely know them cold, verbatim, commas and all by Phase II/Day 1 and make sure the rest of your class does too. It will get you out of blues and into flight suits. Once you get your pubs, you can start making your way through the contact portion of the 11-248 and keep your nose in the -1. I would also focus on the 11-2T-6 v3, especially Laughlin’s Sup to the v3. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed, but just keep taking bites out of the elephant. Focused studying is way better than just sitting down and trying to read the entirety of the mountain of pubs. Let me know if you have any questions! Best of luck!
  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Hopefully C-17s get a waiver from the waiver, otherwise we will look forward to more gear up landings at the wrong airfield.
  3. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    A year ago I ended up being forced to fly back home on a CRJ regional out of Dallas. I had never really flown in anything like that before but noticed the airplane just sounded like it had a lot of drag after takeoff. Thought nothing of it until about 45 mins into the flight, I felt the main gear go up in the wheel wells below me. We were hauling @$$ too. Then I got to see them fly over my home airport and divert to a place that had maintenance. Sure enough, over the intercom they told us all they had a gear issue and were diverting. Panic ensued from the passengers on the plane. All in all a great flight, I wanted to say hi to the pilots but they stayed locked in the cockpit until after we were off the plane. Got a free nights stay in BFE, Texas. Needless to say, I ended up just renting a car and driving the next day...
  4. Give it about 3 years and they will try it again.
  5. I've had a ton of people PM me telling me they were thinking of doing the same thing. Most of the guys I know APZ write letters to make sure they don't get promoted 1 Above. Bottom line, who knows? Probably more than we think.
  6. I'm thinking this is a way to keep pilots from requesting to be passed over. That's what my Commander thinks. Too many people wrote letters.
  7. I actually think this is a great idea for pilots. In fact I would argue for it to be 100% to Lt Col and even promote separately and at a faster rate than the rest of the AF. The rollout was completely botched, yet again by Big Blue. The problem that I see is two fold. First, this is being portrayed as a knee jerk reaction with very little planning for thought behind it. No where do I see this is going to be permanent, which means it will be business as usual for all the queep that goes into normal promotions. This is simply a backdoor stoploss for O-3s. I am wondering if a lot of guys wrote the board last time requesting to be passed over hence the surprisingly low O-3 pilots selected for O-4.
  8. Valid criticism. I am just tired of getting the rug pulled out from under me and my family, one failed AF personnel policy at a time. I have not had it the worst at all by a long shot, but enough that me and my family went to lengths to get passed over on the very first O-4 board I had. Once I get out, I can promise to never post on here again.
  9. Standard AF. Fire, Aim, Ready.
  10. Lol no. I'll drop the cynicism as soon as the AF starts living up to their end of the bargain. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  11. I hope you're right. I seriously hate you right now. Lol
  12. Have ya checked the Palace Chase webpage on mypers lately? I think most pilots are looking for an early out from the 10 year sentence.
  13. The only people I see this really screws are guys who are on their second look for this board. If they promote all the APZers it really fvcks them when they were making plans to separate/go to the Guard/provide for their family, etc. Hopefully they still take letters to the board in consideration.
  14. They will find some other BS to fill your time. Can't have anyone working less than a 60 hour week. We want the taxpayers to get their money's worth.
  15. It says there is more info on mypers, yet the "link" is not really a link and mypers is silent on the issue last I checked. Great job rolling this pile of $hit out AF.