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  1. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    I wonder what the difference would be if it was a male who was accusing an attractive female of SA. We had a guy in my UPT Squadron who refused to fly with females and unbeknownst to him at the time negatively affected his career. I was sitting in on the Squadron staff meeting when the commander was discussing who to send to some TDY/school opportunity and when the guys name came up, the DO says he refuses to fly with females so we can’t send him. I let the DO have it afterwards in his office, but little good it did.
  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I don’t discriminate. It’s either value added or it isn’t. If it isn’t, we need to eliminate it no matter how small. This queep didn’t happen overnight, it was the result of small concessions over the past 70 years. I get what you are saying Danger, I just find it a cop out for the true problem behind all this.
  3. Just wait till the 38s start dropping 90% of the preds again. That will fix the glitch.
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    So my question is, why are we doing certificates or anything like that for anyone? How does this make us a more effective and efficient fighting force. If my wife ever got a certificate of appreciation from the AF, I’m sure she would think to herself, “this is all great, but doesn’t erase all the times I have been treated like I don’t matter at all. I would rather they just focus on doing their primary job so my husband can come home at a decent hour every now and then.” I don’t know exactly what she would think, because I never ask her for her opinion anyways, but this is my best guess for what she would think.
  5. Guard Promotions

    Not sure if this is an ANG requirement or just my guard unit, but SOS was required for promotion to O-4.
  6. 3 kids for cyber, 2 Medical, 1 intel, 1 intel/pilot maybe?, 1 Special Tactics and only 1 with dedicated dreams of being a pilot. Oh and 1 who just wanted a free education.
  7. In other news, I have interviewed 10 candidates for USAFA (side job) and only two of them have any interest in being a pilot...
  8. Sorry, should have clarified. Enlisted RPA pilots would be a short term bridge that would work. However, I think they will end up having similar problems keeping drone operators as the drone industry becomes more in demand. My point is that putting a guy making 30K a year into a cockpit and expecting him to stay a day past his commitment is crazy.
  9. If one more idiot says enlisted pilots are the solution...
  10. Texas Church Shooting

    Well at least their annual CBTs were done that year and the Wing/CCs slides were all green.
  11. Texas Church Shooting

    I agree with the pain of CCW. I have a 6 rd pocket .380 with Critical Defense FTX rounds that I literally just throw in my pocket. I also put a crimson trace laser on. I just hope that if something did happen, it would be me and 6 other people shooting back, otherwise my 6 rounds ain’t gonna do $hit.
  12. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    He’s a viper guy, he doesn’t have time for paragraphs. I just ordered the book Strafe. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    If you fail a PT test the week before you PCS, does the AF still PCS you? Just wondering how that would effect you.
  14. I talked to my hiring guy at my ANG unit about open slots. They are right now 60% manned and as a result have had to force crews into longer deployments (used to split them). He said he would rather the unit be undermanned for the next couple years than hire the wrong guys who would change the culture and be a douche for the next 10 years. Unfortunately, joining a Guard unit is like joining a frat. They want to see who you really are before offering you the job. I have been working to get one of my buddies hired at the unit by bringing him by and meeting the guys. He is scheduled to go to a Spring drill and I know he will be offered a job at that time. It took him 3 Trips to the unit and me sponsoring him to make headway. At the last meeting with the hiring guy, he told my buddy, “TR, ART, AGR, Long term alert, whatever you want we can get it for you.” So don’t give up and keep making contacts with people.
  15. Knowing the AF, that $50 put us all into a higher tax bracket... lol