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  1. I feel like I could argue the other way. Barr was hand-picked by the president and has been a loyal supporter...but now that he says there was no fraud, that goodwill has vaporized among Trump supporters. To me, the fact that the left hated him so much lends MORE credibility to the argument. It clearly isn't just a partisan statement.
  2. They don't. If they did, we wouldn't lose a bunch of pilots every time a 365 came down. Maybe it's gotten better, but a few years ago my DO got a 365 with about a week's worth of notice because 10 other people opted to get out of the Air Force instead of taking it.
  3. I wonder how many people in Trump's circle have to say it before Trump supporters believe it.
  4. People who understand science and vaccines? Ok. Keep going to those parties. I'm sure nothing bad can possibly happen.
  5. Again... Baffling to hear military members engaged in such a high-risk activity as aviation suddenly unable to take a miniscule risk for the protection of their fellow Americans. I'll be first in line for the vaccine. People like you are why 2021 will look a lot like 2020 in terms of masks and movement restrictions.
  6. It's amazing for me that an entire forum of people who signed on the dotted line and were willing to sacrifice their lives for this country aren't willing to tolerate a little discomfort or get a vaccine that's far less risky than the average combat sortie in order to help the country.
  7. At least Georgia. But hell, if the dems have the resources to manipulate votes in ONLY tight races...why not Iowa, Maine, Montana, and South Carolina? They only had to take one additional seat to take control of the Senate. And yet somehow, with all the "widespread" fraud for president...they weren't able to flip one seat?
  8. Following your advice, I would have spent more time targeting close senate races than the presidential election. The dems could have gotten more traction controlling both houses of congress, even if Trump were still president, than they will with the GOP controlling the senate and Biden in the oval office.
  9. It's utter nonsense. Are we at 300,000 Covid-19 deaths? I don't know. But I know for sure we have had more deaths this year because of Covid-19, whatever your Johns Hopkins professor wants to say. This is a far outlier that disagrees with the entire medical community...not buying it.
  10. Li'l Kim's situation is looking good because we smashed the last regime to GIVE UP its WMD program...Libya. Kinda ironic that you think the guy pulling troops out of the Middle East is the warhawk. Seems to me actions like killing Iran's top terrorist demonstrate reasons why Iran should NOT poke the bear, while giving them pallets of cash encourage them to rattle the saber any time the treasury looks empty...kind of like North Korea.
  11. Because he's taking the number of ventilators and scaling it down to his small town example.
  12. It's not just your risk. That's the point.
  13. Yes. And you deciding to be one of the people I interact with would make you culpable. Especially if you're unwilling to take basic precautions like get a vaccine or wear a mask.
  14. Your actions can't make me eat junk food. They can make me catch covid-19. See the difference?
  15. "Command post". Not "Commander". At least, that's how I read it.
  16. As deployment spots go, AUAB isn't too bad aside from the brutal heat 10 months out of the year. It's built up, housing is decent, wifi is good, pool, two theaters, large BX, several gyms, decent, if repetitive, food options. 4 six-month deployments between 2009 and 2015. Plenty of worse places to be deployed. Can't speak for OPSTEMPO in the command post. Usually you can get a car for a job like you're describing. If you're in BPC, you'll have your own room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Not too bad.
  17. Knew a guy who did exactly that. He was so sure all his problems were caused by AD. Joined an associate reserve unit at the same base, with the same mission, flying rainbow crews with the AD squadron. He was happy for about a week, then back to all the same bitches and complaints plus some new ones about working on weekends.
  18. From the article: One group in Italy found that 87% of a patient cohort hospitalized for acute COVID-19 was still struggling 2 months later. Data from the COVID Symptom Study, which uses an app into which millions of people in the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden have tapped their symptoms, suggest 10% to 15% of people—including some “mild” cases—don’t quickly recover. But with the crisis just months old, no one knows how far into the future symptoms will endure, and whether COVID-19 will prompt the onset of chronic diseases. I mean...I can show you a bunch of people that smoked their whole lives and never got cancer. That doesn't negate the fact that smoking is highly correlated to cancer rates.
  19. We have a vaccine for the flu...we don't have one for Covid-19 year. The R0 for Covid-19 is much higher than the flu. We still don't have awesome data about long-term effects for people who recover from Covid-19, even people with mild symptoms initially...but it doesn't look great. Flu doesn't usually keep you from exercising for months. Covid-19 is. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/brain-fog-heart-damage-covid-19-s-lingering-problems-alarm-scientists
  20. The mask is to protect others from you. Which is why you wear it when you walk past all the tables of people not wearing masks.
  21. I know. But I also know several of the guys who were picked to speak to Congress about the pilot retention issue...as part of the prep the Air Force did, they were told never to use the words WSO, CSO, Navigator, ABM, or Aircrew..."because you'll just confuse the congressmen...stick with pilot in your comments". Maybe the Air Force feels like they have enough WSOs...but I can speak from personal experience that the B-1 doesn't have enough, and certainly not enough experienced ones. The FTU has about 40% of the authorized number of WSOs and they're struggling to fill even a scaled-back flight schedule.
  22. Not where I live. Maybe the Covid numbers are better where you live.
  23. "Rammed through with no testing"...what do you think is in the vaccine? Do you think they've crafted some kind of wild, unique additives never before used in a vaccine just for this one? Vaccines are a pretty well established technology. The only risky part is using portions of the virus to elicit a response...with that risk being that you actually infect people with Covid instead of preventing them from getting it.
  24. Yep. This is also why the Covid-19 pandemic is as bad as it is...bunch of Karens Google something about the size of the virus and disregard what trained epidemiologists have to say about the efficacy of masks...for example.
  25. Because the shit's embarrassing, dog. There's no evidence for fraud on the scale that you and the other Trump supporters are calling for. Were there one-off cases? Probably. And they should be prosecuted. But there's absolutely zero evidence for some kind of massive, country-wide or even state-wide conspiracy against the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln. If this were a conspiracy, then the DNC really failed at it...they wouldn't have left it close enough for there to be a question. And they would have used their access to voting systems in the legislature, not just the presidency. Please, show me actual evidence, not a Trump lawyer waving around a piece of paper that says "someone told someone they saw something", not an Alex Jones video, not someone in a MAGA hat claiming they saw a Joe Biden bus outside of a polling station. This is fucking embarrassing. This is not the kind of behavior that someone who swore to support and defend the constitution should be excited about. This is tinfoil hat nonsense and only serves to erode the last pieces of faith Americans have in their institutions.
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