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  1. I took the bonus. Life's not bad in my corner of the Air Force. Delta isn't hiring 12Bs, so it's not like I'm giving up a valuable airline career. I can either retire as a major, or as a LtCol. Those are the options based on decisions that I've already made. Therefore, I'd rather get the promotion and the extra pension money. Good for all of you bailing at the earliest opportunity. Good for you if you don't want to do the bullshit online course. I already did it when I got a line number to major, hoping I could get picked up for a joint school or a fellowship. Didn't work, but I also didn't exactly sink a lot of hours into it, and almost no time outside work. The way I see it, it's got more likelihood to impact my promotion chances than anything else I would have been working on in the jobs I had while completing the course online. I knew what the rules were, and I tried to play by them. I don't wish anyone ill-will for wanting to leave, but holy fuck, does it get old looking for career advice and all anyone says is "GTFO, Air Force is a sinking ship, airlines, airlines, airlines". Not exactly actionable data for guys who want to make a career out of it.
  2. It's not declaring innocent... But then, even if you're found completely blameless in a court of law, you still wouldn't be declared innocent. You'd be declared "not guilty". Innocent until proven guilty means that innocent is the default. If Trump is not prosecuted and found guilty, he is by definition innocent. It's a bedrock principle of Western law.
  3. Yeah, but then I have to pay back the "unearned" portion of the bonus.
  4. It's not about the color of the oak leaves. It's about the extra $5k a year in retirement pay.
  5. And here my WG/CC removed/consolidated flying numbers to cram more awards and strats in. I agree that ACSC is useless, but I'm one of the (apparently) few on this site looking to get promoted, so I did it anyway.
  6. pawnman

    Latest Movies

    Agreed. I really liked 7. Yeah, it was a bit of a rehash of A New Hope... But they almost needed to. It introduced the Star Wars universe I grew up with to a new generation. It used familiar arcs to establish the next generation. I get that it wasn't the most creative direction they could have taken... But to me, it was the most Star Wars-like movie since Empire Strikes Back.
  7. pawnman

    Latest Movies

    Looks like Abrams aims to undo some of the damage done by The Last Jedi.
  8. I had a different take-away - he decided that after two investigations and a minimal amount of hard evidence, he wasn't going to waste everyone's time and the taxpayer dollars on a third investigation.
  9. That's how we've always done it too. When we were home for a year, gone for six months, we would spend the first six months home running through all the high-end fight stuff - defensive tactics, large-scale JDAM, stand-off weapons, package integration, concluding with a Red Flag. Then we'd shift over the CAS to spin up for deployment, concluding with a Green Flag. Then we'd deploy. Of course, that meant we were spending as much time on CAS as all out other missions combined, but it was also the only mission we were actually executing in the real-world.
  10. I don't know, but every time the bonus came up, he blamed the other services for not wanting to ask Congress for an increase.
  11. Mostly a waste. Dodged the hard questions, blamed Congress for not raising the bonus. I did learn the Air Force bonus take rate last year was about 45%, while the Navy/USMC rate was 78%... Something he cited as a reason Congress won't raise the bonus. They think it's a cultural issue with the Air Force, since the Navy is doing fine with the same amount of money.
  12. I can't speak for an overall CAF page, but the Bomber Porch has a FB page and they're pretty responsive.
  13. I don't know... How does he feel about my extra $1k a month in flight pay?
  14. Quantity has a quality of it's own. At some point, no matter how outgunned or outmoded your aircraft are... If you have more assets in the sky then the enemy has super-advanced fighters and missiles to intercept them, some will get through.
  15. Looks like big Air Force claimed two more. https://trib.al/asi1pRb
  16. Not me. I'll discuss it all day long.
  17. I'm pretty sure the Squadron Posters were themselves a translation of the early 1900s travel poster style.
  18. As someone who dreads every test...I hate this part most of all. "Welcome back from Thanksgiving leave... You have a PT test on Monday". "Christmas is on Monday this year, family day is Tuesday... You test on Wednesday" No thank you.
  19. I'm sold. Using his formula, my 12:30 run is worth over 100 points.
  20. I think you're overly optimistic about the timeline. I'll have 14 years in June. I'm past my third look for school (happened last year) and this year is my IPZ to Lt Col. If guys are going to get multiple BPZ promotions and in-res school slots, it's going to have to start NLT year 10.
  21. I guess we'll see, but the consensus from the board here seems to be that shiny pennies will take the guaranteed slots every year.
  22. Which is a little disheartening, because the more folks that figure that out, the fewer folks will be willing to put in the hours once you miss the first gate. Didn't DG out of SOS? Might as well quit now, because the guy that did will get the IDE slot, staff, and command.
  23. Well, if these slots go to third-look folks, then they aren't going to shiny pennies. So that's already an improvement over "you didn't make it first look, I can't keep arguing for you, I have to posture captain Snuffy for his 2 BPZ board".
  24. Well, hell, why even introduce it as an option then? Sounds like the exact same people will continue to get school slots and DPs. May as well keep the whole decision board-based if commanders will just do whatever the boards were going to do anyway.
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