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  1. I'm on-board with the idea. I am terrified by the implementation. Some ATF agent kicking in the door of your house at 2am because your neighbor called about a gun you were cleaning on the coffee table instead of in a gun safe? Yikes.
  2. I voted for Jorgensen. She was way younger than Biden or Trump, and had an actual platform that wasn't "I'm not Trump/Biden".
  3. She's out entirely, as far as I know. But sure if he's in the guard or not.
  4. Sounds like the buffoonery has not gotten better. Back around 2014, we had a husband & wife in the community, both pilots, both patches. They wanted to stay, they just wanted to stay together. Leadership pushed for them to get squadron commands at the two different bases (Ellsworth and Dyess). They both said "one or the other, we care more about keeping the family together than we do about our careers". O-6s insisted on it, because it would "be a good career move" and "it's only two years" and "needs of the Air Force". They both decided to get out instead of taking command.
  5. When everyone you disagree with is a traitor, that's what tends to happen. I'm seeing a lot of it among my Trump-supporter friends as well. Now the VP, Mitch McConnell, and every congressman who voted to certify the election are traitors.
  6. What will they do...not let you retire? And if they KEEP insisting, just give them the most scribbled in crayon, nonsensical citation you can. Force them to keep sending it back for corrections until your final out.
  7. I don't deny we need border security. I'm just saying, we don't have to wait years to implement it before we work on the other parts of the problem. Hell, set a date: "You must prove you were living in the US/working in the US/had a kid enrolled in a US school prior to Jan 1, 2016 to be eligible". I absolutely support border security. I just don't think it's all-or-nothing, and I think you'll get much better traction if you also attack the other half of the problem. Bush Jr. tried to do that, and congress fucked him on it.
  8. So...10 reactions out of 330,000 doses? I'll take those odds.
  9. Seems like the best thread for it, even if it is a bit of a revival: Voluntary force reduction PSDM is out on MyPers. Highlights for officers: You can Palace Chase at a one-to-one commitment (vs the normal one-to-three). The Air Force will waive PCS/DEROS curtailment ADSCs up to 18 months, no payback. They will waive your full tuition assistance ADSC, but recoupment is required. They will let you retire with an ADSC if you do so by 1 September 2021, and you have 20 years of service by that date. You must be RETIRED by 1 September...not on terminal leave, not doin
  10. Again...there are multiple other legalization options between "deport them all" and "make everyone a citizen". They can even be tailored to circumstance. You don't have to give the dude who crossed the Rio Grande yesterday the same deal as the Dreamer brought over when they were six months old. If this is the case...should we be encouraging as much immigration as possible from China?
  11. Not AMC, but it's usually not that tough if you ID it in advance. Especially for something like a wedding/honeymoon SHOULD be easy to put on the long-term schedule and get approval for. I've never had leave cancelled for something operational. But again...not in AMC. Our deployment cycles were pretty predictable, so it was easy to forecast when we'd be gone and when we'd be home.
  12. Is your argument different when you take into account that Uber and Lyft are using human drivers as a stop-gap, and plan to shift to self-driving cars? If they replace the drivers, is it still exploitation? More fundamentally...are the people who download the app and drive for Uber/Lyft/whatever better off when that gig disappears? There is also a huge number of folks in California that did not like being classified as employees, because they were taking those gig jobs due to the flexibility and ability to work on their own time, without being bound to a schedule. A bunch of freelance
  13. I disagree with the take that it'll depress wages. We already have (according to the thread here), between 11 and 22 million illegal immigrants here. That's 11 to 22 million people working below the already-low minimum wage. With no recourse, fearing to report their employer because they'll be deported, fearing to file taxes, fearing to buy health insurance, car insurance, etc... Make those people legal, and you immediately make gains by raising them to at least minimum wage. Now they are competing for jobs on an even playing field with Americans, rather than undercutting them. And y
  14. Yep. There goes Uber, Doordash, Favr, Fiver... One wonders if they'll even try to expand it to places like EBay and Etsy.
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