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  1. So are we getting a one-time uniform allowance for this or what?
  2. Depending on your specialty, not right now. Knew a couple continued O-3s and dozens of continued O-4s.
  3. Getting continued just means you are allowed to stay for that length of time. It doesn't carry a commitment that forces you to stay for the whole thing.
  4. It's not like it was a unilateral decision. It was a scheduled port call. And again, his immediate boss was on the ship. Does anyone think his boss said "don't stop in Vietnam" and he did it anyway? Edit to add: at the time they disembarked the ship in Vietnam, the country had fewer than ten cases total. It was before the travel ban from China. It was before Italy had their first case. It wasn't the height of the epidemic.
  5. While that is true, in recent years the Air Force has been so hurt for people they have been offering continuation. I don't know what the magic number is for O-3, but a continued O-4 can serve 24 years of commissioned service.
  6. So sending it on official Navy channels, to Navy officials, is "too public"? Or they think it should have been on SIPR... Like they were going to disguise an aircraft carrier parking at Guam for two weeks? I think every one of us just got yet another glimpse into how expendable military members are to the political class.
  7. Perhaps, but it'll only be the top until we start relaxing social distancing again. At some point, people will have to be allowed out of the house... And when that happens, there will be another spike in positive cases.
  8. Sure... But you're only flattening the current curve. There will eventually be a spike, and that spike will almost certainly outpace medical readiness no matter how long we wait. Couple that with all the medically necessary but non-urgent procedures (removing tumors, replacing hips, reconstructing shoulders, etc) being cancelled and you've got a real fun time when both bills come due together. The article even suggests we're going to make it worse by pushing the spike into November and December, when it's colder, people are already more vulnerable, and there's a lot more demand for gathering and travel than March/April.
  9. About China effectively fighting it... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-04-01/china-concealed-extent-of-virus-outbreak-u-s-intelligence-says And it's not clear that all this quarantining is going to do anything except push the bulk of the infections to the right. CDC says we're 12-18 months from a vaccine... Anyone want to stay locked in their house for a year? https://medium.com/@wpegden/a-call-to-honesty-in-pandemic-modeling-5c156686a64b?fbclid=IwAR3_PJfSdmpVrYEi0W4YWt3sJH-rw-WbA4nHB8In36S1lXq274ODFqVcR-M
  10. pawnman


    I found way better rates on homeowners, but partly because I needed flood insurance and USAA only offers FEMA. They also force you into "replacement cost" vs "appraisal value" for homes. Which was a substantial delta for my house built in 1961.
  11. pawnman

    Latest Movies

    The Shining is a great one to watch while cooped up with your family for weeks on end. 😄
  12. Maybe, but I've seen bases that are doing some interesting things...like, half the squadron works 14 days, goes home, and the other half works 14 days. Ensures you don't lose the entire squadron when one guy comes down with Kung Flu.
  13. Or a maintenance group... Since there are a lot more of them, and they are in close proximity while working on planes.
  14. I'm not exactly confident as a 1xAPZ with a P. But I can retire on 50% of O-4 pay, so I'm not exactly concerned either.
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