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  1. I do wonder what the rate is for APZ, with a P, but with a filled out PRF vs guys who have given up writing them at 3+ APZ.
  2. I've tried to move up to other levels. I was told I was too critical to PCS to a non-flying job. I am currently in a wing staff job, but clearly that didn't help.
  3. Data point one: took the bonus, not a pilot, got passed over.
  4. Once again, my career field has the lowest promotion rate. Still stings to know the board thought I was in the bottom third of my year group.
  5. Exactly. The shop chief one was from 2014. May ish timeframe.
  6. Because I didn't have a different strat to put there. I'll post it when I'm back from leave, but I had the standard C format with strats straight down the left side. I didn't have enough captain/CGO strats to put one on every line. Now, if there was guidance about which ones could and couldn't be used, I never got it, and the WG/CC never said anything about it. If that turns out to be the case, I'll be even more pissed, because I had other bullets that could have gone there even if they weren't strats.
  7. I agree. My WG/CC agreed too. But it is what it is, and I can't go back in time and get those strats now. I can't really tell if it was a lack of knowledge, or if it was a result of the standard "the Air Force sucks at feedback". Who knows, maybe I got a #2/23 shop chiefs because the WG/CC didn't want to write #37/60 captains. Maybe all the supervisors and commanders who told me I was doing a great job just didn't want to deliver bad news face to face.
  8. I guess I was under the impression that job performance and strats were related. Silly me.
  9. I usually see that one on group and wing leadership in my community. If you already know the squadron, get their colors. You might call ahead and see if they already have tags for you... The B-1 FTU orders the blue and white ones for our students. After commissioning and before getting wings, I had a black leather one with the Air Force emblem where the wings normally go.
  10. No matter what kind of plane you fly, or what kind of job you have...you'll be going to work pretty much every weekday, with a few weekends sprinkled in.
  11. Bingo. I knew a guy who was selected to teach ACSC for three years. But because he wasn't a school select, they wouldn't give him in-residence credit for the year he did ACSC in order to prep him for the job of teaching the class. Counter-arguement - there are a LOT more people who get picked up for IDE in residence than get picked up for an FAO Fellowship.
  12. I don't know if I'd go do far as to "slob a knob", but I'd certainly be willing to write that I was gay on a government form for $50k
  13. Not holding out much hope for that.
  14. 100% serious. As long as I can get continued to 24, then the bonus means I'll get paid like a LtCol, at least. I'll post my redacted PRF when I'm not on leave.
  15. Well boys, looks like 1206's and being in the top 20% of your wing's FGO ranks is not enough to get promoted. I guess either way I can stop filling out awards packages and worrying about it.
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