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  1. They can make it harder, but they can't make it longer. Or so I'm told.
  2. Well, hell...let's make it fair and set all the tax rates to zero.
  3. Have we moved beyond the need for taxes as a source of revenue? Do they now solely exist to balance some perceived unfairness in the economic stratification of the country?
  4. Basically. It scraps all other federal taxes (income, capital gains, employment, etc) and replaces it with a universal national sales tax. Along with the proposal was the "pre-bate", or paying a monthly payment to low-income folks so they aren't crippled by the tax until tax return time.
  5. Even if you took all the money from every billionaire...every last dollar from Bezos, Gates, and Musk, and ignoring the market inefficiencies in liquidating their stocks...you STILL wouldn't fund the government for a year. It's not a revenue problem. It's a spending problem.
  6. The people north of 7 figures are already paying all the taxes. The top 1% are paying more than the bottom 90%. https://taxfoundation.org/summary-of-the-latest-federal-income-tax-data-2020-update/#:~:text=The top 1 percent paid,50 percent (4.0 percent).
  7. Can we prevent the spread by wearing masks?
  8. The ex being entitled to your money depends on the court order/alimony. The whole 10-year thing only means they can automatically get money allocated from your retirement. If you get a divorce at 9 years and 355 days, your ex can still be entitled to a portion of your retirement, it just won't be allocated automatically.
  9. It's a pension. It's the same type of pension, just a lower percentage. Doing 20 and getting out will net you 40% of your base pay for life, instead of 50%. Otherwise, it's run exactly the same way as the legacy system.
  10. I mean...there's still a pension at 20 years.
  11. 1st Pfizer shot down. Arm is a little sore, no other effects. Dreaming that Bill Gates is the president is totally normal, right?
  12. Good to see we've learned our lesson in the last 10 years. How long until CSAF is testifying about a pilot shortage to Congress again?
  13. And she was on the back half of this command tour already. I know there were a lot of MX folks who weren't thrilled with her leadership...but then, few in the maintenance field are happy with their jobs, their leadership, or their quality of life...so I'm not sure what she did that was so far outside the norms. Do you have any more info about the IG? I was there for the last three years of my tour at Dyess, but left last summer. The new IG who came in last summer was a good dude that I've known for a long time, and the director of complaints has been there for something like 18 year
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