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  1. A woman who jailed thousands and thousands of black men as a prosecutor. And it's the person they want to put forward while people are protesting racial inequality in the criminal justice system.
  2. I thought most of those 365s were turned into 6-month deployments, not two year accompanied tours? And with shit winding down (yeah, I've heard that before), they theoretically wouldn't need as many people, right?
  3. Drinking is optional, but hanging out in the bar on a Friday isn't. You don't have to get plastered drunk, but you do have to be a good bro. We had a few non-drinkers in the B-1 community, and everyone appreciates them being a good DD option.
  4. Are you looking at a different tracker than me? I just looked at the status of boards on MyPers and it still says it's with the Air Staff. Last updated June 19.
  5. I suspect that's exactly HOW they get empowered. Tell the Bobs everything is sunshine and rainbows while grinding the folks who rarely, if ever, talk to the Bobs into the ground. My last job was in an IG office. Place the blame however you want...maybe it's the O's fault for not being in touch with their people, maybe the SNCOs fault for abusing their people...but the majority of complaints were young airmen/NCOs against SNCOs, and when we referred it to the unit commander, they rarely had any idea that it was even going on.
  6. Now we can't even produce enough sorties for B-1 aviators.
  7. You can definitely see it in the faces of the guys working the jets. I think it's a combination of not enough manning, not enough parts, and no real solutions to either. We tell our maintainers that they are so critically manned that they can't cross-train or PCS...but there's no SRB for maintenance. And we're solving that problem by shoving anyone with a high enough mechanical score into maintenance, regardless of the job they actually want. Add to that the increasingly ludicrous demands placed by the Air Force on things like CBTs, volunteering, awards, additional training, and additional duties...and then pile on leadership that has forgotten how to say "no"...and you've got a recipe for working 12s every time a line cancels or the WG/CC gets a good idea fairy.
  8. Do you have heartburn with his 16-year-old son being killed in a separate strike two weeks later? Also an American citizen, and this time not even accused of anything.
  9. MyPers is still showing the status as "Air Staff". Still has to clear SECAF, SECDEF, and Congress. I'd be amazed if that happens by the end of August.
  10. This is a government that sent $4 billion in stimulus checks to dead people. What do you suppose the accuracy rate for voter records is?
  11. Lord forbid we just use blue lettering. What asshat has stock in the company that makes spice brown thread?
  12. The police absolutely raised the stakes, and we let them. Post 9-11, we went from peace officers to telling every cop they were the frontline in the war on terrorism here at home. We radically altered the viewpoint that they were here to serve the public and turned them into a force that is constantly seeking out potential life-threatening enemies. And turns out if you roll into every situation expecting to face an armed and motivated enemy, you become much more trigger happy. I don't fully blame the cops, although their training programs certainly bear some of the blame. We did this to ourselves by teaching cops that putting the odds in their favor to the max extent possible overruled all other considerations, including the rights of the citizens they are policing.
  13. My point is that if one of these asshole police beats a protestor bad enough to put them in a hospital (for example)... How does their agency hold them accountable when they have no individual identification? When someone calls to make a complaint, they just say "oh, the third one in the left in camo" as the whole description? Why do any police ever wear a nametag or badge with a number, anywhere? Hell, why do we wear nametags if this is such a security concern?
  14. How does the government or department handle misbehaving officers without the ability to identify them? Not like their bros are going to tell anyone... Thin blue line and all that.
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