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  1. We are as happy that you're out of the service as you are.
  2. Wasn't part of the deal with the B-21 using existing technology to keep the budget manageable and shorten the development timeline?
  3. Looks like a standard air show profile to me.
  4. Was that under the "100% to major" promotion boards? And do you think not having SOS will hurt you going into the O-5 boards?
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2014/09/03/us/philadelphia-drug-bust-house-seizure/index.html https://www.michaelkernlaw.com/blog/2015/may/can-i-be-arrested-if-someone-uses-drugs-in-my-ho/
  6. 1. It's exactly how possession charges work. Never done a dorm sweep before? What do you think happens to the young airmen when drugs are found in their room? "Oh, it wasn't mine, shirt, my crazy girlfriend must have left them here." 2. I've made decisions for my family over my career. None of them involved bringing narcotics to the house. Or really, breaking any federal laws. 3. Yes, dude. I've been flying the B-1 for 13 years. Four deployments. I've dropped weapons in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Like...hundreds of weapons. Couldn't tell you how many people, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's over a thousand. None of that made me curl up with a crazy stripper high on drugs who brought that shit into the house. OSI didn't entrap him into letting drugs come into the house. I might buy that argument if the stripper was an OSI agent...but she wasn't. This dude made a whole series of really bad decisions before OSI got the first phone call.
  7. I don't know if you're aware of this...but having illegal drugs in your house means legally, you're in possession of illegal drugs. Even if you aren't the one who bought them.
  8. Look, I'm sympathetic to the guy's plight. But there were drugs, in a house he owned, and even if he wasn't dealing, he let the person who owned the drugs stay in the house, and bring the drugs in. It sucks that he decided suicide was the way out. It sucks that his girl was a crazy psycho. But this whole case shows a real lack of decision making ability on his part. I wasn't part of the jury, none of us were, so none of us has all the info. However, if I were sitting in the jury for a court-martial where they found drugs in the home of an active duty member, especially one making life-and-death decisions like weapons employment...I'd vote for conviction in a heartbeat. I really don't see how this would have gone any other way once they found drugs in a house that he owned and was living in. Anything after that would just sound like a guilty person concocting a story to avoid punishment.
  9. Doesn't matter in the civilian world. Don't know why it would to the Air Force. Police will take Grandma's house in a heartbeat if her teenage grandson is dealing drugs out of her house. Where is the line? Do we just believe every young airman who claims the drugs belong to a friend?
  10. They found drugs in his house. Seems pretty open and shut to me.
  11. Or maybe just don't touch the asses of your subordinates' spouses. With your dick. At a work event. I mean, I understand it's tough. But such are the burdens of leadership.
  12. I didn't see any part of his post that said you should do ACSC in correspondence to make yourself more competitive for in residence. I did see in his post that you should do ACSC if you want to get promoted. I did mine as early as I did not so that I would get picked up for school, but because I knew after not getting picked up off my major's board, the odds of getting picked up on subsequent boards was slim to none. In my community especially, it seems the less time you spend flying the B-1 and the more time you can spend doing literally anything else, the better your chances for promotion are.
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