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  1. pawnman

    Acute Intoxication

    That happens after you become a pilot.
  2. pawnman

    Revised CSO training scheme

    This sounds a lot like the scheme when I went through JSUNT with the Navy.
  3. pawnman

    The Next President is...

    I personally don't care if it ever gets funded, but bonds would at least levy the cost on the people who desperately want to build it.
  4. pawnman

    The Next President is...

    They did raise $14 million through a crowd funding initiative. And bonds at least have a return.
  5. pawnman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Don't feel bad... The CAF also turns our patches into execs.
  6. pawnman

    KC-46A Info

    Well, Tony sold the company and doesn't write for the blog anymore. Agree or disagree with his points, he was an excellent writer and always had a clear and direct point of view.
  7. pawnman

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I'm sure that will stop the exodus of aviators.
  8. Clearly "the service" has sacrificial components, but as I always tell my young students - "It's service before self, not service instead of self". At some point, the sacrifices become more than people can reasonably be expected to bear, and they bail out. Unfortunately, the Air Force has ratcheted up the sacrifice train with no corresponding increase in the other side of the equation. Until they limit the amount of sacrifices made (and they are making progress with things like limiting the number of 365s), or start giving people more pay/benefits/tangible recognition, the skilled people will continue to leave - not just pilots, but maintainers, cyber, acquisitions, engineers, doctors, lawyers...
  9. pawnman

    KC-46A Info

    Beats my current counter-air tactic of bravely running away as fast as I can.
  10. pawnman

    KC-46A Info

    As a B-1 guy, I can't wait for the F-22 engines and AMRAAMs.
  11. pawnman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    People are eager to get to the B-1 from the B-52, so we're getting pretty good folks. Not many B-1 folks want to fly the B-52, so they're probably getting fewer quality candidates.
  12. pawnman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    And to think AFGSC thought cross-flowing people was a great idea. Even if they have to practically non-vol B-1 guys to fly the BUFF.
  13. pawnman

    The Next President is...

    There's that spirit of compromise Clark was talking about!
  14. I think the medical issues will cause your separation to take longer. It would require you to go through a med board, complete treatments, not show improvement, continue to be not-deployable for at least a year, plus the time it takes for all that to get processed through the highly inefficient medical group chain...
  15. That's not what he said at all. He said there are far fewer 365s and far fewer people at risk for them as a result. Not that everyone should do a 365.