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  1. Seems like India and China are doing fine sabotaging that relationship themselves. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-53062484#:~:text=In August%2C India accused China,of firing into the air.
  2. pawnman

    Latest Movies

    Mandatory fun? We watched it as part of a class when I went through OTS. I am happy to see it still has a place in the curriculum, though.
  3. If they've restricted the story...sounds like they are making editorial decisions and have therefore decided to be a publisher, and not a platform. I seem to remember Zuckerberg arguing the opposite in front of congress.
  4. Maybe 4Chan just wanted it to take off...like the OK symbol and milk being synonymous with white supremacy.
  5. My line number. It's in the 500+ range out of 555 for LAF-A. And since it's order of merit instead of date of rank...
  6. So like I thought...I'm very close to the bottom. But...better to be the last Lt Col promoted than the first Maj to be passed over. I'll take what I can get.
  7. When I did mine, they told me they scheduled everyone automatically. I talked to a Lt Col at AFPC. Never talked to Autumn.
  8. So I'll probably be at the bottom...
  9. If it's only 15 minutes over Zoom, that may be a sign it's good news. If you were passed over, there's physical paperwork to sign, and the boss would likely set aside more time to talk about it. I'm pulling for you! Good luck!
  10. How long did they book the meeting for, and is it their office or yours?
  11. I was told in person...but I'm at a GSU with like 5 total active duty, so...
  12. I don't know how you got passed over with those strats.
  13. I'd argue that Ghandi was a damned effective leader who faced some real significant challenges. Clearly he had some kind of leadership ability.
  14. Yes...and shockingly, got picked up 1 APZ with a 5/10 push line and P on the PRF. Sometimes there is justice in the system.
  15. I think one of those spears with a taser on the end from Jurassic Park might be more entertaining.
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