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  1. Ours are due to the wing Nov 14. This Thursday.
  2. Yeah, I wonder if it just means people will be completely ineligible for promotion at 5+ APZ
  3. May not exceed... Meaning it can be less than, depending on what the service secretary wants.
  4. Great. Let's get corrupt Democrats to investigate Trump, corrupt Republicans to investigate Biden, and get rid of both.
  5. You mean this section? ‘‘(b) LIMITED AUTHORITY OF SECRETARY OF MILITARY DEPARTMENT TO MODIFY NUMBER OF OPPORTUNITIES.—The Secretary of a military department may modify the number of opportunities for consideration for promotion to be afforded officers of an armed force within a competitive category for promotion to a particular grade, as previously specified by the Secretary pursuant subsection (a) or this subsection, not more frequently than once every five years. I didn't read that as five year promotion timelines. I read that as SECAF can change the number of times someone can be considered (currently two) before they get kicked out or continued, once every five years.
  6. Am I the only one who wants Trump, Biden, and the Clintons investigated in relation to this whole Ukraine thing? I don't care what letter you have after your name... If you used your government position for personal gain, I want you prosecuted.
  7. 7 BW, no rank on the Massif jackets.
  8. Well, here at Dyess we are 3-D printing the controllers for the B-1 avionics system for pennies on the dollar. As well as replacement ICS switches, switch covers, and other cockpit components. I don't think we're quite to printing a new engine from scratch, but if I can get even these plastic pieces in a day instead of weeks, for a fraction of the price... I'm all for investing in the idea just to see what airmen can make. I'm old enough to remember bitching that the Air Force didn't want ideas from anyone below O-6. I'm sure as hell not going to shoot down airman Snuffy's good idea "because that's how we've always done it".
  9. We can't even retain maintainers. Can't imagine how much worse retention will be when guys have a six-figure job waiting on the outside.
  10. I wonder how many of those O-5s making us "over manned" took something like VLPAD. I know one O-5 who retired for a whole day to make himself eligible for the VLPAD program just so he could PCS.
  11. Me. I'll argue that. We could pull out of a number of bases in the Middle East and save a shit ton of money. We could close bases in the US and get the ones remaining back to 100% manning, and increase the morale at the same time (can you imagine if we closed Cannon and relocated all those guys to places like Hurlburt, Ellsworth, hell...even Dyess?) I'll argue that we've been wasting a ton of money, people, and resources in these never-ending wars in the Middle East. I have no idea what the hell we're still doing in Afghanistan. I have no idea why we thought it was a good idea to execute airstrikes in Libya. I'm still scratching my head at the idea that Syria was worth the first salvo of JASSM in combat. So...maybe I'm in the minority, but I am absolutely willing to argue the cost of maintaining a world-wide empire, both in terms of military spending and foreign aid. I'm also willing to argue it isn't an empire. An empire would result in a net gain being returned to the home country. Our model seems to be predicated on paying for everyone else while getting basically no tangible returns out of it.
  12. Our FTU had a solid dozen O-5s when I got there in 2013. Now they only have one O-5 who isn't the commander or DO.
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