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  1. Yeah, the result of no one in my year group has been the B-1 community picking people from younger year groups to set them up for school/staff. Also, can't believe you're going to put a fellow officer in blast without so much as a source. Jesus.
  2. At Dyess, we have one combat squadron and the FTU (two flying squadrons). We do have the WPS, but I'm not a WIC grad. We also have the Test squadron, but again, tough to get under the RMD because they're considered staff jobs.
  3. There are DO jobs if you can get out of your community. I've been told I'm too valuable as an instructor to leave my airframe for the last 6 years. We only have two flying squadrons and the OSS at my base.
  4. Well, if it makes y'all feel better, I'm not in a DO position, and the OG/CC looked at me like I had a dick on my forehead when I asked if DO was a possibility after leaving my current job.
  5. Reddit users meet with CMSAF So, those same Redditors who asked questions during the AMA were invited to the Pentagon to talk face-to-face with Chief Wright. This link is a summary from one of the attendees.
  6. I guess we'll have to wait and find out what happens to him to know if this is "what's right with the Air Force" or "what's wrong with the Air Force".
  7. The Air Force announces new officer categories Tl;Dr: 1. Air Operations and Special Warfare (all rated officers and the 13L folks) 2. Nuclear and missile operations 3. Space operations 4. Information Warfare 5. Support 6. Force Modernization - developmental engineers, acquisitions, etc
  8. My experience is the opposite. People who stay in the community and become experts in the B-1 usually don't do as well as people who do literally anything else - UPT, ALO, staff, etc.
  9. Do your communities not have a Flt/CC OTQ award along with CGO, FGO, etc?
  10. So, instead of using the 1206s to judge award winners, you decided the winners then wrote the 1206. Isn't that exactly the kind of thing we complain about in the assignment and promotion system? I'm also curious... Who wrote the Flt/CC awards if no one wrote their own?
  11. Yeah, without the CVR that should have been easy to explain away. "Well, sir, down here we were in a standard figure-8 holding pattern to maximize our sensors downrage. Then we pushed into the target, got lit up, and performed an immediate egress to reset in the marshal." But with the CVR...
  12. Yes. That 30 minutes every three months will really erode their tactical proficiency. Again, this is why the support officers outperform flyers on promotion boards. Because flyers scoff the things that promotion boards value. Those LTs writing 1206s are 1. getting some form of recognition from their boss every quarter and 2. learning to write 1206s so that when they are the FLT/CC or ADO, they can polish their subordinates' 1206s to a fine glow. We've already seen one person advocating for submitting others for awards...I don't know about y'all, but I haven't often seen someone submit a 1206 for a person outside their chain of command. Finally, I'll say it again...you're also screwing over your SQ/CCE, who has to submit these awards to the SQ/CC and the OG/CC by a certain date, by just refusing to write them. If everyone in the squadron thought the way you guys do, it wouldn't be a refreshing experience for the SQ/CC. He'd be embarrassed at every OG staff meeting. "Not one of your people was good enough to submit for an award this quarter? Not a single one? What kind of squadron are you running over there?"
  13. Oh good, two more years of investigations, followed by analysis broken down along party lines.
  14. Yep. That IG guidance now applies to all officer promotions, even the 100% ones.
  15. Good luck. That's a pretty good record. Even if you don't make it this year, it looks like a pretty sure thing for next year's board.
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