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  1. I'm pretty sure the Squadron Posters were themselves a translation of the early 1900s travel poster style.
  2. As someone who dreads every test...I hate this part most of all. "Welcome back from Thanksgiving leave... You have a PT test on Monday". "Christmas is on Monday this year, family day is Tuesday... You test on Wednesday" No thank you.
  3. I'm sold. Using his formula, my 12:30 run is worth over 100 points.
  4. I think you're overly optimistic about the timeline. I'll have 14 years in June. I'm past my third look for school (happened last year) and this year is my IPZ to Lt Col. If guys are going to get multiple BPZ promotions and in-res school slots, it's going to have to start NLT year 10.
  5. I guess we'll see, but the consensus from the board here seems to be that shiny pennies will take the guaranteed slots every year.
  6. Which is a little disheartening, because the more folks that figure that out, the fewer folks will be willing to put in the hours once you miss the first gate. Didn't DG out of SOS? Might as well quit now, because the guy that did will get the IDE slot, staff, and command.
  7. Well, if these slots go to third-look folks, then they aren't going to shiny pennies. So that's already an improvement over "you didn't make it first look, I can't keep arguing for you, I have to posture captain Snuffy for his 2 BPZ board".
  8. Well, hell, why even introduce it as an option then? Sounds like the exact same people will continue to get school slots and DPs. May as well keep the whole decision board-based if commanders will just do whatever the boards were going to do anyway.
  9. Even if they do, it means the rest don't have to compete against that #1 guy on the board.
  10. Given that the execs are likely already the DP, #1/xx, etc... They were already going to school. Why would a WG/CC use his only leverage to get a good dude on the bubble for school a slot to send someone who already had a lock on it? Alternatively, if every WG/CC gives this to their exec - it takes those execs out of the boarding process, meaning everyone else no longer has to compete with those shiny pennies.
  11. Even then, still better to have it at the wing level, where your WG/CC either knows you, or knows your OG/CC, who can advocate for you, right? Because if your OG and WG/CCs aren't willing to advocate for you, you were never the intended target for this program. I see it for folks like me... Mid-level strats as a CGO, then top 10-15% in the last two years as a major. A guy like that will never make it competing against a series of records with #1/x stretching back to their LT days, but could be a candidate for a SR to say "he deserves this shot".
  12. Well, if they do more surveys, now is the chance to say that bonuses do in fact work. Because some of this was self-inflicted when so many aviators said "it isn't about the money" as they left for an airline gig in order to make more money.
  13. Clearly I joined the wrong community for career progression.
  14. I've never heard of this in the aviation community. I've seen it in support and MX, but flying squadrons have enough officers to pick and choose. I've rarely seen flying squadron commanders who weren't BTZ, and I don't think I've ever seen one that wasn't a school graduate.
  15. Not sure where they got their info, but turns out it's wrong. https://taskandpurpose.com/stocks-marijuana
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