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  1. Might not be JUST the crashes, but that many that close are an indicator of a poor risk management culture.
  2. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Well, it's OK if we plant F-16s in the dirt. They're all getting replaced by F-35s, right?
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You mean the $455K bonus isn't enough to keep people dealing with this kind of thing?
  4. Why would anyone expect FINANCE to be able to fix a PAY issue...?
  5. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I'm curious what their reaction will be when you take the test, and you still won't be current 42 days after your arrive at your gaining location.
  6. Texas Church Shooting

    Almost 100%. But given the track record so far, the chances of NOT messing it up don't really improve with time. So, may as well do it quickly.
  7. Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

    It's not like there was an Air Force base with a 12K' runway near the Dayton airport or anything...
  8. AFPC functionals and leadership

    And federal law, as we're learning the hard way. Turns out a lot of those CBTs where congressional reactions to various "problems" within the military. Same with the voting assistance program.
  9. AFPC functionals and leadership

    She also mandated that we stop doing a bunch of additional duties, yet we're still tracking every computer and signing people up to vote in the units...
  10. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Show me in the first amendment where it says the only reason I can own a gun is to protect my family.
  11. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    That sound awful. Our crew rest ends when we set foot in the squadron for the mission brief followed by the step brief. That is, according to our interpretation of the AFI, "performing official duties" and therefore not "time away from official duties".
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    Part of the problem is commanders conditioned to take the word of GS-6s just because they work at the MAJCOM. 8th AF/CC and AFGSC/CC were very clear last time they were here trying to sort out the rated officer retention problem: the only person who can tell a commander no is a higher level commander. Not a GS-6, not a functional at the MAJCOM. The only person who can tell your WG/CC that they can't give you a DNP is the NAF or MAJCOM commander.
  13. 24hr lodging "rule"

    Green Dot has only cost me about two hours of my time so far. Finance has cost me far more in time, frustration, and actual dollars.
  14. Promotion and PRF Information

    I waited almost a year, and my board was pushed back a year because the groups ahead of me were waiting two years. I suspect the boards moving forward are a result of so many pilots bailing once the ADSC is up, which is right around the time they'd be pinning on major with the current timelines.