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  1. Well, how else are we gonna beat those dang Rooskies?
  2. Given the complaints I've seen here about Aero Clubs (bureaucracy, red tape, general nonsense), any thoughts about establishing a "Cannon Aero Club" at the nearby municipal airport?
  3. What on God’s Green Earth would Nancy Pelosi hope to accomplish by going to Afghanistan?
  4. I assume that, the fewer DC-10/MD-11 types flying in commercial service, the harder it gets to maintain the KC-10s? Any idea what UPS and FedEx's plans are for retiring their fleets?
  5. Blue

    Herk Down

    I like the fact that they're publicizing the blistering incompetence of the AF depot at Warner Robbins.
  6. One concept I thought intriguing--Increase the size of the House. Since 1789, when the Federal Government began operating under the Constitution, the number of citizens per congressional district has risen from an average of 33,000 in 1790 to almost 700,000 as of 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_congressional_apportionment
  7. I feel like I've read the "Air Force firefighting foam destroys local water supply" story 100 times over the past several years. From what I gather, just about every place that had Air Force aircraft blasted out 100,000's of gallons of firefighting foam over the years for "training," and only recently have we found that the foam contains some nasty shit that doesn't break down? Is that about right?
  8. Aerion is an interesting animal. From what I can gather, its sole source of funding is its elderly, billionaire owner Robert Bass. I can't decide if it's a case of someone using their wealth to drive innovation, or a company that's just spinning their wheels while draining their owner's bank account.
  9. And, she'll probably end up in the Senate anyway... https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/13/politics/mcsally-sinema-kyl-2018-2020/index.html
  10. An Eagle Tells Flying Stories With Associated Drivel by John Murphy Enjoyable, relatively quick read. The book follows the author through his military flying career from the 50's to the 80's, including stints in Active Duty and ANG, flying everything from the C-7 to the F-105 and F-4. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1477276351/
  11. Blue

    Latest Movies

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado was disappointing. Uneven pacing, plot holes, and all-around kinda crappy storytelling.
  12. GI Bill. Several states have veterans grants that provide money in addition to the GI Bill (assuming you go to a state school) Or, to get creative, if you don't have any immediate plans to get out, go find a couple of like-minded people who are also looking to learn to fly. Pool your money, buy a used 172, and find a CFI willing to instruct on the side.
  13. There just is nothing low-cost about General Aviation anymore.....
  14. The "model" changed with the so-called "peace dividend" of the 90's, and the associated waves of consolidation in the defense industry. Whereas previously you had many realistic competitors for any contract, post-90's you're down to just 2-3 companies competing for any business. This lack of competition stifles innovation, and drives up costs. Hence $45M for a capability that could realistically be accomplished for a fraction of that cost. It'll never be perfect, and we'll never have a defense-industrial base that's free of all waste and inefficiency. However today, we have a monster that consumes more and more treasure, while producing less and less for the national defense.
  15. "A degree of waste and inefficiency" is one thing. Paying Lockheed ~$45M for a capability than can be had for ~$1M isn't "a degree of waste and inefficiency." It's fraud, and it's obscene. If we were actually concerned about keeping the defense-industrial base healthy, we'd be deploying those $1M sims, and using the $44M of savings on other things. What military capabilities could we have added with that extra money? How could we have expanded our industrial base, instead of just feeding the bloat at a few behemoths (Lockheed, Boeing, etc)? If we're really concerned about keeping the defense industrial base healthy for a near-peer war, we would be a lot better off spreading the money around to different, smaller companies, rather than shoveling it all into Lockheed's cash furnace.
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