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  1. There are valid statements above from both sides, but here’s what really matters in my opinion: total fabrication or not, shady or not, the media has no problem plastering shit on trump/other GOP all over the place, but when the same level of shady shit is available on hunter/other Dems, it’s shut down by chairman mao. Regardless of the authenticity/accuracy of smear information, either allow it all (and let the consumer form their opinion), or take your “moral stand” and suppress it; your call media. But when they do one for the Dems and the other for the GOP, it’s very disturbing and frankly everybody, regardless of party affiliation, should acknowledge this bullshit. It’s still suppressing free speech even if you disagree with the content/statements, and that’s wrong.
  2. I remember in UPT phase 1/2 getting reemed for not shiny enough boots. No fucks given by anyone during phase 3 and throughout the rest of my illustrious black boot career.
  3. @jazzdude Oh I get it, but my overall point is tax increase shouldn’t be a consideration until trimming all the bullshit. I’m not increasing my kid’s allowance because “he doesn’t have enough for gas” while he simultaneously continues to spend $30/week at the arcade. You can either not drive kid, or you can, while forgoing the nice-to-have arcade time. Simple fiscal responsibility, that’s all many Americans are asking for, and not receiving from all corners of the government. We’re not against better healthcare, but we are against “dial up taxes to 11” as the means to achieve it.
  4. Why are you willing to pay more before the govt does a substantial budget overhaul and some massive reallocation efforts? We spend trillions on things that are way lower priority than the big problems. Why have we given billions to those fuckstick Pakis while not funding things we need at home? Why have we spent billions on cellphones for people (newsflash, a cellphone is not a required, basic need, even in 2020)before we’ve improved education? We don’t need more revenue, we need to stop spending shitloads of money on things that are not as important as American health care, education, public safety, etc.
  5. You might be surprised how many dungeon and dragons weirdos work in positions with significant clearances. This guy is about baseline for some DARPA sections.
  6. Pk miss. The evidence is overwhelming, certainly enough to question his mental capability to hold such an office. Not saying he “for sure” doesn’t have it, but it certainly has crossed the threshold to ask the question.
  7. He also forgot he was running for president today. Not intending this to be a loaded question, but aren’t Biden supporters worried about his mental capability to hold this office for at least 4 years? Everyone misspeaks, but there’s a long line of clear evidence that Biden’s memory is failing and he gets confused pretty easily for someone who could be the leader of the U.S. Is this really not a problem in peoples’ minds?
  8. The ACES 2 and canopy jettison as part of the ejection sequence has worked great (including 0/0) on the Viper for decades. The B-mode added an auto-eject/reduced ejection time requirement in case of engine/lift fan failure during critical points of VTOL ops. So, the A/C now needlessly have Det cord and a canopy bow because of the B-model. I’m liking “Phantom 3” more every day.
  9. In AR the flight controls and power control are dampened, e.g. the same pressure on the stick (STS) moves the flight controls less in AR than it does in “normal flight” mode. Same idea with the throttle. Similar idea with the gear down, but they are not the same...I’d be speculating the same as Vandy on why the jet above has its gear down.
  10. Det cord - Another example of no pilot input into the design process. Yeah sure, even though there’s a plethora of ejection success without Det cord, I totally would rather have an explosion 3” from my nugget and eject through shards of glass and flying metal as a result of said explosion.
  11. Yep. No hyperbole - the B model is at fault for the majority of design flaws. That’s a nearly universal belief amongst pilots of all services. Even worse is the USMC has no real operational need for the F-35 (it did need new aircraft, but there were better choices), and the primary role of USMC air is CAS; it’s no secret the F-35 is not the best choice for that mission set (assuming low threat stuff the USMC would actually find itself in while only having organic air available). We should have built one model for AF/Navy (call it the C...DGAF about the A’s 9g capes) and the USMC should have purchased super hornets. We’d all be so much better off.
  12. I do both, temp dependent, though I’ve only worn jacket since. His arms and neck are obviously embedded with metal, but “they” say it’ll work itself out, no problem! I believe it’ll work it’s way out, but what does that type of metal in your body for X time do long term? Nobody actually knows...or they don’t want to admit an ugly truth. Honestly I’ll probably still take my chances and wear the flight suit when it’s hot enough...the jacket is just so damn hot above ~85 air temp, uncomfortable above 75.
  13. It’s not an issue. The only difference between the viper and it is I loosen one shoulder strap...overblown “problem.” That’s not to say the entire canopy design/seat/ejection sequence isn’t retarded. Thanks again B Model.
  14. Listened to him on a podcast, really interesting story and perspective on things...3 hrs that went by in 3 min. Would love to meet him in person.
  15. By the time my college friends exited residency, I’d lived in 2 other countries, gone to war, shot and dropped most things the viper could carry at the time, flew around a bunch of countries and worked with a lot of foreign partners, made more lifelong friends (and lost more friends) than my college buddies will probably do in their lifetime, and overall had done a lot of shit that 99.9999999% of the world will never be able to even imagine. You are not even remotely “far” down the road of anything, plenty of time to change your idea of what you want to do. Granted I never had the inkling to do anything but fly, but you can do med school later, you cannot do this stuff later. Do well in school so that you do have that med backup in case flying doesn’t work out, but sounds like you will regret it later if you don’t try now. Also, most guys don’t want to stop after ten years (assuming guard, fuck AD!), so don’t assume you’ll want to make a clean cut after ten, chances are you won’t. But 6-9 years in could also be a good point to go part time and do med school/become a flying flight doc...but you may just as easily have no desire to do med after flying.
  16. How old are you/where in your med career path are you?
  17. Totally buy it for the F-35. Don’t know why the Viper wasn’t; no trend of fucked up issues with that HUD. Although maybe it changed to certified a little bit ago, can’t remember...could be making that up. Any other fighters out there with certified primary flight instrument HUDs? Back in the day I don’t think any fighters were, but maybe it has changed. Regardless, everyone uses their HUD to fly approaches and land (unless forced not to by HUD failure, etc.)
  18. To clarify, the HMD (the helmet video, which also produces the “HUD” when looking straight ahead) is not primary certified, just like almost every other fighter HUD (to my knowledge). We also have a vHUD (HUD representation on the panel display) and an EFI that are certified. So technically we should crosscheck those, and I do at least for the initial part of the approach (everything match? Good, tx to HUD). That said, every fighter pilot uses their HUD when flying approaches, landing, etc. Why would I choose to have my “head in my lap” when I can be monitoring outside looking for the runway environment whilst flying the approach (the single seat difference). The IFR discussion of HUDs doesn’t have anything to do with this mishap; it was the jacked up attitude display that he fixated on, not invalid approach data. Also, I’m not sure why HUDs aren’t certified...I’ve flown 99% of my landings and approaches in my 2k hours using the HUD, with no issues.
  19. I’ve not been directly in your shoes UPT board-wise, but I did do interview prep for the airlines, and I’m very glad I did. Sounds like bogidope is along the same lines. Many solid applicants (on paper) end up with sub par interview performance. The interview is what gets you the job in the end, so I think it’s worth spending some money to be as polished as possible. I will take the hockey player with a 3.0 GPA and solid interview over the engineer with a 4.0/99s across the board who had a meh interview.
  20. Correct. He was fixated on the jacked up HUD issue that he never cross checked whether APC was engaged or not (APC is the standard). You can also fly it manually like any other jet, just look at the AOA staple and make your FPM lineup with the middle (e.g. 13 AOA...normal apch speed). Thats something else that dropped from the crosscheck.
  21. FWIW, an extremely experienced IP and weapons officer with years in the jet did the same thing, but luckily didn’t have to eject out of it. He recognized he was fast and corrected/accepted a long landing because of the runway available (as have thousands of pilots before him), but the ensuing flight control shit show also happened. So, just food for thought...there are some significant system CFs at play (not to say they are the PCF), and no level of experience/capability is immune from these types of situations.
  22. Terrible, isn’t it? I’ve ceased being amazed by all the ridiculous things acquisitions/contracting/LM has done in relation to the program. Don’t get me wrong, the jet is awesome and extremely capable in many ways, but there are so many overlooked things when it comes to basic shit like flying an ILS, not having a HUD, a disaster of a helmet that is not even in the same league as Scorpion/HMIT, etc. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen “do some pilot shit” to salvage a poor approach. I think culturally in the fighter world there is a lot of lip serviced paid, but reality is going around on a full stop attempt is an “emotional event” for most. It shouldn’t be, but it sure seems that way. Guys are so against diverting (fear of unknown/going somewhere new), don’t want to be “the one guy” who couldn’t land on first attempt out of the entire go (ego), etc. It’s a bad cultural precedent and it’s been around my entire fighter career. I don’t know how to fix it, because saying “just go around if it doesn’t look right” or “no worries if you guys have to divert” isn’t cutting it. Maybe actually having defined criteria to meet by X AGL/distance to runway or else go around would be good (ala Airlines). Never seen anything like that published or definitively talked about in the fighter world (but certainly have in the civilian world).
  23. It’s your longterm life - are you going to resent not saying anything in 5-10 years? Is this a “huge” deal or a “nice to have?” Would you still enjoy living in the current location, or is back home really that much better? Without knowing details of your situation, nobody can give you an informed answer. On one hand I’d say “sounds good” and send you to your preferred unit and get the alternate in who truly is “all in;” I don’t want a guy who’s going to regret being around the squadron. But I can see the other side of the coin as well in terms of resources already invested. But, sounds like they haven’t invested a ton yet (OTS, UPT, etc.), and this discussion does not get better with time. The answer to my initial questions probably should drive this decision. Keep in mind that when all you know is one place, it seems weird to move somewhere far away. I live 2k miles away from where I grew up...loved growing up where I did, and love living where I do now. I had the choice when I punched from AD, and still went this direction. Don’t be afraid of the unknown.
  24. Here’s my informed viewpoint: - There are no excuses about corona, family stuff, etc...AIB/SIBs love to list everything, including which brand of knock-off cheerios he ate at breakfast, so don’t read too much into things of that nature. The AIB overemphasized these things/people are reading too much into them. - The RC is a breakdown in crosscheck from ~FAF and in. It is standard to use speedhold, it is not standard to keep speedhold on for landing. Normally you discontinue use of speedhold at some point prior to landing, but he was distracted by his fucked up HMD (e.g. “HUD”) and he lost crosscheck of his airspeed/fact speedhold was still engaged. He did in fact transfer to a visual approach (i.e. “no HUD”), just as many of you have lamented him for “not doing,” but the downfall was dropping AOA out of his crosscheck. Had he cross checked, he would have realized he was fast and made the appropriate correction. There is some negative transfer from the Strike Eagle that contributed to the above problem; but might be SE Priv...don’t know. - The “HUD” issue: It sometimes gets fucked and displays invalid attitude information...so yeah, think about the main attitude reference you look at being out of whack at night, flying an approach over the black hole of the bay. It’s pretty disorienting. There are other options and you can ignore it, so not an excuse, but it is not just a “millennial” thing. Trust me, I grew up on no datalink/helmet/9M only/visual formation (including takeoff/landings...yay!); also still use a 1:50 map in CAS and am more efficient/accurate than all those young guys trying to keep everything digital on their displays. So I get it. But, the first time I saw this shit in the TX, coupled with LM’s flippant attitude towards it, sent me ballistic. I honestly can’t believe we haven’t crashed more jets due to this problem. It’s a massive safety of flight issue, yet who knows when/if ever it’ll be fixed. If someone dies with one of these things as a CF, I hope LM gets sued for billions. - Nobody knew about the portion of control laws he got into, except a few folks at LM holding their cards close...literally not written in T.O.s, etc. Another “go fuck yourself LM” thing. When he landed and immediately realized what was going on, the jet did not act like he thought it would; his control inputs were normal/as any of us would have done in the same situation. He was unable to go around due to the jet essentially ignoring what he wanted. So, while he could have avoided this situation by the earlier cross check discussion above, its ludicrous the jet would not react properly to your control inputs at such a critical phase of flight. Checks in the mail how this might be changed in future S/W drops. For now, at least the community knows this can happen, and frankly it was only a matter of time before some guy in the CAF unintentionally played test pilot and lost. Huge foul on this not being a warning in the T.O.s or something to that effect. Bottom line that every pilot can take away: This was not so much an over reliance on technology as it was a distraction that led to fixation, and a break down of basic instrument crosscheck (at night, with no peripheral vision). Establish solid habit patterns that will keep your instrument crosscheck from breaking down, while actively ensuring you do not fixate on a problem and drop the rest of the crosscheck. Remember the guys who were trying to change a light bulb and crashed in the Everglades, or just about every pilot who has CFIT’d? This loss of SA due to basic speed/altitude/position crosscheck breakdown is the the type of thing that has caused tens of thousands of aviation accidents at this point. It is agnostic to airframe and every single one of us is capable of distraction leading to bad/no crosscheck. God knows I’ve been in countless situations where I “broke the chain” in my own cockpit far too late for comfort, but here I am, wiser and alive. So many times it could have been the other way around in a matter of seconds. So, I took something from this mishap, and it wasn’t “fucking SNAPs and their reliance on Gucci shit!”
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