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  1. Very possible you get TS initially and they let it lapse after 5 years. Regardless, the lack of it won't stop you from UPT or I imagine RTU either (based on only a secret required at the ops unit)
  2. No. But you'll need to get the investigation done at some point as TS will likely come up at some point in the near term once you are at your ops squadron...depending on aircraft/mission of course.
  3. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    The only real value of a 2 seat would be if we bought the same aircraft for UPT and ADAIR. It would probably be more than needed for UPT equipment-wise, but at least there'd be a common aircraft for MX, logisitics, etc.
  4. RIP Doc

    Nothing here or elsewhere on the internet will be more than wild speculation; recommend leave it to those other guys and not here. Let's focus on the man and the family he left behind. Nickel on the grass for Doc. If you desire to help, check out the you caring link at the top in HU&W's post.
  5. Finance Problems

    Make Ontario a TDY location in DTS. Example: Home Base = Depart 13 sep TDY Location 1 = Edwards (assuming you fly into Ontario, but go to Edwards that day), arrive 13 sep, depart 19 sep TDY Location 2 = Ontario, arrive 19 Sep, depart 20 Sep (early flight out the 20th). Home Base = Arrive 20 Sep Problem solved since per diem is tied to TDY location. Never had a problem once using this method.
  6. How much do guard pilots fly?

    As a general statement you'll have approximately 2 years of full time flying after UPT and RTU for seasoning. So that's about 3.5-4 years of full time work before you MIGHT have to go part time/have a civilian job. During that time you're GENERALLY flying ~8-10/mo homestation as a fighter guy. Some squadrons more than others, but it all goes in waves depending on maintenance and other external factors. You'll fly more when deployed. And yes you can deploy with other squadrons if they need the help. If your goal is to stay flying full time, well, nobody can tell you at ANY unit what the resources climate will be in 4 years. Absolutely you could be "forced" to part time at the end of seasoning (and more like 5 sorties/mo as a fighter part timer), but there could also be AGRs for all my friends...it's all speculation at this point. If you want to fly, then jump in and go for whatever flying mission appeals the most to you..let your future self figure the rest out in 4-5 years, seriously.
  7. Have you talked to an AD recruiter and got that ball rolling? It'd be a big mistake not too.
  8. I'm fairly sure I've read on here about guys changing the "3" to a "0" on the ADSC paperwork, signing it, and turning it in to AFPC. And not a word was said. Or maybe the scotch just made that up, but either way worth a shot. What's the worst that could happen, they say you have to re-sign with "3" in the blank spot?
  9. Palace Chase info

    I think they will see an ultimatum as quibbling, maybe even take it personally. I think that will hurt your chances. Stick to why a PC helps the total force (not simply your personal desire to get off bullshit island as fast as possible).
  10. I wonder if hacker knows how many eagle dudes he let down by quitting. I bet they would be happy to crowd fund a sequel.
  11. Finance Problems

    Went through your exact situation 3 years ago. The solution is you write an MFR to the SAF office that handles travel/JTR stuff outlining the situation and referencing the JTR portions that apply. The key phrase is "normally approved via the secretarial process." That phrase is what auto makes this a SAF-level issue; there is nothing even your wing/cc can do. Start asking finance what the process is for the MFR, who specifically it goes to, etc. FYI, it took the MSG/CC at my previous base to figure out the actual process. If I can find my old MFR I'll send it to you, no promises it has survived the last two moves. EDIT: Found the MFR and approval response; Moose, send me a PM with your .mil email and I'll send over.
  12. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Well at least this won't come back to haunt them in a few years. I'm sure the bros will let it slide.
  13. Significantly more difficult, but as danger pointed out, not impossible. For those who have a realstic chance, the general hurdle is not skill/potential, it's time line and getting to the required level before time runs out.
  14. 1801 Handling Question

    Moot point if you always put "on file." I can't think of a single good reason not to put "on file."
  15. Dual qualification

    I think that makes a lot more sense. You're still flying the same aircraft, just using it for a different mission set at different times...sounds like every multi-role fighter. It's worthwhile to point out that doing multiple mission types in DIFFERENT aircraft is a far more significant gap to jump than what you are talking about, even though it might seem not such a leap at first glance. Not saying you are implying that, but I'm sure there are those who might think that.
  16. As a straight to UPT guy crossing in 3-4 yr is higher chance than a late rate guy, but the F-35 will eventually normalize just like the raptor. A lot of viper guys have been transitioning lately, and combined with b-courses graduating now, my guess is normalization is only a few years out. If your ultimate goal is F35, and you're fighting with a desire to fly a viper for a few years first, then I suggest try to get to the F35 now. But, the viper (as an example) is going to be around for a long time, so all is not lost if you don't go to the F35, now or ever. In the end it's the whole "a bird hand is worth two in the bushel" saying...rank your choices based on what you want long term, even if that means you might miss out on your "childhood dream jet" for a few years. I doubt a single dude graduating fat Amy b-course right now really has much, if any, heartburn about not flying a viper, eagle, etc.
  17. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The word important should never be used in the same sentence as SOS. And the above sound par for the course.
  18. Dual qualification

    Dual qualed with inst form 8s (e.g. ACE), easy. Dual qualed (and actually worth a shit) with msn form 8s, nope.
  19. If you want to fly 5th gen, now is your best opportunity. If you go 4th gen, your chances of crossing over are a lot lower. I say this based on what year groups F-35 is looking for, which is somewhere around '09 and younger. If you're around that year group or older (based on your late to rate comment), there seems to be very little chance AFPC will send you there after an assignment in another jet. Just something to consider.
  20. Gun Talk

    Did you fill them with dirt by shovel each time you added a row, or did you stack them all, and then fill dirt afterwards? Sounds interesting...I'll probably wait and use the FEL next month when it's drier, but still sounds like a decent idea.
  21. GS-11 first year, 2 years to 13/step 1? That's a massive pay cut for a mil pilot off AD, and not very desirable locations additionally. Even some young guys who aren't flight leads are GS-13 in the guard, and the rest are bare minimum 12s. CBP needs to greatly step up their hiring baseline pay to even remotely be competitive with a shit load of other aviation opportunity out there for guys leaving AD. I can't imagine any pilot would be interested unless they were dead set on living in Laredo.
  22. Deployments

    I remember being in UPT and told how fighter guys were always gone and heavy dudes only did sweet TDYs here and there. Yep, how'd that work out for my bros that went heavies thinking they were only going to hang out in Hawaii/Thailand and maybe only see the sand 45 days a year. Everyone deploys/TDYs, it goes in waves and timing is everything. It can even vary widely within one aircraft community depending on what squadron you're in/when you showed up to said squadron. My point is, if I'm reading between the lines correctly, always make aircraft preference decisions based on mission. To put a lot of stock in current deployment/TDY rates or someone's "projected" opinion of rates is useless. I also don't think location possibilities are even worth much consideration, but to each their own.
  23. For the purpose of this discussion, dual qual means a guy executing full up combat missions in two MDS during the same time period, which requires substantially more than "motherhood" flying. The ability to fly more than one airplane safely is not being debated here, it's the ability to employ more than one aircraft effectively in combat. Beale/Whiteman 38s, airlines, etc. are all basic flying/"standard" airmanship type stuff - they are not employing an MDS in combat. These two, different definitions of dual qual cannot be compared/inter-changed (apples to oranges).
  24. The Army is using 3-09.3 procedures to conduct "interdiction-like", offensive targeting WELL clear of friendlies. Despite the lack of a true FSCL, this is an abortion of doctrinal application and devoid of tactical common sense. Disco is right on, the Army's stupidity is a massive supporting case for why the AF is its own service, but unfortunately we allow them to have ultimate control. Why the army is the supported command in OIR defies logic, it's a fucking nearly 100% air war from the US perspective. The AFshould at min have the reins in OIR, OFS is different. I understand your point, but regardless of reasons for its creation or its execution manner, I still think if dual ops came to RPA/Light attack, you would be very underwhelmed by the average performance level of dudes in either MWS. Everyone is not as good as you think and I feel very confident in saying only your above average pilots would fair OK. Essentially take a dudes performance level (SL abv avg, avg, etc) and subtract two. That's what you'll get in each MWS.
  25. While nice at first thought, dual qual is not as easy as some of you think. I have flown with a lot great dudes who are dual qual, and these dudes happen to be some extremely high functioning human beings - as in way smarter than the rest of us bottom 99%...and capable pilots as well who do fly tactical missions in each type. There's about two of them I would even remotely consider capable of going to combat in one of their MDS in their current state (i.e. without picking an MDS and spending 3+ months getting spun up on how to employ well). Now just imagine asking an average dude to know two separate sets of TTP, different mission sets, etc. (who cares about the motherhood/systems GK...don't care, that's easy). Bottom line, you will predominantly end up with below average MQ-9 guy who moonlights as a below average OA-X guy. Not because he's necessarily terrible as an individual pilot, but because he can't execute two different MDS well; he can execute one at an average capability level. I know some of you can likely point to a guy you know who could probably hack it alright, but it's not about that one guy, it's about the idea of an entire squadron executing in such a manner, and by the way, that entire squadron is not made up of well above average pilots. This may not have been an issue 30 years ago, but shit is complicated now (for everyone), so there's a reason flying multiple types of aircraft as a CMR CGO/young FGO doesn't happen anymore.