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  1. If this is a real story and not a troll, this guy is not going to make O-5, or get hired by any Guard unit. The attitude shines though.
  2. Are you a part-time reservist? In the Air Force we have something called a PCARS (points summary) and they automatically flow there from Air University, no form needed. Maybe you can talk to Air University about your specific situation.
  3. I have seen NGB kick back a position vacancy federal recognition package before due to OPRs. If your JFHQ is making you rewrite them them, they are helping you out in the long run if it doesn't appear that way.
  4. There are a couple 17Ds on this board. I am a 17D in the Guard, I don't post here that much because what I do in my current job has nothing to do with flying airplanes. As far as the jobs go I posted in your other thread, you should read that to get my take on it. The only update I have is that 3D1X4 is not an entry level job in the Guard last time I checked, you have to retrain into it from another comm job (meaning you as a new enlistee can't be put in it). Your recruiter needs to check the enlisted job guide (forget what it is called) to confirm this is not still the case. I stand by my original comment that you should try to be a 1B4, the base comm jobs are so watered down with rights being taken away that a lot of kids get frustrated that they don't get to do any hands-on work during the drill weekends.
  5. I am a 17D in the Guard. I am assuming you are planning on joining the Guard as enlisting on Active Duty doesn't make any sense as you would lose your mind working for kids 15 year younger than you. In my opinion, most Comm jobs have been badly neutered in the last 10 years so that they're all not that great. The exception to the rule is 1B4, if you can get in one of those units they do some interesting stuff. If not the only jobs I would consider are 3D0x2 (windows server admin with maybe some VMware) or 3D1x2 (CCNA type stuff with some telecom). All the rest of the jobs are not that great, 3D0x3 may be worthwhile if you are gunning for being a hands-off CISSP policy person. The problem with all the jobs is that they have centralized control of the network to the NOSC/DISA, so at the base level you don't get to do much. The network also sucks because they did this and you have a pissed off base populace that you can't do much to help. The real growth is in the cyber units (1B4), so if you want to have a meaningful contribution that is where to go. As far as 17Ds go, they are not typically hands on unless they are one of the few of us that work doing something cool on the outside (Raphael mudge comes to mind). There are some interesting opportunities in the cyber units if you know where to look. Going for 17D, biggest thing is the technical degree although an enlisted comm afsc could help.
  6. 17D_Guy come join the Guard. It's the best of both worlds. Six figure income, no PCS and you get to do cool stuff on the weekends. Google "Cyber Shield exercise" for examples.
  7. There are plenty of Guard units that fly RPAs, Syracuse NY, Springfield OH, Willow Grove PA and others. You're going to need to do some research if their hiring boards aren't listed on their sites.
  8. If the Reserves works like the Air Guard then you get assigned another job if you wash out of UPT. I've known a number of people who have done that and had successful careers in another career field. I wouldn't worry about washing out of OTS as long as you come in decent shape and don't quit, it's not a weed-out course.
  9. E3 is the highest grade you can get in the Air Guard. If you really want to get commissioned you might want to look at Army Guard OCS, the age limit might be higher.
  10. You are correct, you have to serve 5 years as a civilian to qualify for a FERS retirement. Any time you buy back doesn't count toward getting you that 5 years and qualifying you for a FERS retirement. You can't walk in off the street, buy back 5 years and then immediately qualify for a retirement. I don't have the reference as it's buried somewhere in the byzantine OPM regulations - contact your state HRO and they should be able to provide it.
  11. Buy back time doesn't count toward the 5 year minimum.
  12. The only people I know who would choose ART in your scenario are those who want to stick around in the program until age 57 for that guaranteed stability and paycheck. However I think stability in the Guard/Reserves went out the door in 2005. YMMV, but I think most folks here would tell you to a take the AGR.
  13. The only flying ABMs in the Guard that I know of are in Georgia. There are non-flying ABMs in the various Air Control Squadrons scattered around the country as well as some of the other non-flying units such as Air Operations Groups. If you are interested in being a CE officer you have a good shot coming off the street, those slots are typically difficult to fill due to degree requirements.
  14. I thought we've cut all non-mission essential travel?? These guys are still around??
  15. 5% includes the automatic 1% you get just for being in the Fed system. But yes you are correct.
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