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  1. Queep Contractors, we got some, do you?

    Wish the ANG got some of that contractor action.
  2. AD to ANG

    Your scores are average; depending on what type of unit you are looking to get into it might be worth re-taking. Most of the guys that apply at my unit have mid-high 90's across the board. The flying time is good, but don't break the bank trying to build hours in a SEL (IMO it's not worth it). If you go for an ANG unit, I HIGHLY recommend visiting a few times to try to get in the interview pool. Good luck.
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Everyone in the ANG F-15 business is undermanned. Hiring everyone that applies off the street is not the fix to this problem - still need to be picky in hiring. It's a problem with the imbalance of AD (3 squadrons) to ANG (6 squadrons).
  4. AD to ANG

    If you can't get a pilot slot in AD, why do you think you could get one in the ANG? AD is dying for pilots right now; ANG units turn people down all the time. The bigger challenge is the ANG pilot slot by far.
  5. Scrutinize me!

    Leadership stuff is important - a 3.9 with those extras is mo betta. Just do that. If that's too hard, military aviation might not be for you.
  6. LA ANG is hiring!

    PM me for specifics. In general there aren’t any cross flow opportunities these days. The state gets more for their dollar (speaking longevity here) from a brand new Lt going to the few b-course slots that we get than older dudes. Not completely impossible but it’s a significant uphill climb — particularly in our squadron because the last three times we did that it did work out.
  7. LA ANG is hiring!

    Are you talking about cross training from a different platform? No, sorry we aren’t looking for age waivers.
  8. LA ANG is hiring!

    It's that time again . May drill will be our next UPT board. The rushing window is officially open - Feb 23-25 and Mar 9-11 are upcoming drill dates for visits. April drill the squadron will be on the road shooting missiles at Tyndall so get your visits in soon. Resumes and coordination still go to 122fspilothiring@gmail.com C'mon down!
  9. Draken / ATAC

    Draken is expanding fast. The euro stuff is all locally sourced pilots so far (apart from management). Don’t know if that might change. Seems to to me that they want full time guys then want all part time, back and forth. Agree that the pay isn’t competitive; it’s really for dudes that just want to keep flying fast jets. As that stands the dudes running the show at Draken are good people.
  10. AD vs ANG

    How many full time positions depends a lot on the airframe, mission, etc. I only have 3 traditional guard pilots in my wing right now. All the rest of us are full time; not sure you truly have the full picture of (some) guard squadrons. We are undermanned right now, but even at the best of times we'll end up having at least 2/3rds of the pilots full time. With the boom in civilian aviation going on right now, guys are looking for part time positions more than full time. If you go ANG and want to do a 3 year tour on AD, there is a program for that. There is not a program for AD to join the ANG before your commitment is up. We do have TFI squadrons, but you are still at the AD beck and call.
  11. Chances of Being Deployed Nat'l Guard

    Can go to full or part timers. It does re-hack your mob-to-dwell clock. (Or so we’ve been told)
  12. Chances of Being Deployed Nat'l Guard

    Yep, new suck getting spread around to the ANG now. They are calling them "small group deployments" - my wife's CE squadron got a bunch for FY18. Nothing for Ops or Mx yet - just give it time.
  13. Chances of Being Deployed Nat'l Guard

    Surprised you didn't put this in the ANG section. There aren't enough fighters, bombers and tankers to get a full-scale mission done (like N. Korea) without ANG pitching in. Some of us would go - varies unit to unit and where you lie on your next AEF rotation. If something kicks off short notice in PACAF and you are out the door in a month to CENTCOM, you are likely still going on your original tasking. If you just came back, you are likely not going, etc. You can volunteer to go with another ANG unit that's going.
  14. Brabus covered it pretty well. As far as part time gigs, understand that you won't have the option to be part time for several years after pilot training. Right now my guys get 508 days of seasoning (full time) orders after they complete MQT. I try to keep them full time for another year or two because they just need the experience before I cut them loose. As far as side jobs, you name it. Most of us have a side job flying - airlines, Draken contract red-air, etc. I know some lawyers and doctors as well as a few real estate folks. Some other guys have gotten on as contractors with Boeing where they run the sims or work in the test world.
  15. What should the Air Force be if it is so broken now?

    1-2 slots is a hell of a lot different than a classic assoc TFI. I have one AD dude in my guard squadron, if each AD guy had an option for one or two (not 15 or 30) seasoned dudes, that would help a lot of folks. edit* I didn't look at the dates posted; hadn't seen the thread. Sorry for the delorean ride back to April.