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  1. GA Aircraft Flown

    My first airplane was a Glasair; kind of a cheaper RV. Not nearly the solid community as the RV folks - it's damn near a cult over there. :) When I go back to Delta, I'm going to use the time I'm not doing green dot, OPRs, MICP, MICT, form 8's, gradesheets, leave approvals, IRC, MEO, GOVCC, CBRNE and all the other excellent ancillary USAF stuff to build a plane. One thing I learned quick about owning an experimental - if you didn't build it yourself you will get sick of people asking you "did you build it?" really quick. I've got my eye on an F-1 Rocket to build...
  2. LA ANG is hiring!

    Primarily looking at UPT since those boards are more formal but anyone wanting to rush is welcome to swing by.
  3. No one can stop you from applying of course, but I'd say it's not worth spending the time putting together and visiting a place that's not interested in age waivers. Fighter units don't hire folks that don't visit; and most don't do age waivers. Probably not worth your time visiting if they say they aren't doing age waivers and if you don't visit you won't get an interview anyway... see where I'm going here? Like the other guys said, you need to get the ball rolling asap so concentrate on places that aren't already telling you 'no". Much better way to spend your time IMHO. Good luck.
  4. LA ANG is hiring!

    It is the last bastion, but few places overcome the lethargy that is the "support" group...
  5. Definitely learn more about USERRA. It's not a choice of whether a company is "forgiving" of service. It's the law, they have to keep your job while you are away on orders.
  6. LA ANG is hiring!

    Hacker: it’s just easier to use Gmail. You remember how much of a pain it is getting anything non-standard going on official email. Nothing wrong with Gmail and more than one person can check it.
  7. LA ANG is hiring!

    Absolutely! Get your pilot packages to 122fspilothiring@gmail.com
  8. Upcoming Boards

    New Orleans F-15's will be interviewing in June drill. Visits are open for 18-20 May, coordinate through 122fspilothiring@gmail.com
  9. LA ANG is hiring!

    Folks, we've decided to get one more weekend of visiting in before our hiring board so we're moving the board back to June. May 18-20 is the next drill weekend that we'll be in town, so make plans to come to Nola if you want to be an Eagle driver.
  10. Chances for Fighter Units?

    C'mon dudes, at least he has legit taste in smokey treats....
  11. Queep Contractors, we got some, do you?

    Wish the ANG got some of that contractor action.
  12. AD to ANG

    Your scores are average; depending on what type of unit you are looking to get into it might be worth re-taking. Most of the guys that apply at my unit have mid-high 90's across the board. The flying time is good, but don't break the bank trying to build hours in a SEL (IMO it's not worth it). If you go for an ANG unit, I HIGHLY recommend visiting a few times to try to get in the interview pool. Good luck.
  13. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Everyone in the ANG F-15 business is undermanned. Hiring everyone that applies off the street is not the fix to this problem - still need to be picky in hiring. It's a problem with the imbalance of AD (3 squadrons) to ANG (6 squadrons).
  14. AD to ANG

    If you can't get a pilot slot in AD, why do you think you could get one in the ANG? AD is dying for pilots right now; ANG units turn people down all the time. The bigger challenge is the ANG pilot slot by far.
  15. Scrutinize me!

    Leadership stuff is important - a 3.9 with those extras is mo betta. Just do that. If that's too hard, military aviation might not be for you.