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  1. What is right with the Air Force

    Nice work Juice and the Spikes!
  2. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    As tech increases, you need to keep platforms that have ease of expansion, excess generator and ECS output and minimal carriage restrictions alive. When the 69lb brain trusts make the death-star-turn-it-on-and-you-auto-win system (likely first fielded in a pod) we can't afford to spend $690B and wait 15 years (ala aim-9x) to get it on a Raptor or 35. There's some pretty cool crap already out there, integration on the 5th gen is a monster. At the unclass level, the whole idea and execution of RCS reduction (I won't call it stealth for 4th gen) has advanced considerably. Can't turn an Eagle, Hornet or Falcon into a Raptor but you can bring those threat wez's into something more manageable - particularly if we actually put some interest in offensive EA game. Hi/lo mix still makes sense from a lot of perspectives - a lot of the monetary pain we see right now comes from the significant gap in fundage towards sustainment of 4th gen during the 90's and 00's. Chickens have come home to roost in that department so instead of upgrading mission stuff we're buying new wings for multiple platforms and finally trying to figure out just how many hours we can really fly these things.
  3. Our guys get 510 also. If there are 900 out there somewhere I need the info!
  4. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    Unless you fly the Eagle. Still rockin the fix to fix because they won't upgrade us to GPS. [whining] Every time we go cross country (ANG so XC for all my friends!!) it's the same story. "Jazz01, cleared direct BISBY" "Jazz1, unable - need a vector, a navaid or the lat/long" "Oh, ok, um... Jazz01 cleared direct FTBOL then." "ugh.... Jazz1 unable FTBOL - I don't have GPS, cannot go to a GPS point" "Uhhhh, well lets see, uh....Jazz1 fly heading 260" "260, Jazz1" "Jazz1 contact Memphis on 124.8..." "(doh!) Jazz1 still needs a Uniform freq..." [/whining]
  5. Experienced Pilots wanted

    I don't think we have that defined. If you don't want to air out your details send me a PM with your background and what you are thinking. We're open to non-standard hires if it's the right type of bro.
  6. Experienced Pilots wanted

    Nope, never did (at least in the 6 years I've been here) One caveat - if said bro is rolling in from a different MDS, he'll need to be full time for a while to get through MQT/FLUG so he/she isn't a limfac for alert when they show back up to town.
  7. The 122nd FS in New Orleans is having an experienced hiring board on 21 January 2018. This is for current or previous fighter pilots - Eagle experience not a requirement, but it certainly helps. We have full and part time opportunities available. Send resumes or questions to 122fspilothiring@gmail.com
  8. Chances at an ANG Fighter Squadron

    I sit on our hiring boards. Adding flight hours to boost PCSM doesn't really do anything for us. The scores at 201 hours are the only way to actually compare apples to apples. Civilian flying doesn't really mean much when you strap a jet on. It's important that you have SOME flying, but adding up on the PCSM won't do as much as boosting your other scores on the AFOQT. Neither are as good as visiting a unit. YMMV.
  9. Chances at an ANG Fighter Squadron

    If you get hired by an RTU unit (like Klamath) you'll get sent out to another unit until you are ready to be an instructor (usually at least 5 years after training). Enlisting is fine, but if you are a strong candidate it will only slow down your process. Study for the tests - ALL the scores count! With 40's and 50's you probably won't get an interview with us; too many people with 90+'s across the board. I don't know any units that don't hire off the street - keep rushing and study!
  10. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    10 years ago I was firmly in the "GA would be a waste of my time because I'm too used to flying fighters and it'd be boring." I was wrong. It's not as challenging as flying fighters, but having your own airplane is awesome. I had a Glasair for a few years and I've had my Bonanza 36 for 6 years now. I still fly it more than 150 hours a year. The older I get, the more I like airplanes - all airplanes. The year I started at Delta I was flying the Eagle, my Bonanza, A-4's at Draken, 757s/767s at Delta and started on warbird T-6's. I just like airplanes. My wife loves traveling in our Bo; hates commercial - even non-rev in first class. For some destinations, GA is where it's at - Bahamas for sure. I'd say don't knock it till you try it (renting one for the weekend isn't trying it). GA isn't for everyone (nor is the airline) but they both suck a LOT less than I was expecting.
  11. joining ANG

    Keep reading on here and use the search function! These questions have all been asked and answered several times. The info is out there, do the research! Got to get scores on the tests before anyone can say whether you are competitive. So far, so good but the scores matter.
  12. LA ANG is hiring!

    Open for visits anytime. Boards depend on how many applicants we have and when. Email the original address for details and to coordinate a visit.
  13. I can tell you that there is almost zero chance the LA ANG will apply for another age waiver. Have you spoken with anyone that got the waiver about how their experience has been in the fighter world? We have a guy and he's still happy to be here, but he struggles. He thinks most of that is due to age and I tend to agree. He was a strong candidate: Olympian, college athlete, great AFOQT scores, good grades, tons of flying time, etc. There's a reason the age ceiling is there. You still have some time, but you need to be visiting units and getting on boards by now. You are behind the timeline again IMHO.
  14. "We're not training commercial pilots."

    I.... can't.... believe.... I'm....saying....this.... . . . . Hacker's right. Damn, I never thought I'd have to say that - it hurt more than expected.
  15. UPT is USERRA exempt - as are your seasoning days after UPT.