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  1. Jaysus! I didn't know that tanker alert was title 10. WTFO??? (great deal for you guys - we need that!)
  2. Each squadron and airframe will treat it slightly different. Our guys are only getting 90 days of seasoning this FY (TX guys coming from other jets) but we've figured out a way to rob Peter and get them 180 of seasoning. Our deal with them was at least one year of full time post TX and getting through 2FL before we cut them loose to part timer land. YMMV
  3. Never happened before but this Hilton popup at the bottom of the screen goes right over the bottom of the reply/message container. Unable to click to enter reply. Tried it on Chrome, Edge and IE. Hilton - you are killing me!
  4. I'd say that if we liked your act, those scores wouldn't keep us from interviewing you. Obviously there's room for improvement and for people to have a stronger application than you, but those are good scores. Start rushing the units of your choice and let them tell you if it's good enough. AD: no brainer, you'll get a UPT slot with them. They give'em out like candy. 🙂
  5. It depends on why you are asking. I've seen a few guys get hired somewhere just to get a pilot slot/fighter slot/whatever then bail out on that unit at the first possible chance to move back to their home unit or a different unit. This is highly frowned upon (at least in the fighter community). Know that an ANG unit that sends you to UPT has to release you before you can transfer to another unit. You owe 10 years after UPT so "quitting" then joining another unit isn't a thing unless the losing unit allows it. We are in such a manning crunch these last few years that we have had to deny or seriously delay transfers to other units. We have worked with the members to get them moved as soon as the squadron could sustain it but it's not the same as it was 6 or 7 years ago when people just walked in one day and said "hey man, I'm going to transfer to XXX place. Cya" BL: I highly discourage joining a unit while already planning on a transfer. If you are doing that, be upfront with the unit in order for both sides to manage expectations.
  6. A lot of guys are doing this now. The guys I know that work at the mil desks for the airlines think this is the min-run scenario to keep you off the bad-boy list. Getting off probation fully is the brass ring, but getting through consolidation is where most places won't give you the hairy eye-ball. To me that makes no sense at all - if you are out more than a couple of months you have to go back through training. They say training takes 2 years of flying the line to recoup the cost. Not sure why they would "like it" for people to come out for 100 hours then bounce. Oh well, just another thing I don't understand about the airline. FWIW, I did the full year - got off probation in about 8 months (@ DAL it's 400 hours of flying or 1 year on the line). I wanted to be off of probation but I also wanted to know if I'd hate it or not. That way I'd have 5 years of leave to find something better. I ended up not hating it at all. I retire this fall and can't wait to go back.
  7. Agree on the availability date. A bro of mine was getting out, I told him not to dick around with it; he did. Delta called and said "congrats your indoc date is XXX day." "yeah, I was hoping to change that to after YYY day." "If you want to work at Delta, we'll see you on XXX. Goodbye". He flies for AA now.
  8. Sorry, I didn't see that for a few days. Delta
  9. I only flew the line for a year before going on mil leave; and I've been gone for 4 years. HOWEVER, I commuted to NYC from Nola, held pretty much all international on the 767 that whole year and still flew Eagles in the Guard. I will more than likely be a commuter my whole career because I don't want to live anywhere we have a base. It's all what's important to you - I'll commute to wide body FO with good seniority when I go back next year. Will I make more money than the guys in base? Nope. Will I be just as happy because I'm living where I want to live - YEP! Airline job is truly choose your own adventure; which is one thing I love about it.
  10. You are going to need to do well on the tests to be competitive for fighters. GPA isn't awful, but it's not great. Otherwise, not enough info to give you much feedback until you take the tests. Don't wait too long, your age is a factor.
  11. Fair enough. The way you phrased it sounded like you were saying if you aren't credible in the jet you can just go be a commander in the ARC because it won't matter. Just caught me funny. I was a squadron CC in the ANG and looked at the guys that were CC's on AD in my community. From many conversations with them it's a hell of a lot harder to be a CC in the ANG due to all the additional stuff that doesn't automatically happen (orders, recruiting, OTS, pipeline, etc). If you don't have cred you won't get jack done for your guys - which is why you are a commander in the first place.
  12. Why do you think this is the case? Do you think the ARC is such a second string option that you don't need cred to be a commander? C'mon man, you can't be that far under a rock?
  13. http://www.vistosofuneralhome.com/obituary/mathew-mccarty
  14. Pyro and I were in the same IFF class. We've been buds since then. I got to spend some time with him back in April, he knew this day wasn't far off. He was a hell of a dude, I know Sara and the kids are hurting right now; but boy they had a pretty good last year all things considered. I'm so glad they took the time these last few years to make some family memories. Those will pay off for the rest of the kids life. RIP Pyro, you are missed broseph!
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