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  1. The reason most fighter units don’t go for age waivers has very little to do with the hassle of doing the waiver or the likelihood of it being approved (it’s high). Most dont go after them because the track record for people who start training late in life to become fighter pilots is very poor. There are exceptions to everything but in general starting after 30 has increased likelihood that you’ll struggle as a FP. Units have to want to take a gamble on you in favor of someone with comparable or better scores and is younger; it’s an uphill fight IMO.
  2. I was a part timer who commuted to the airline. I disagree that 6 is the absolute upper limit. Some month require more, some could require less. I think it also has to do with the pilot and their proficiency. You are are required to maintain RAP which is 6 sorties; if you aren’t CMR you aren’t doing anything for the squadron. If you also sit a day of alert how can you expect to work less than 6 days and get all that done? Double turning every time you fly and skipping out on the debrief is an excellent way to let your skill set atrophy to the point of being a no-load. Personally that’s not acceptable to me because I’m a fighter pilot and that’s not how we roll. As a commander, I keep a close eye on anyone min-running it to ensure they aren’t becoming dangerous in the jet and are able to keep a reasonable amount of proficiency. A 2500 hour IP can probably do it in 4-5 days a month; a 400 hour 4E likely not.
  3. Definitely depends on the squadron and airframe. "beyond ridiculous" is in the eye of the beer-holder. For our squadron we ask that they make RAP (6 sorties - so probably 5ish days) and sit a day of alert. Some months more, some less depending on how much we are TDY. Definitely makes it easier to live near your ANG unit and commute to the airline IMO. I flew the line for a year commuting from Nola to NYC and it wasn't that bad (lucky that I had a line straight away). It can be busy though when you are junior and have low density trips with the airline. Also depends a bit on how you bid. If you put all your mil leave in before the bids you will likely work more because they'll fit trips between your mil days. If you wait till your schedule drops then decide which trip you don't want and drop it via mil leave you can control QOL. Which one pays better will probably change after about year 2. As always YMMV.
  4. EvilEagle

    Can one get paid...

    Yes, it legal to do. Whether your unit has any resources to give you is another issue. Temp AGR is the easiest way to go.
  5. Email 122fspilothiring@gmail.com We are looking for the same thing every squadron is looking for - the best possible candidate to send to UPT.
  6. EvilEagle

    Figher Chances (Guard/Reserve)

    Pretty good scores. What would your PCSM be at 201? At first glance you are a good candidate, start rushing and check the attitude at the door. You'll be in UPT in no time.
  7. EvilEagle

    Motorcycle Riders Thread

    Down to one bike now. ('07 BMW GS1200ADV) and I just ride it on long trips. I did Nova Scotia a few years ago, 2017 I did 15 countries in Europe and next year is my retirement trip - South America down to Ushuaia. Keep the greasy side down my friends!
  8. EvilEagle

    Ballpark the chance

    To be competitive for a shot at fighters you definitely need to study and do better on the test. Unlike the movies, fighter pilots spend a lot more time studying and learning than they do flying. Prove to the hiring boards that you can do that and you might get a shot.
  9. EvilEagle

    What are my chances? (ANG)

    Every unit is different but all the fighter units I know of put weight on all your scores. Verbal skills - used every single day. Academic aptitude is whether you can learn and process new information quickly - no brainer there for fighters especially. If I were you, I'd retake the test. Those scores aren't very competitive for our squadron at least. YMMV.
  10. EvilEagle

    What are my chances? (ANG)

    Can't tell how competitive you are without your full scores. Boards look for excellence across the board, not just on the pilot/nav portions.
  11. We got shut down on Airbnb and the like even when it saves money. Bummer. FWIW, everywhere I've been Turo has been crazy expensive for anything decent.
  12. Your scores are slightly below average for most fighter wanna be’s and you are getting close to age waiver territory. That’s two pretty big strikes. It’s not impossible but you need to get rushing full time ASAP. Good luck!
  13. It wasn't a thing in the ANG till last year. They are doing it on "a limited basis" (which I don't believe for a hot minute). It's new enough that I'm not sure there is a "standard" job guys are getting tasked for. As I said earlier, my unit hasn't gotten any for pilots, just enlisted folks that are going for their primary AFSC - so far it's been shop chiefs, mx shift leads, etc.
  14. EvilEagle

    Palace Front/Chase transition from Active Duty

    Second what Guardian said - "modeled after the army". So when we complain that it's taking almost 90 days to get someone gained, the Army guys in the state say - 'wow! Getting it done in 90 days is excellent; way faster than our goal'. No @h!t direct quote.
  15. EvilEagle

    Age Waivers

    You require a waiver if you are 30 or older the day you start UPT. I'd say it depends on what's been going on IRT the pipeline flow when the hiring board meets. It'll be at least a year from hiring till UPT start and more likely a few months beyond that. If it's been going slower or we know it's backed up then anyone over 28 we should be prepared to work ETP paperwork.