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  1. If you've gotten positive words from a unit you definitely want to apply there. If I were you, I'd be all in on that unit. I had a long string of street bikes starting with an FZR600 back in the 90's, GSXRs, 7R, 9R, TL1000, 916, 996, Mille R. All those are gone now and I ride a BMW R1200GSA. Good luck!
  2. IMO you aren't a good candidate for fighters. If you chase this dream you will likely spend a lot of time, money and effort into going around visiting units and they are all going to tell you no thanks. Hate to be the dream crusher but you have stacked too many things against yourself. I highly recommend not putting yourself through the rush process for fighters. If you still want to serve and fly go rush heavy units, much better chance for them. Good luck.
  3. Toys Last sportbike I had - Aprilia RSV Mille R (gone) First Airplane - Glasair (gone) Bonanza & BMW S7 & Bonanza T-6 (don't own it but spend a bunch of money flying it)
  4. Firstly the -38 is shit at pulling G's. You can get some G out of it but you still don't turn worth a crap. I stayed into motorcycle racing through my first 10 years as a fighter pilot. Have lost interest in the last 7 or 8 years because of the time requirements and I just enjoyed it less than I used to. Plus I picked up a more expensive hobby - airplanes. One thing I will say about fast rides though: once you start flying fast jets you care more about keeping your security clearance (not a butt-load of tickets) than you do about going fast.
  5. AFAIK, once you start on AD, you are on AD. Highly doubtful that they will let you off your ADSC (for TFOTS) to join the ARC side.
  6. Interview invites went out two weeks ago for Nola Eagles. Interviews are Saturday; good luck to the 6 we are interviewing.
  7. As the pilot force shifts from mostly full time to mostly part time it's just going to get worse unless they fix these types of things. I couldn't agree with you more; how do you stay motivated when it's a hassle to get paid - and what you are getting paid is less than you can make at your other job which is easier and the pay system works? Only the government could conceive something so FUBAR. What specifically is the issue with UTA's? We haven't had issues with them, so I may not have known to ask about it.
  8. Me and a couple of the other Eagle squadron commanders went up to NGB back in May. This was one of the topics we talked about. Let me be upfront: I'm not saying it's good/right/excused/etc - just stating the facts here. The DFAS system is being overhauled, rollout scheduled for FY21. They aren't putting any additional money into the current one for modifications or updates. The current DFAS system has the AFTP limits hard coded into it, the new one will be able to adapt to changes in AFI's. (allegedly) We talked to the people who wrote the changes and asked why the changes were the way they are, this is what they told us. I guess you can say at least there is a reason other than someone just crossing their arms, stomping their feet and saying "NO! NO! NO!". (which is how I picture most things going down (STS) when we ask the staff to fix things for the field)
  9. "preciate that Duck. I'm glad I got the opportunity. Bittersweet to have it in the rear view.
  10. Jaysus... sick douche bag. **break break** I'm grateful to say that I got through my sq/cc tour without a link being posted in this thread about me getting fired. Today was my last day as the CC. It was great and terrible all at the same time & glad it's over/wish it would keep going all at once. Time for a cocktail.
  11. We got the waiver for fighters. No ADSB although we did get Stratus and EFB's now so we can use that if needed for SA on traffic and WX. (obviously that doesn't make us in compliance, thus the waiver)
  12. Only for 4 more days. 😄 (Deputy OG next... booo!)
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