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  1. ViperStud

    Finance Problems

    We used to go TDY from Lunke to Mesa for sims. At the time the official line was that anything outside 50 miles was outside the local area so this process was standard.
  2. ViperStud

    Finance Problems

    After all these years, I've found new issues with finance - currently engaged two circle with losing cues. Anyone have experience getting the following reimbursed: Citi Cash Advance Fees, ATM fees and a Visa overstay fine? Big picture: TDY OCONUS to a country where cash payments were the only acceptable form of payment for lodging and driver. No one has a problem accepting that; the issue is with getting the associated expenses reimbursed. City CA fees: found a pamphlet (not JTR) that mentions they're not reimbursable. Nothing in the JTR that finance or I could find. Their default position - no reimbursement, regardless of the fact that payments could only be made in cash. ATM fees: there's a blurb in the JTR stating they have to be approved by the "Secretarial Process" by O-6 or greater ahead of time. My OG approved them. Finance chief says the "Secretarial Process" means routing approval to SECAF for my ATM fees, but says she doesn't have that in writing anywhere. YGBFSM. Visa overstay: issued a 30-day tourist visa in my official passport upon arrival and overstayed it a few days. Embassy gave me a MFR asking immigration to waive the overstay fee. They won't (standard slightly-underdeveloped country cash grab) and there is no reference of anything like this in the JTR. Their default position - no reimbursement. Pile-on: CPTS wants to use a website called OANDA for daily conversion rates. I kept meticulous notes of the overall cash I withdrew against the GOVCC and have an overall conversion rate that I realized. Using OANDA instead of the real conversion rate nickel and dimes me on every transaction. When pressed, they said there is no guidance to use OANDA anywhere but it's what their training courses used so it has stuck. That's a best practice, not guidance. This is the smallest of problems (monetarily) with this voucher but I want to fight back out of priciple. Anyone have experience with the expenses above?
  3. ViperStud

    Join Spouse for UPT Studs

    Star Fox, we could give you much more sound advice if we know what we’re dealing with here...
  4. ViperStud

    Join Spouse for UPT Studs

    This story is about 5 years old. First and foremost, AF doesn’t give AF about soon-to-be anything. You’re either married or not. Couple went through UPT at the same base with her about two months ahead. Both went -38s but she excelled and he did not. Flight CCs had some heart-to-heart discussions with them about being realistic; ie, he wasn’t going to get a fighter. When it came to decision time, they made two moves. First, she put Vipers number one and got one. Second, they pulled the trigger and got married. I don’t know how many times I heard him say “we’re hoping I finish up well and the AF does the right thing.” That rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. He ended up getting what he earned, which was not a fighter. Two years later the divorce was already final. Lessons learned: they were not on the same page. There are realistic aircraft assignments that make it easier, but typically not the most sought-after ones. Really love each other? Have her go to Toners and put KC-135s as number one. That’s true love. If you want fighters: Unless you can both perform well enough to be top third of T-38 track, you are ball-walking. Vipers would be best bet out of sheer numbers, but you’d both better kick ass. With her being 6 months out in front, you’ll realistically have no idea about your own performance before she needs to make decisions (track night, dream sheet). Have her fall off her scooter, break an ankle and roll back a few classes. That’ll increase your ability to make informed decisions. Edited to answer your questions bluntly. What happens to you is a function of (A) your performance and (B) how realistic you two are. I don’t doubt there were rare CCs who bent over backwards, but UPT is the most merit-based system we have. You will not be gifted an assignment if you don’t earn it. Yes, if she gets a rare assignment that hurts your chances. Bases do trade aircraft between them when drops go down, but it’s based on merit. You have more control of your destiny if you target assignments that aren’t as sought after: think FAIP and tankers at the top of that list. You guys need to think about what is top priority: relationship or chasing the dream of a specific aircraft. Having both is low PK.
  5. ViperStud

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You’re on point. I rolled my ankle playing hoops at ASBC eons ago. I asked my flight CC if I could skip one or two of their retarded “kill the bunny” exercises and just do everything else because my ankle was black/blue and hurt like hell. It was a bad sprain. After “consulting” with the SQ/CC they thought it best that I just go home and come back again later if I couldn’t do EVERYTHING. I told the captain that he and the CC were clueless (which he didn’t appreciate from a Lt, if you can imagine that), sucked it up and stayed. AF leadership hasn’t changed much in 16 years. Sad.
  6. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    I’ve never been to a naming where neither the CC nor DO were present. If both are unavailable, it gets rescheduled. There’s a reason for that...and it’s what we are talking about right now. Fail
  7. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Pawnman, stop fellating me bro. Bashi might get turned on and not know how to handle it. /s
  8. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Thanks for the advice. I’m obviously not in the 87th but got the story from someone at XL. Some good dudes got caught up in this, no doubt. Here’s the thing Bashi - sometimes good people fvck up. When that happens, sometimes those good people get canned. Good CCs know how to find the sweet spot between letting people burn the place down and micromanaging the shit out of them. Sounds like someone couldn’t find that sweet spot. Might be a great dude, but by definition not a great CC. Don’t let one of those cloud your judgment of the other. Before you respond that I don’t know all the details - you’re right. I’m not there day-to-day. The details I do know, though, warrant someone getting canned. It’s too bad there was so much collateral damage.
  9. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    CC or DO is at the naming specifically to prevent some retard fighter FTU washout from naming a chick after her nether region (ESPECIALLY in front of some GO). Pawn man is spot on. Ive been to several roll calls where the boss has told us to rein it in; typically it was warranted. The worst part is, right or wrong, namings will now be verboten in UPT and maybe even other phases of training - all because some dumbass crossed a line and his CC failed to put him in his place.
  10. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    I stand corrected. Holy shit I can’t imagine the dearth of SA that leads to that. Dumbass must feel great; literally contributed to 3 dudes getting fired. This is precisely why I told my boss a while back that I refuse to act as mayor ever again. Like a fvckin SOF tour.
  11. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Went down with the ship. Pure speculation, but maybe the bobs got wind of the incident and knew the two 0-6s didn’t shitcan someone over it. That’s the AF these days. Youre not in the “too big to fail” club til you pin on a star.
  12. ViperStud

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Rumor is the last straw was a naming where a female student was named an abbreviation. Think of the worst possible word to call a female and that’s what it was. See you next... If true, I doubt it was the -38 sq. Any fighter pilot who has actually been to a naming before wouldn’t fvck it up that bad. My money is on the toners. Anyone know? CC should have stepped in an nixed it. Just so much stupid all around...again, if true.
  13. ViperStud

    The Next President is...

    Ginsberg is holding on for all she’s worth; no way she retires willingly until the next Dem administration. I chuckle when people whined about the politicization of the court over the past two months. YGBSM. You think it was a coincidence that Souter & Stevens retired under Obama? Did Rehnquist and O’Connor coincidentally retire under W? All this drama with the court shifting barely right (trading conservative swing vote for more conservative justice); imagine what happens if Trump names RBg’s successor. The whining will be unbearable.
  14. ViperStud

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. The BMGR, Sells MOA and airspace north of Tucson is already saturated. Fat Amy squadrons at Luke block off two-hour periods (vice the 50-min standard the Viper used to use) of larger Chunks of airspace, and Luke is only getting more jets. Tucson and DM are supposed to be gaining jets in the next 6-9 years. When we call up the daily airspace schedule it’s typically booked solid, and we takeoff NLT 0800. Large pieces of airspace and available airspace are two different things.