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  1. Haha, busted! I did spend about an hour this morning refusing to get out of bed, granted most of that time was checking out CFB scores. Serious question - is 1000 AM by the pool too early for a third Mai Tai?
  2. Not so sure 7-day is an option. Bashi mentioned the 3-yr would go 6 months past UPT commitment, meaning there are about 2.5 left after PIT to serve out the PCS time. If I could go back in time, knowing I would get out after the assignment, I would refuse to sign the paperwork. That's what you should do. Be respectful to your CCs when they ask why and simply state that you're not bowing to AFPC when they have consistently interpreted the AFI differently and you have one clause in black-and-white to support your case. You'll be in an interesting gray area if he AFI subsequently changes between now and PIT start date, that's why you should refuse to sign ASAP and get some email traffic going to document it. As a data point, we had a dude who showed up at my ANG unit a year or so ago as an AD guy. Turns out he got an assignment he didn't like and told the OG he was separating to join our unit. The OG responded by asking - what if he could get him the same assignment on AD? He said yes and the assignment changed to an AD billet with us. The porch is very much negotiating with terrorists at this point, regardless of what they actually say. You give up any and all leverage the second you sign that ADSC paperwork.
  3. BC, how are you leaning WRT getting out vs staying in? If you're getting out at the end of your commitment, just refuse to sign and incur the ADSC. They either send you anyway or cancel the assignment - likely keeping you ar your current duty station. Youre right that it's BS. I separated years ago, but I was one who signed the paperwork then went back after the fact to nix the additional ADSC with a simple email. I guess the right pounder got my request. Several of us did the same.
  4. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    CK didn't become persona non grata when he took a knee; he did it when he wore socks depicting cops as pigs and a shirt idolizing Castro - even a high school education should have prevented him from that level of hypocrisy. Even at that: plenty of asshat players have still found employment when they can play serious ball: TO, Pacman Jones and Vick were a few. What sealed the deal with CK was when it became obvious that his only good season in SF was a result of a strong Harbaugh team hitting on all cylinders. He sucks, plain and simple. Maybe, if he weren't such an asshole, he could get hired as a backup. So could Johnny Football. It's not about race; it's about how much benefit you offer and at how much cost (both monetary and in terms of associated drama). His risk/reward just doesn't make sense to any team right now. That's what you get for being an a$$hole.
  5. Poor choice of words for a well-aligned INS. Standing by for NSFW pics to illustrate my point.
  6. Ok, I'll be the dick and ask the question. I get the job that WSOs do in the Mudhen and Buff, but why the outcry for the rest of them? I know a C-130 nav who openly admits that a tight platform makes their primary job irrelevant. Is there demand for 12X outside the AF? Is this bonus anger about "fairness" or supply/demand?
  7. The issue isn't wanting to be a leader, its dudes bending over backwards to check boxes and play the game when they should be studying and becoming lethal in their airframe as Capts. I've seen FAIPs/wingmen burning midnight oil to finish their AAD and people climb all over each other to be the Asian Pacific Islander month POC, no shit. We want leaders. We don't want tools who just play the game. The best solution: change the game.
  8. With two months to go, aren't we technically closer to the release than we are the end of the sign-up window? Sad state of affairs when you're dealing with a "crisis" and only have the bonus sign-up window open ~1/3 of the FY.
  9. I understand, and that was a big factor in my decision to get out. I'm now anchored with the immediate family and in-laws within a 2.5 hour radius. I'm not defending AD per se, but a contract is a fvcking contract and I knew the possibilities ahead...so I said no.
  10. No way the bros at Kadena hear about this guy. Good move, dude - you just made proving yourself an order of magnitude harder.
  11. I don't have personal experience but I've seen this play out 2 times with AD dudes and more with Guard dudes. For the AD guys, in both cases the bonus commitment was a no-shit ADSC. Both got hit with deployments in their last 18 months, one a 179 and the other a 365. Both had a bonus commitment that took them ~1 year past 20 and tried to retire at 20. The few guard dudes I know curtailed their AGR tours and paid back the bonus. Not to lecture, but we all knew the risks when we signed/passed on the AD bonus. What did you think was gonna happen? A long track record of AD bending people over and all of a sudden they change their act? Go Guard.
  12. Didn't see a "TDY" topic, so this is probably the best fit. Is anyone familiar with the JTR reference that allows for a RON midway through a travel leg when that leg exceeds XX hours? Basically, my RTB return is like a 30+ hour leg and several who have gone before me swear there's a reference (I can't find it) that if travel duration exceeds XX hours, then you are authorized an RON in one of your stops along the way. Many don't use the option and just deal with the disaster 3-4 leg travel day to get home to mom and the kids. I'm more of the belief that you shouldn't pass up a free night in London, etc.
  13. "We're not training commercial pilots."

    I wouldn't consider living down the street from you as any kind of good deal. Most people plan to avoid such things. :)
  14. I'll play devil's advocate - what should they do, send the MAF dudes to a Viper and the inexperienced dudes to the 35? That buys two TX courses instead of one. AFPC is in flail mode. There simply aren't enough Capt/Maj IP types to fill up the aggressors AND CAF squadrons (still need ADOs there), because assholes like me keep getting out. So, they are making lemonade out lemons. I don't disagree with anything you're saying necessarily, it's just that the problem doesn't have an easy solution.
  15. "We're not training commercial pilots."

    Shack. I'll admit I'm on the fence right now as I approach 15 TAFMS, but options are a good thing right? It's entertaining to watch some dudes argue so strongly one way or another when you know it's all just an attempt to pat themselves on the back for making the "right" decision.