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  1. They’re not pure kits like FFR, RCR and some others. Some Superformance cars can be bought without the drivetrain, others are sold only as complete cars. I think the GT40 is only sold complete but I did hear a rumor that the non-drivetrain option is possible. Haven’t dug deep with them because I think I’d favor a complete build. Right now I’ve got a 2-month-old; this one is gonna wait a few years.
  2. RCR and Superformance. The Superformance kits are probably a bit better but I’m not sure if they are worth the price bump. Superformance Cobras are a little nicer than my FFR Cobra, but it wasn’t enough to justify the cost difference for me. This is mine just before I finished all the trim, etc. Don’t think I have any recent ones.
  3. The 818 is the only other FFR kit that really interests me going forward, but probably not enough to pull the trigger. Their hot rod and truck kits are good, from what I've heard, but I'd rather pursue a similar real-deal restoration if I were interested in one of those. Maybe slightly more expensive, but worth it. Not a huge fan of aesthetics of the type 65 coupe, so i haven't really looked into it. My buddy built a GTM and for a while the garage at my place had both the GTM and Roadster in it. I'd only recommend a GTM if someone were going to use it primarily at the track. It's unwieldy on the road, the 3rd party support isn't too robust, some parts (like the gearbox) are a pain in the d!ck to track down and you've no shit got the harmonic balancer on the front end of the motor sitting between the driver and passenger. I'm interested in building a supercar (not too soon though since mama just pickled) and from the research I've done I'm leaning hard towards the GT40 kits. More money, no doubt, but I wasn't impressed by the GTM - kit quality, support, parts availability, driveability, etc.
  4. Factory Five cobra. Good kit for a non-pro/mechanic because there are a lot of them out there so the online forums are robust. If you go this route, you’ll get to the point where you do every bit of maintenance on your cars yourself. It’s therapeutic plus there’s a rule where you can’t turn wrenches without drinking beer. The money I save in car MX alone vs the average Joe is just stupid; it’s a racket. My next project will be a GT40. With a little know-how, you can make these things for a lot less than most people think is possible.
  5. Don’t spent LT $$ on a ride. I almost pulled the trigger on a Vette before UPT, but pussed out and kept the old beater mustang til my first ops assignment, where I added a truck. Some luck involved, but some of the more prudent spending decisions I’ve made. Several years later I built a kit roadster that I love to abuse around time with the wife and kiddo. Wait to buy (or build) the fast car until the dent it makes on your bank account isn’t something you think twice about. Also, aside from your house, only buy it if you can pay for it in cash. Car payments are for suckers. In a weird scheme to turn a profit, every car maker (short of the really high-end stuff) makes plenty of each model for consumers to buy. You may regret the impulse purchase, but you’ll always have a second chance if you DON’T make an impulse purchase.
  6. UPT is undermanned. CAF is undermanned, at least with experience. I hear ROK Viper squadrons have mostly wingmen; IPs and FLs fly daily. FTUs are undermanned, people are bailing and we’re making IPs out of people we shouldn’t - small note, the 500hr requirement to enter the Viper IPUG just got changed to 400hrs in the new Vol1. Turns out we don’t have an “experience” problem if we simply redefine what it is to be experienced. I’m 100% in concurrence that we need to nuke any and all PowerPoint/coffee-ranger taskings. I worked a pounder gig and did all the paperwork to turn it into a non-rated position with my CC’s approval - only for him to get cold feet at the end, IMHO because he was staring down a CDI and didn’t want to rock the boat. I was frustrated beyond belief. That being said, deploying is what we do as military peeps. Every person on a BS profile, protected for IDE/SDE/exec, golden boy or in an AETC safe space essentially ups the OPSTEMPO for the bros not in such a position. Think about that for a sec. Your “little corner” of the AF that’s protected from deployments? GMAFB, we’ve all had our instances of the best laid plans getting turned upside down. It’s the nature of AD - we deploy. Want real protection/stability? Punch and join the AFRES or ANG.
  7. Tricare for life is my main concern, but it’s not a binary decision. Stay in - you’ve got it Get out and end up in an AFRES or ANG AGR billet (easy to do these days) - same as being on AD: same pension, same health coverage. Another status in AFRES or ANG: tricare at age 60, other coverage (depending on your job) in the meantime. Many technicians on BCBS swear by it. All the part-timers I know love Tricare Reserve Select - it’s like tricare with a small (compared to ACA) monthly premium. Bottom line - unless you’re considering a clean cut, separating with zero ties to AFRES or ANG, you’ll likely have that Tricare in one way or another. Educate yourself on all of this. Fear of the unknown is what keeps a lot of fence-sitters on AD.
  8. Is there still a rated (albeit a pounder gig) position at Eskan? That place is cush. I was downtown or going to steak night at the embassy every other day. Hardship mid-tour TDY to Jeddah was rough.
  9. National news outlets won’t GAF unless it’s a story they can a spin into something. IG complaint is the way forward. I had a finance problem with my frau’s GS pay; DFAS, Finance and CPO were pointing fingers at each other for a year. I filed an IG complaint naming them all and it was settled in about a month. The day I filed the complaint, the CPTS “CC” called me (had been trying to get him involved for months, the Lt lied to me and told me he was already on it), hinting that I hit the nuke button too soon since he just got briefed on the situation. I told him essentially GFYS, not withdrawing the complaint. It worked. TLDR - IG complaint steps on some toes, but it gets the job done when the “system” isn’t working. I avoided the IG like the plague for the first 15 years of my career, but they are very effective. Even before I filed the complaint, having him make a few calls got right to CC level without having to fight through the minions.
  10. No disagreement from me Bashi. I’m simply saying the large reduction in actual flying is affecting all stages of the pipeline. I left Luke back in the day with almost 100 hours and no TGP qual. Now, we give them TGP, NVG, introduce more weapons (PW3, 39, 54, etc) and kick them out the door with about 69 hours. Flying has been cut everywhere and the basic airmanship at all levels of training suffers as a result? Different backgrounds of IPs are far less important than the reduction of flying. There’s no doubt 11Fs have some basics like Form and FM down as second nature, and 11Ms do not. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough 11Fs to go around. I was teaching at Luke when the BRAC & POM 10 shit went down - closing FTU squadrons all over. We joked about how 11Fs would be screwed in 6-9 years. I’ve heard our F-16 manning in the 07 year group is something like 17 peeps due to the FTU backup of ‘09-‘12, with 08 and 09 only marginally better. It’s weird what happens when you screw with pipelines and drop hardly any vipers for a few years. Who could have seen it coming? We all did, but the crap leadership didn’t care about that nearly as much as pinning on their next star. Edit to add: good on IPs for sending kids that deserve it to CRs, but that’s pointless if there’s a 99% chance of reinstatement. Even if it’s the WG/CC’s call to not wash people out, he’s still part of UPT as a whole...which is graduating a degraded product.
  11. You’re clueless. This is precisely what is NOT happening. I left white jet world 5 years ago and kids at CRs were regularly getting reinstated. Ones who should be washed out are simply given more training and the can is kicked down the road. In order to washout, they’re just not falling short of MIF. They’re falling short of safe. Above safe but below MIF - congrats, here are your wings. At follow-on training, we don’t have time to re-teach them basics like cross check and tac form. There’s simply not enough room in the syllabus. If they can multitask, employ, stay visual and be OK at form, they’ll pass. Still, the skillset we’re seeing now is below where it has been in the past. My unit is Guard - we’re not under the “graduate them” mandate of AD and we are washing kids out. The last one had no business even making it to FTU. He created dangerous situations every other flight. I reached back to some bros at IFF and they reluctantly admitted he was a problem child and there was debate on washing him out. They also admit that if they washed out everyone they would have 10 years ago, the grad rates would be abysmal due to what they’re getting. If you thing UPT is holding the line and follow-on training is where the ball is getting dropped, you live in a dream world.
  12. Still doesn’t mean everyone can teach it all equally. Plenty of 11M guys can figure it out, and there are some 11F/B shitbag IPs. Always have been. Overall though, the trend holds true. What did we do before the T-1? Gave kids about an extra hundred hours and actually washed out the shitty ones. Don’t do either anymore because...numbers. IFF isn’t the nut-cutter it used to be, either. The whole pipeline is fvcked because of poor personnel management for over a decade. These are all just symptoms of an illness.
  13. Different qualification? No. Different aptitude to teach guys going to fighters? Yes. I know, hurt feelings and all...but the feedback I got after leaving that world was overwhelmingly that the 135 and C-17 peeps just didn’t have the same skillset in tactical, LL, FM and getting kids ready for IFF. It’s not an insult, it’s a recognition of reality.
  14. This. Playing the STRD game is a thing when you’re an old Capt or young Maj. I’ve seen multiple 365s handed out to dudes over 18 years despite recent STRD rehacks.
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