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  1. HuggyU2

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    C’mon Hacker, cut me some slack! It’s all I got! BTW, if the white jet is painted black, what does that count as??
  2. HuggyU2

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    BTW, who is replacing Toth as the ACC/A3?
  3. HuggyU2

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

  4. HuggyU2

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    I know a number of people that have quit fantasy football over their disgust with the NFL. They have echoed this very thing. For the record, I have no idea how fantasy football works or really even what it is.
  5. HuggyU2

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Pipe down, Hunter Rose. You asked "why the histrionics?" And you were given an answer. Yes, in Desk Pop's case it got fixed. But it required effort on the part of those on the receiving end. Effort that creates stress on future career plans. Effort required to go to MPF, deal with MPF, and in some cases deal with AFPC. It's a pain in the ass. In the case of some people I know, they did NOT get their ADSC commitment straightened out. I also personally had to deal with this issue, though I was victorious against the Evil Empire. I've heard the excuses from AFPC and MPF when dealing with this issue in the past. Have you? If not, feel free to publish your email and phone number, and you can volunteer to un-fuck this problem for all of the BO.net people that end up in this situation. Your efforts would be appreciated.
  6. HuggyU2

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Buddy Spike, It's a very subtle inside joke which I don't believe you're in on.
  7. HuggyU2

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Because of the AF's track record in this area. I personally know of guys that went through training, and after completing training, the MPF came to them telling them they needed to sign paperwork for an ADSC that had been overlooked. The pilots declined... however, they were still given the ADSC.
  8. HuggyU2

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Kenny, I sure hope you are right. And I hope they explain as much as they can about how they determined that.
  9. HuggyU2

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Yes, it certainly would have. However, sitting back and stating that the situation turned out about as well it could is nothing more than Monday morning quarterbacking. We got lucky. We had a guy steal an aircraft, and fly around a major metropolitan area stating the end result would have him dead. Suicide... along with how many others? I'm not sure it gets more "mental health crazy" than that. And no one knew how this would turn out until he was a smoking hole at 2047L. Was anyone confident at 2015L that he wasn't going to bury this airliner into the city? I don't know who gives the order to shoot down, or if the ROE allows the pilots to make that call. And I'm not arguing it's a painful call to make. But have we not determined the triggers that will result in an engagement/shootdown 17 years after 9/11? Has this not been rehearsed time and time again? If this DID meet the triggers, then I'd like to know why a shootdown was not executed. And if this hijacking DIDN'T meet the criteria, then I'd like to hear that along with an explanation as to why. Instead, we seemed paralyzed by our fear of Jim Acosta and the news media asking questions post-shootdown. Had this guy ended his life by plowing into Seattle's Columbia Center with a pair armed Eagles watching with their hands tied, this would be a very different day in America. Again. One more thing to ponder: had this guy had an Arabic accent, and had he been transmitting "Allah akbar!" on the radio, would that have changed the outcome? Or would that simply bring more allegations of racial profiling in America by MSNBC? There is a lot that is going to have to be discussed and acted on within the Air Defense leadership corps and the gov't officials that make these decisions.
  10. HuggyU2

    Space Force

  11. HuggyU2

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    I cannot even imagine what sort of "security protocols" are going to be discussed... and some implemented... as a result of this. Stand by for knee-jerking...
  12. HuggyU2

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Pretty friction' awesome. No one wants to leave, and we have 11,000 applications on file. Is it not like that where you work?
  13. HuggyU2

    Centerline thrust restriction removal

    I'll second what Hoss stated. Sheppard Air are very helpful. The mil comp CFI written is a piece of cake with Sheppard Air's study software.
  14. HuggyU2

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Reference "Star Wars": it is set in the future. And that future has flightsuits. This shouldn't be too hard of a concept to grasp. The flightsuit will never go away. Much like the U-2. They can try all they want to kill it... but it just won't happen. Plus... chicks dig a 40 inch zipper. p.s. Don't get me started on the demise of deep v-neck T-shirts under the flight suit. Crew neck T-shirts are for guys that eat too much soy and can't grow hair on their chest.