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  1. https://abc30.com/fresno-based-fighter-pilot-killed-in-ukraine-identified/4505215/
  2. HuggyU2

    Hurricane Michael

    To a location where the Environmental Impact Study will not take 6-9 years before construction begins on the base. In any case, I vote for Reese AFB.
  3. HuggyU2

    Hurricane Michael

    There are obviously going to be unflyable jets at any location. I believe it is unreasonable to expect that a Wing can Hurrivac 100% of their jets.
  4. HuggyU2

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    A kill’s a kill.
  5. HuggyU2

    Hurricane Michael

    Bigsby! Glad to see you back.
  6. HuggyU2

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    I'd like to clarify one thing, as a former U-2 interview pilot. When someone says " can't land the jet ", it's an expression for "we don't feel you will do well in this aircraft". We base that on a lot of tangibles. I can't speak for the others but I based my decision on intangibles too. No matter how it is phrased, the interview pilots look at a lot more than "landing the jet". There are some world-class pilots out there that really don't belong in the U-2. It's an odd duck. I can teach anyone to fly the U-2 safely. But I only have so many bananas to give out, as per the syllabus. If you're coming from a pointy nose jet or C-17, you will have a lot of stick-and-rudder stuff to unlearn in 3 rides. I've hired fighter guys that flew like shit, but showed a huge learning curve. By the way, if you come to the interview and hit on our flight surgeon, expect to pack your bags and leave.
  7. HuggyU2

    Reno Air Races

    No. Also to race Reno, the aircraft cannot be "swept wing". Lots of L-39's and one L-139. I expect an L-159 will eventually get there. A few years back, the Snowbirds finished their 9-ship demo, and instead of landing, they all took off for the pylons and did a lap. It was hilarious, and they had a good time. The jet course is small enough that if a "modern" and much faster jet flies it, it will be a constant 6+ G's around the course. 1B.
  8. HuggyU2

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    If the offer was good, I'd do it. The retired officer voluntary recall thing looked good... until I crunched the numbers. Mrs Huggy would slit my throat while I sleep if I took a pay cut that significant.
  9. HuggyU2

    Reno Air Races

    Here are some pics from the flying in between the racing. Jim Bryant is a photographer that doesn't crop, doesn't use PhotoShop, and only shoots in one-shot mode. He does very nice work, as you can see.
  10. HuggyU2

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    I’d say it is a long shot. But I am certainly not in the know. I didn’t know this was seriously being considered until I saw the article posted here. When it was considered while I was in the U-2, I was very much against it. However I’m sure there are a lot of good reasons... and realities...that are driving this. That said, I hope that they are considering contract U-2 pilots if they want a pool of highly qualified pilots that are motivated to do the job.
  11. HuggyU2

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Not sure what you mean. He was a C-130 Reservist and remained a Reservist. However, it was a very unusual and isolated case. Many proposals have been generated about part time U-2 Pilots. Foolishly, none have taken hold. Maybe things are changing.
  12. HuggyU2

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    It's already been done.
  13. HuggyU2

    Reno Air Races

    Not even close. 410-440 knots is more like the Unlimited Gold speeds in years past. This year, it wasn't even close to those speeds since the fastest Unlimiteds didn't show up.
  14. Step 7: you now have the money to get serious about other forms of recreational aviation. Go to Oshkosh... go to the Reno Races and roam through the pits... find the passion for cool aviation that has waned. Go find something fun to do at your local airport.