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  1. At PCola, it is long enough that off-base law enforcement can get to the scene and kill the shooter before the on-base military folks can. WTF?! I've been to the range with military cops and contractor-cops. Not pretty.
  2. Agree with the family... https://www.foxnews.com/media/family-josh-watson-pensacola-florida-attack-navy-hero-second-amendment
  3. Agree 100%. This stupidity has got to change. The fact that military bases are soft targets is criminal.
  4. He is a personal friend of mine. Please leave the bad jokes as the sole property of the author of the article.
  5. Another great Thanksgiving last week: not a single person asked for the TV to be put on to watch football. Good riddance to the NFL, at least in my tiny abode.
  6. You are correct. I should have stated "privately owned". It's hard to get accurate info for some reason, but it appears that El Salvador may be the only military operator left flying them, although wikipedia says there are quite a few in S.A. still flying as of 3 years ago. We had a former Salvadoran pilot show up at the jet too. Sounds like he had some good stories, but we didn't get any details.
  7. It looks like no one here went to Nellis Airshow. However we got to bring in our A-37B (S/N 87921) after a 20 year restoration. It was the first public display of the aircraft, and it was a big hit. 1st photo is from the Nellis ramp this weekend. Two Vietnamese AF pilots that flew it stopped by and said hi... very interesting since the jet was delivered in '69 directly to the South Vietnamese AF. They flew it for 6 years and about 2200 hours of combat time. It has the 7.62 patches as a reminder. When Saigon fell 29 April 1975, it was captured by the North. We have pics of the NV crews with the jet 2-4 days after Saigon fell, and it actually flew combat missions against the South. The 2nd photo is of 87921 in NV hands. This is the only A-37B currently flying in North America. I think it is one of only 3 flying in the world. We are discussing having me fly an aerobatic routine in 2020 with it. However it will only be at a few select airshows on the West Coast. With full wing and tip tanks and 2 pilots, it weighs 9,000 lbs. The J-85's are putting out ~2750 lbs thrust each. Needless to say, for those of you that flew the T-37, there is no comparison. The acceleration is spectacular. The owner has done a fantastic job, and the cockpit is like new. The only additions are an Aspen unit and a new ADS-B and transponder. The ejection seats are cold. Side note: the Combined Arms Demo that the 57th Wing flew was unbelievable. ACC must have waived everything they've had in the AFI because for once I was blown away by an AF "display". The jets were puking flares like it was going out of style. Loud, fast, low. Nice job to Maj "Stranger" Davenport and the Nellis folks for a jaw-dropping display.
  8. Who is going?
  9. I don’t see any spoilers coming up at touchdown.
  10. I need advice since my deployment to Afghanistan was 2011/2012. I recall that our squadron had more cookies, candy, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc... than we could shake a stick at. I also recall the military telling people that airlift and sealift was at a premium and their stuff was on a space available basis. My questions: - with the reduced presence now, are Care Packages still desired? Or are they still the unneeded/unnecessary pain in the ass that they were when I was there? - what do you advise people to send in a Care Package? I ask because people at church are going to send Care Packages. And if they are, I at least want to guide them with some suggestions from those of you that are/were downrange and that can help me advise what stuff to send that won't be a waste of space. Save the porn and lube jokes. Help me to help these folks that want to help you. Thanks.
  11. Ghost of James Post? Hahaha!! I'm guessing there's a good story why you picked that.
  12. They have RedHawks?? Diesel-powered C-172s? That’s surprising.
  13. HuggyU2


    Well stated, M2.
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