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  1. Total military time is about 7,300 hours. 4,100 sorties.
  2. When the idea was discussed about doing this interview, I wasn't sure I would do it. However, Hacker spoke very highly of Steve and assured me it would be great. He was right. Working with Steve was a pleasure and he's a class act. I'll admit he got me talking about some stuff I hadn't thought about in a long time. We did the interviews some time ago, but I believe Steve plans to add on to the interview with some additional talks that we are doing now. bfargin, you were very close. UPT Class 86-05, started 4 June 1985. Thank you for creating a well done final product, Steve. (And especially for your editing work!! You know what I mean!! Haha!!)
  3. That’s cool! I got a ride in one in Uvalde Texas a few years ago. Just beautiful!
  4. It's been a big eye-opener to see the lack of proficiency (mainly due to having never trained to it) of many commercial pilots when it comes to unusual attitudes.
  5. The former 9 RW/CC was brilliant, and a man of impeccable style and taste. Nothing "questionable" about his decisions.
  6. I can't tell you how many times pilots have told me "I didn't apply to the U-2 because I didn't fly the T-38 in UPT". Note: flying the T-38 in UPT is not a pre-req for the U-2. Off the top of my head, I'd say at least half of the U-2 community went T-1's. Read the application requirements.
  7. There's another thread on Kaepernick elsewhere. In any case, Brickhistory, I hope you had a great 4th.
  8. Thanks for posting that. I found that article in 2011 when I was over there. I couldn't recall the title and hadn't been able to find it since. Well worth the read.
  9. What do you know or suspect that is driving this statement? Just an overall observation on UPT training? Do you also mean to include FTU syllabus training?
  10. Sooch (former U-2 squadron commander) flies again: https://www.space.com/virigin-galactic-spaceshiptwo-2nd-glide-flight-spaceport-america.html
  11. The two pilots that were selected for the FACT were excellent choices. We all hope they continue to excel. I've got quite a few thoughts on the pros and cons of the FACT assignment in general, but it would be inappropriate for me to do so on this forum.
  12. I don't know, but it would seem unlikely. The FACT program has been a test program and only two pilots were brought in through it. It will be while longer before they are ready to interview. As I understand it, once they have gone through the entire process, the Wing will look at whether or not to continue the FACT program.
  13. 9RW/CC Change of Command today. Two back-to-back U-2 pilots as the Wing Commander??!! Am I taking crazy pills?? Col Clark arrived in 2018... the first U-2 pilot to command the Wing since 1985. He got a LOT done. Great job, Andy. And now Col Fox is the Commander. Top-shelf choice. No doubt, the tradition of excellence will continue. Congrats to Hf on taking command. Thinking of applying to the U-2? They hired someone yesterday. Not for everyone... but how about you?
  14. I just closed a VA IRRRL refi last week: I was at 3.5%, and dropped to 2.75% with a .25 point cost. No brainer. The agent I used is the wife of a former military pilot. PM me if you need the contact info, but you should be able to find that rate elsewhere (but not at USAA).
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