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  1. Fake news. I’ve seen this since 1995. Yawn 🥱
  2. No, Karl, you're wrong. To address your point, I do not know the IATA codes for most airlines. Yet I am someone who could potentially provide him the feedback he desires as I am friends with very senior people at two of those airlines, including a pilot who is single-digit seniority at one of them and another who is involved with hiring. The OP can accept my critique or not. It was offered as feedback to help, not to make him feel good. And whether he accepts my critique or not is of no consequence to you.
  3. I understand, however realize that many military pilots here go direct to one of the big 6, and don’t grow up in 121 regionals. I had to look up two of the airlines you abbreviated, and yet I was hired by United long ago. Want help? Know your audience.
  4. F9, B6, and NK. Most here don’t know what that means, so I recommend you spell it out. This isn’t APC, and a few extra key strokes might make a difference.
  5. There are a multitude of problems with the entire evolution. A couple of the very minor ones are: - it wasn't an airshow. - it wasn't waivered airspace.
  6. I had not given that much thought, but you are probably correct. Good point.
  7. As with many things "airline", beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  8. The only related fact I've seen is the that status of the crew has not been officially reported. We shall see what the morning news cycle has to say.
  9. The TBM is a nice plane. But for $4M, I just don't get why so many owners don't go with a twin-turbine.
  10. If it is necessary to get to a military retirement... especially one where you don’t have to wait until 60 years old to collect... I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. I find my retirement to be very valuable
  11. One could argue UAL is an unknown due to Scott Kirby. The guy is brilliant. He understands the competition... and my understanding is that he probably has a bit of drive to crush AA for personal reasons. He also knows a lot of their secrets. If he doesn't get sideways with the unions, there is a lot of potential with him. A lot. Many think he's the smartest leader in the industry.
  12. It's an anonymous forum. At least for you. What wing is this?
  13. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I have a request... I would like a copy of an ejection seat briefing guide that is given to pax. I don't mean the classroom briefing guide that the pilot briefs before the flight, but more what an egress instructor gives a pax during their seat training before the flight.... discussing seat position, canopy jettison, post ejection, etc... Obviously I don't need specifics to a particular kind of jet. I would just like the overall items so that I don't forget to include anything on the one I'm writing, which will be specific to the aircraft I'm working with. Hard copy, electronic... if it isn't that many pages, you can just photograph them and text them to me. PM me and I'll give you my contact info. Appreciate it.
  14. 12 hours at United as of last year.
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