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  1. It was circa 1983-1984 at Kadena. I remember my T-38 IP talking about it when I was student in 1986. Speedy Martin (later 4-star General) was supposedly the DO or CC, however there is an inconsistency with that since I think it happened in the 12th TFS and he was in the 67th TFS. Drop Speedy a note and ask: https://www.thefourstargroup.com/bios/team.html
  2. I get it. I find it "uninteresting" too. But the mainstream media covers this stuff. They eat it up. And not just in California. The SWA woman Captain on the jet that had the engine blow up 18 months ago will be a poster child for this. Book just came out. I'm sure there will be a movie. Had it been me in the left seat, different story. I could list plenty of examples, but this thread is worn out.
  3. Same reason that people hold the Tuskegee Airmen in high regard. They "broke down barriers". But your question is a good one. There will be many different answers. Personally, I don't feel those barriers exist like they used to. The Tuskegees have my profound respect because of what they sacrificed to serve this county... and they did so honorably. In my opinion, the first woman in the F-35 is not particularly "newsworthy", whereas the first women to get wings out of UPT was. Many years ago, a card-carrying member of the Cherokee Nation flew a U-2. Two shits were not given by anyone. If you ask him today, that "factoid" wasn't even on his mind when he solo'd... in fact, he didn't realize it for about 20 years. To this day, it is simply a piece of trivia to him. Why? He didn't have barriers in front of him as a result of his DNA. A quotable quote.
  4. Mike Green. The USAF Historian. The 99's. The media. Many more. Additionally... this event was 31 years ago. And that was only 12 years after the USAF began to let women into UPT. And it wasn't until 1990 that the first woman U-2 pilot got qualified. It wasn't commonplace to see women piloting aircraft then. My UPT class (86-05 at DLF) started with 63 students. One was a women. 2006 was the first season a women (FiFi) got on the T-Birds. The Blues still haven't hired a woman for the delta. When they do, expect a HUGE interest across the spectrum. I get your point that the current PC world is way over-the-top nowadays. But do a search for "First woman fighter pilot" and you'll get a lot of info on Gen Leavitt; the first woman F-35 pilot; and much more. A lot of articles get written. A lot of people care about this. As for the C-5 all-woman event: put it in to the context of 1988. It was a different world.
  5. HuggyU2

    F1 Thread

    Why don't y'all start an F-1 thread?
  6. NTSB Preliminary report is out: https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20191002X11326&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=MA&fbclid=IwAR2n3Fk-HkfU6T_b7gWwoQEH68r_ggWP1yAaOme9EJXVyG8jZHQU0V9Glek Generates conclusions no one wants to admit to thinking. Ugly.
  7. HuggyU2

    UFO thread

    I personally have seen something I cannot explain. And there are others I know that have seen even stranger things. There are some really interesting stories out there.
  8. Which company provides the best quality custom helmet bags and visor covers? The bag I have has great embroidery, but the bag's nylon and zipper won't last. Also, my visor cover needs replacing.
  9. I looked at a satellite image of PSAB (aka Al's Garage) and it looked like a lot of infrastructure had disappeared since I was there in 2003 for WW-G2.
  10. Muscle, can you explain this statement? I don't think I'm understanding what you're trying to say, since it is counter to everything I’ve ever seen or experienced. .
  11. I have a humorous request... A few years back (I think it was March 2012), Stuck was part of the crew that flew a B-52 to the El Centro Airshow in Southern California. Coincidently, I was the airshow announcer, and we had a great time at the Club both nights. If any of you were on that crew or know the guys that were, could you have them contact me? Long shot, I know. Or... if you happen to currently be in Stuck's old Barksdale B-52 squadron, that might work too. Drop me a note and I'll explain.
  12. I suppose this shouldn't surprise me. I just found about about a Flight Safety instructor that had some clients ask "where the safe space in the building is?".
  13. I'm not a test pilot. However, I have a fair amount of experience in a multitude of military powered-aircraft and can't think of one I've flown where this is the case. I've got about 6 sorties in the F-16, including a front seat flight where we did SFO's. Although it has been 10 years... and everything is done primarily in AoA... I recall that approach speeds were ~150 KIAS and L/Dmax is 200 KIAS... which puts it in the same category as the Hornet / Super Hornet you mention above. Again, I'm sure I'm missing something. Can you give some examples of military powered-airplanes where approach speed is above L/Dmax?
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