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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    What is "ALP", please?
  2. Contractor UPT

    I hear there is a lot of open airspace, and a big runway near Lubbock, Texas...
  3. "Center the Bug"

    Take a prozac, Prozac.
  4. "Center the Bug"

    "When it matters". That's the key. I center it when it is a good thing. But seldom on a 5+ hour TransCon do I find it is necessary to be centered for 5+ hours.
  5. The gondola incident was terrible. Interestingly, though, one of the navigators was selected as Blue Angel #8 (Events Coordinator) a few years later, and is an active duty Marine O-6 today.
  6. "Center the Bug"

    ThreeHoler (and others elsewhere) mentioned this. Like them, I believe I'd like the jet to start a big turn should it revert to Heading unannounced. The alternative of tooling along in a straight line, and maybe not realizing what happened seems like a worse scenario. But I've been doing this for only 18 months, am figuring out LNAV, and can barely spell VNAV... so what do I know? But I do see your point Hoss... and there's probably no right answer. Thanks for the comments. BTW, Hacker, I got that from a 320 guy, but I have no idea how the Airbus works.
  7. The new airline thread

    Piss off, junior, and get off of my lawn. Ram... get me an Ensure now!
  8. "Center the Bug"

    I brought this topic up elsewhere with military pilots I know, and it turned into a pretty good thread. A number of them are airline Captains and provided great perspective. I doubt I'll see anything new here... but since it was quite a fun and lively discussion, I'll ask. "Center the bug"... it's what airline pilots do, right? When you roll out of the turn in LNAV, you put the heading bug at 12 o'clock. "A married bug is a happy bug." "Heading to follow..." In 28 years as a military pilot, I seldom cared where the heading bug was if I was navigating on something other than a heading. In the U-2, I bugged my flameout heading. On final approach, I could bug the go-around heading... but I'm mildly confident I can fly runway heading without a heading bug. Call me crazy. But now... I'm an airline pilot... and in training, I was constantly being reminded to "center the bug" while in LNAV. So... I put on my "I believe" hat, and centered it. Now that I'm on the line, I find it has no useful purpose for me, so I don't do it anymore. The big difference is that recently, the Captain I'm flying with scolded me for being an "outlier" who needs to conform with the rest of the pilot community. He was pretty annoyed. He couldn't tell me why he does it, but he came just shy of insisting that I do it. I've flown with other Captains that, on my leg, will constantly adjust the bug 2-3 degrees as the heading changes over the course of the flight. Dude, knock it off! If I wanted the heading bug centered, I'd do it. And having YOU mess with my bug on my leg is non-SOP at my airline. Don't like that I'm not doing it? Then tell me you want it done. You're the Captain, and I'll comply! So... what's the big deal? Is there a reason y'all "center the bug"? Will it save me from an FAA violation, or even death?? It certainly isn't "procedure"... but sure seems to be a big deal where I work. I've learned from others that the Airbus doesn't display a bug in LNAV, and neither does the MD-11. I'm also aware that I have to center the bug before I mash down on the 737 HDG button... which will add 2-3 seconds to when the jet begins to turn. Got it. I'm looking for a more earth-shattering reason than this sort of thinking.
  9. Panetta to Lift Ban on Women in Combat

    Can't get enough ladies to pass the test? Make it optional. And do it quietly, so the political correctness doesn't show. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/02/11/marine-corps-quietly-drops-major-obstacle-female-infantry-officers.html Oorah.
  10. Su-25 Down in Syria

    Interesting. Nice find, Steve. In the AF, people freak out that we might actually carry a gun inflight. I cannot imagine how the armory would react if we got issued grenades. Oh... and that airplane is taxiing much too close to the blast barriers with no wing-walker.
  11. The new airline thread

    Meaning you will drive to work? Or you will need to fly to work?
  12. ... at least according to this individual. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/28/california-teacher-slams-military-members-as-lowest-low-in-classroom-rant-caught-on-video.html According to the El Rancho HS website, he can be reached at work at 562.801.7500... then dial 0... then dial his extension of 57003. I'm guessing he had a lot of calls today, since his voicemail is full and not accepting any more. I'll try again tomorrow.
  13. Why are they giving you a medical retirement for a hip replacement? I had a hip replacement 10 years ago, and was back on flying status in 4 months. Is there more to the story?
  14. Too Much Effort For $15 Lost Bag Tag, but...

    Ritz-Carlton? If Hacker’s company puts pilots there, I’m impressed.
  15. Like Button

    It used to be that when I read a post and would see that someone had "Liked" it, I could click on the Like emblem and the person's that gave the rating would show up. Now, it does not do that (hasn't for sometime, actually). Glitch? Or planned change?