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  1. I seem to recall the Navy's flight boots had steel toes... but the AF didn't allow steel toes in theirs. Am I remembering that right?
  2. I hate Guard and Reserve guys. All of them. Even my friends. I hate them. Day 1 of UPT, we were in the Laughlin auditorium, sitting there to get our foot prints taken in our Blues, and each of us asking the other what we wanted to fly. "I want to fly the F-15"... I want to fly the KC-10"... ... ... ... The one Reservist in our class: "I'm going to fly the F-4". Us: "What do you mean you're 'going to fly the F-4' "? Him: "I'm a Reservist". Us: "So? What does that mean?" (note: this was before the internet, where you could find out all about the Reserves without lifting a finger) Him: My unit is at Wright-Patt. We have F-4's there, and that's what I'll fly." Us: "Wait... what?... Hey!! You KNOW what you're going to fly already?? Maj XX, can I transfer to this Reserve thing, sir??!!!!" You guys all suck... and we hate you.
  3. https://ktxs.com/news/local/wanted-dyess-airman-captured
  4. Years ago, David Clark changed the design of the torso harness (i.e. parachute harness), to make it a touch lighter. The weight was irrelevant, but they removed all of the padding that made sitting in the suit so comfortable. The first time I wore my "new" harness was opening night of OIF on an 11+ hour sortie. I was more uncomfortable after 3-4 hours in the new harness than I would have been after 12 in the old one. Another dumb idea made without consulting the end user.
  5. What’s the reason for starting this thread? I get the impression there is something “personal” about your dislike of SK.
  6. What does the brain trust know about excellent black flight boots? USAF Approved preferably but not required.
  7. They said the space suits were redesigned to look fashionable, but I am not a fan. Plus... everyone knows Star Wars predicted the return of the orange flightsuit / spacesuit.
  8. If you were to make masks "mandatory" for airline travel, what would your criteria be? - Medical research shows that if they are not tight fitting, the efficacy diminishes. How do you measure/determine if they fit well enough? - Can people hang their nose over the mask? - I'm on a 17 hour flight to Singapore: do I get breaks when I can remove it? How long? Do I only do it when in the lavatory? - We give accommodations to people that need support animals because of various emotional issues such as PTSD. What about those that have claustrophobia and find a mask to simply be impossible to don? What accommodations will we make for them? - What materials are acceptable? One research study I read stated that 600 count cotton along with two sheets of chiffon (made from polyester or spandex) was one of the most effective combinations. However, I've seen some pretty shaky homemade masks that don't appear go do much of anything. Who decides what is allowed and what isn't? Is the person deciding trained to know the difference?
  9. An excellent resource for any military pilot, and it's been well known (and used) for decades. And it's free. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/media/00-80t-80.pdf
  10. What percentage of them are going to flying jobs that they want to do?
  11. Prozac, Wearing pants is like masks? I guess we are not going to agree on this. Also keep in mind that any federal oversight will have to be enforced by... you guessed it... the Flight Attendants. Like they don't have enough crap to deal with.
  12. Bobsan, I saw that plane on Barnstormers and it looks like a really nice plane for a screamin' deal. Congratulations on joining the "owners ranks". Nice picture over the AF Museum. 👍
  13. How do you (and would you?) mandate mask usage on a 5 hours transcon? How about a 15 hour flight to Sydney? Can you remove the mask for 15 minutes so you can eat? What about the beverage service? Can people hang their nose over the mask? What kind of material does the mask have to be, or what thickness? I skeptical that there is a common sense way to implement this, and I admit am against the idea of yet another Federal rule imposed on the masses... one that I believe is as ineffective as the TSA.
  14. Should definitely look at putting a stop to night landings on training sorties. Too much risk.
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