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  1. HuggyU2

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

  2. HuggyU2

    The new airline thread

    In my case, I simply jumpseat and that is very reliable. Therefore I never buy a ticket. However, I do not send my family members Non-Rev (e.g. "Space A"). The company offers discounted positive-space tickets and I buy my family those. I/We are almost never "flexible" on travel plans. And I would rather pay than have them suffer through the pain of flying Non-Rev. Some people aren't bothered by Non-Rev... and they will get to travel for really cheap. Me... I hate Non-Rev and won't generally use it for my family.
  3. HuggyU2

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Where do aircrew wings go on the OCP? Sewn or Velcro?
  4. HuggyU2

    Nametags, briefing sticks, etc...

    Wow. Thanks for the quick replies. I'll look at these previously unknown options. Much appreciated.
  5. What's the latest gouge on who to go with for nametags and custom patches? Old threads mention ProgSpec, AviatorGear, eSnacko, etc... but the info is dated. I am also aware of Nametages4U. I'm also looking for aircraft briefing sticks and models (metal or wood)... preferably a company that can do custom paint/decals. I saw one some time back that did a great custom Alpha Jet briefing stick but don't recall the name anymore. I'd like to hear your recommendations. Thanks.
  6. HuggyU2

    Fighter Pilot in Need of Prayers

    I just did. And will do so in the morning.
  7. HuggyU2

    Join Spouse for UPT Studs

    Nor did they ask me about my wife's career. Assuming your wife also isn't serving her country in the military, then I wouldn't expect AFPC to do so. You're not entitled to it. A married couple both serving in the military and striving to get an assignment together is worthy of efforts by AFPC to make it work. After all, both the husband and the wife are legally obligated to their assignment. It would be nice if AFPC could do it for every person in the military. However, they can't. So better to do it for a few that really could use it. I certainly don't begrudge their success if they are able to pull it off.
  8. HuggyU2

    F-35 Lightning info

    Transitioning from purely a Heritage Flight demo to a full-up-demo has been the plan for at least a year. The airshow convention starts in 11 days, and the Demo Team schedules (and personnel) will be announced Tuesday, 4 Dec.
  9. HuggyU2

    T-38 Down @ DLF

    One year ago today. Stuck was a great guy.
  10. Shaft, Post some pics of you fighting the fires up here in NorCal.
  11. HuggyU2

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    A lot gets lost in the translation when it comes to making a post. However, this statement significantly stood out to me. And I thoroughly disagree with the implication it brings with respect to flight disciplined operations. Certainly not what you meant... but not the best choice of words.
  12. HuggyU2

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Epic night in U-2 Land last night. The fires north of the base tried their best to stop the gathering, but to no avail. The Wing and Ops Group leadership went out of their way to help us make this work out (especially considering what they had on their plate with the short-notice POTUS visit today), and it was quite the event. We had around 50 Alumni make it out. Even Tony B showed up... he solo'd in the U-2 in March 1957, and about 10 years later went on to fly the SR-71. Great guy! When something like last night happens, it reminds me how great things in the AF can be; how great the people that work in the flying squadrons are; and how I'm thankful I ended up in the U-2 Program for my career. Hail Dragons.
  13. HuggyU2

    T38 Down @ KDLF

    Any releasable words on how the other instructor is doing?
  14. 291 is at Bentwaters??? It crashed right before I PCS'd to Alconbury, and I'm 99% sure I saw it when I drove through the base 5 years ago.
  15. HuggyU2

    Flying with an automatic watch

    Oh.. you're the guy on the X-C wearing white Nike's. Got it. Not to worry... I'll buy you another drink.