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  1. Is it boldface in the E-11? In my brief scan of the document, the wording implies it isn't boldface.
  2. I just did a Qwant search on "USAF Civilian Path to Wings Program" and nothing came up that helped. Never heard of it. Can you provide any details?
  3. Well damn. All this time I thought it was the March guys. I guess if I actually paid attention to the first 10" I would have figured it out. Thanks. As for Guns, that was a shame. He was on the fast-track to four stars.
  4. No beer/booze allowed on California ANG bases.
  5. It's a parody of the Cal Worthington used car commercials in the 1960's and 1970's in the Los Angeles area. I lived in SoCal for 3 years as a kid, and those commercials were ubiquitous. That video was from the old March AFB F-4 Guard unit, and they were right in the middle of "Worthington Country". Do a Youtube search, watch a "Cal Worthington and his dog Spot" commericial, and you'll see what I'm talking about. After you watch a couple, you'll realize the pilot that did that parody was pretty spot on! Here's one: What I never knew until about 10 years ago was that
  6. I wrote them and got a draft of the proposed new emblem. Not approved yet but in coordination. CD64EF33-660B-45F2-99B4-8039C994B068.pdf
  7. Rule of Thumb: If you cannot drink the tap water in a country, don’t fly their nation’s airlines.
  8. Yes, there was a significant backlog, however that logjam is getting much better. That said, I've seen a number of solid applications floating around, so I think you better get yours in the moment the Chief of Recruiting says to do it. It used to be you submitted the app no earlier than 12-14 months from a potential PCS, but you'll need to call and see what the latest is. DSN 368.4447 and speak to Maj Lang. I recommend emailing him also if your call goes to voicemail. He has been in that seat a while and is moving on very shortly. Not sure who will replace him, but the phone number is
  9. Well, there really is enough airline stuff going on in the squadron already. There's nothing else anyone in the unit can come up with to put on the tab that's better?
  10. I'm sure someone has tried it with avocado oil. How did it turn out? BTW, PilotCandidate, I appreciate your passion on that. We will try that next.
  11. Ah... don't try to fool me again, M2.
  12. There are many great truths to be extracted from the original "Star Wars". One of those truths is that the orange flight suit will return in its full glory.
  13. Not yet. More to follow, though.
  14. I’d say more of 2/10ths of 1% thing.
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