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  1. Is it possible for a T-1 trained B-1 pilot to teach T-38s at UPT?
  2. I heard from second hand sources there are folks in the Career Intermission Program (CIP) flying for a major airline (I.e., C-5 pilot who is currently flying for Delta with a 18 month CIP). Do you guys know of anyone who has gone through this program? Is it possible to enter the IRR through the CIP, get a line number with a major, then return to AD?
  3. I've read Jason's articles regarding Airline vs. Military pay on aviationbull.com. I was wondering, does it make financial sense to stay in the reserves if you're flying for a major airline? Would the time spent being a traditional reservist be better spent taking an extra trip a month for an airline?
  4. So they aren’t weighed differently. Thanks for your answer.
  5. Are B-1 hours weighed differently compared to other heavy airframes? I’m only flying about 100-150 hours a year and at this rate, I will only have about 2000 total hours at the end of my ADSC, when most heavy pilots have about 3000. What else can I do (EP, safety, masters, etc) to be prepared for a airline opportunity down in the future?
  6. Question: With a continued decrease in the number of pilots coming up for promotion each year (due to the pilot shortage), will it be less competitive to promote to O-5 and above? Or does the promotion rate roughly remain the same?
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