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  1. Not trying to establish a pattern … just wondering if, how Vrot changes for gusts or high crosswind.
  2. Three airline wingtip strikes in as many days: 10 APR ERJ-170 Takeoff @ MMCU, 10 APR A321 Takeoff @ KJFK, and 12 APR CL-600 Landing @ KERI. Details are scant, but aviation-safety.net has the remaining backstory. Thoughts, perspective from low wing flyers...?
  3. To paraphrase... Original poster blamed the load team for downloading their jet nose-first. (C.G. shifted beyond aft limit.)
  4. Milk Stool? (Credit: Aviation-Safety.net)
  5. Caveat: This is not speculation on or a comparison to past accidents. Technical perspective on a 767 Pitch Control Actuator failure and/or split control input can be found on Page 54 of NTSB's EgyptAir 900 Final Report. https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/AAB0201.pdf Fly Safe.
  6. My unwanted $ 0.02... 0+30 of Thomas Sowell would slow, maybe derail, the "under/over-represented" argument. But I suspect the good General's message relates to women (about 50% of us, right?) in AFSC's with combat leadership potential. In 1993, Secretary Wilson tackled the Women in Combat debate on TV (Firing Line, Resolved: That Women in the Military Should Be Excluded from Combat"). Perhaps Leadership is looking for a 25-year milestone.
  7. USNO solar table + Frontier route map + Google Earth = Check the Whitney Ranch Rec Center closed circuit TV, 1415-1545L, 28 January. Just a guess.
  8. Not the gravity of the last couple videos, but... 60th ALPA Air Safety Forum. Skip to 16:42 for a Cargo Hold Fire "there I was" ... the guy has a knack for storytelling. Happy New Year
  9. Similar theme... Are Non-Select and Continuation Letters available? Please PM if you have advice on this scenario.
  10. Congrats to you and those who made it! 5.4% was a better year for APZ's ... 'cept us folks in the field. Cheers.
  11. Any details on the APZ stats ... P vs. DP, etc.?
  12. Not as of 13 MAY. And for those looking, said statistics are located in AFPC Secure's Retrieval Application Web area under "Static Demographics." I used the site to determine if USAF rounded up or down to my 1% odds of selection. All the best to those competing!
  13. Thanks for the feedback. So either the elusive 0.5% APZ or retire as an O-4. Go with the flow...
  14. After the 0517A MLR, someone mentioned SECAF guidance on Year Group role in 2017 boards. Has it been masked (or de-emphasized) to place Above Zones on equal footing? ...thoughts?
  15. Fixed Wing Multi Engine Qual Course seems legit based on the former helo guys in our program. One way to look at it ... When was the last time an Air Force IP pulled an engine at 25 AGL?
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