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  1. If you're looking for a reputable flight school to finish your ATP practical, VSL Aviation has a unique solution. We are a veteran-owned and operated flight school in central Arkansas and have put together an ATP roadshow package. If you have at least four individuals needing the ATP practical at your base, we will come to you. Bringing our military-trained instructors, two well-equipped Beechcraft Travel Airs, and a designated pilot examiner, we can take care of the final step of your ATP rating at your home base. $4,100 package includes: • Ground training covering aircraft systems and Airman Certification Standards • Aircraft rental and fuel • Flight training • Military Competency admin services • FAA Practical Test (checkride) All of these services will be made available at the nearest civilian or joint-use airport, eliminating the need for you to travel. In many cases, scheduling can be tailored to your needs to limit the amount of leave you need to take to complete the training. If you're interested in setting up a free consult, please get in touch. I would be happy to answer any of your questions and can help get you scheduled. Cheers, Seth Lake 479-422-3940 Owner, VSL Aviation seth@vsl.aero http://vsl.aero/atp.html
  2. If your near LR I can get it done for you. We have MIL friendly DPEs and reasonable rental rates. I also understand where you're coming from as a military IP.
  3. Details here. Piper Seneca II and Cessna 310 available. Both $350/hr wet. Both at North Little Rock. Both with off duty C-130 instructors. 100% pass rate.
  4. Wasn't there a C-17 or C-130 a few years back in OEF that mistakenly landed at Khost?
  5. Rest in peace Anthony and Nicole. Godspeed.
  6. Submitted this as the new "Please wash your hands" sign in all the DFACs over here.
  7. "WE": By Charles A Lindbergh. Just finished it and was amazed by Lindbergh's personal story. Barnstorming, parachuting, wing walking, Early mail carrier, and the details of being an air cadet in the 1920s. Doesn't go into too much detail of the famous flight but focuses on his life story.
  8. Anybody know the guy who bombed the chopper?
  9. Truly Great American. Godspeed Mr. Harvey.
  10. Whatever you do, don't live on base. Privatized housing sucks here more than usual. HerkDude made a good point, with 35 you will get to see more airfields/course rules and deal with less traffic. Personally, I can't think of anything that would make 35 worse than 31 so get here early and see if its available. Either way corpus is the way to go.
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