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  1. I am not paying rent for the UOQs. I get my current locations BAH in full each month. It's a pretty nice deal.
  2. I'm a married reservist currently living in the UOQs at UPT and my wife did not travel with me. She is currently staying at my HOR. I receive BAH for the base I am currently at. That is standard for unaccompanied guard and reservist. Single guys/gals will not get BAH while living in the UOQs. I am also going through the process to get a BAH waiver that will pay me BAH for my HOR. I have been told the process takes 4 - 5 months, but generally they are approved.
  3. I'll take your word for it. I wasn't even given the option to sign it. I did ask about it after I had swore in and they said its not something I would have to worry about for another few years. I imagine there is probably a new memo floating around that more clearly lays out what is going on.
  4. I cant imagine it will be as easy as just not signing the memo. Sure you don't have to sign the memo, but I can't imagine they will send you to OTS. Now if you are talking about the people that are already in UPT, then I can see how that could work. It will be a mess if a large majority say no thanks after already getting through the program. AFRC will have to decide if they are willing to loose current trainees and future applicants over this commitment. I have heard there are people trying to get out of the commitment, through waivers I believe, who have civilian jobs they do
  5. While there is a lot about this that is still unknown, this statement is not true. This would be mandatory for anyone that graduates UPT after 01 Dec 2016 if no change is made from the memo I posted last month.
  6. I uploaded a JPEG of the memo so everyone can read it. I was told nothing about the program is restricted to talk about so it shouldn't be a problem posting the memo.
  7. Got the call not to long ago and I was selected! Congrats again to everyone! I asked my recruiter about the numbers. I didn't get a complete break down, but was told there were 36 applicants to the board. He said all sponsored applicants were selected and didn't really mention anything about unsponsored applicants.
  8. Well that is good news for me hopefully. I also had an age ETP and I turn 30 next month. I also had a second waiver for something else that I hope didn't create a problem for me. Has anyone heard how many sponsored/unsponsored applied vs how many were selected?
  9. I will see if I can get permission to post the memo. It is an optional program for those who graduate from UFT before 1 Dec 16, But it doesn't sound like it is optional for the rest of us. The memo just came down a month ago and it sounds like there are a lot of unknowns about the program. Hopefully headquarters clears things up in the coming months. Still no news from my recruiter. Congrats to all those currently selected! Hopefully I can join you soon.
  10. While it is a full time, active reserve commitment don't confuse it for active duty. You will be a traditional reservist(1 weekend a month, 2 weeks in the summer) who works in a ART overhire position. For some this will be a problem and it may create an even greater shortage of applicants. Especially for those who already have established careers. This is something you will need to think about before committing. You will not be paid like active duty, you will not recieve BAH or BAS, you will not receive military health benefits, and you will not earn active duty time towards retirem
  11. I seem to remember my recruiter and most of the the members at my sponsoring unit telling me that results typically take about 3 weeks. "They will probably come out end of June/beginning of July with class dates potentially coming around the 15 of July." I am sure they had no idea it would take this long. Maybe the will give out class dates and results at the same time. I guess one can dream.
  12. Unfortunately I have not seen anything posted or heard any rumors. I want to call and ask my recruiter, but know he will call as soon as he finds something out.
  13. I will try to post what I can remember. The memo makes it seem like the ultimate goal is to get you to a point were you can upgrade quicker and then become a Unit instructor. Just like Panco17 mentioned. You would attend OTS, UPT, follow-on training, and seasoning orders in a military status. Payed just like the active duty members. Seasoning orders are 140 day according to the memo. After this, you would be hired into a ART overhire position. You will be a federal civil service employee paid on the gs pay scale. You will be considered a traditional reservist (1 weekend a month, 2 week
  14. I was sent a memo from my sponsoring Unit letting me know about the changes. The memo is from Lt Gen Jackson to NAF and Wing commanders dated 16 June. Maybe your unit has not been told, but I imagine your sponsoring wing commander has the memo.
  15. From the memo that was sent to me, it looks like it is no longer a rumor and is now being implemented. Any UFT graduate after 1 Dec 16 will have the 6 year commitment that starts when you go to OTS. It doesn't seem like it is to bad a deal, but could cause problems with people who take a LOA from their civilian job. They only have to hold you position for 5 year. So this could cause problems unless they build in a break period after your seasoning period.
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