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  1. As long as you can calculate TAS with a whiz wheel.
  2. Interesting. The first class won’t be till the summer.
  3. Are you at USAFA as a firstie right now? If not, then I doubt you’ll go.
  4. Well, AMC better be ready for in the next decade: 1. Pilots that only fly the T-6 2. Pilots that fly the T-6 and minimal T-7 or 3. Pilots that only fly the T-6 and sim in legacy T-1 sims for Phase III top off On another note, 2.5 is only supposed to be producing T-38 trained pilots.
  5. Dont have one, the Bobs are still debating over what it will be.
  6. Because they are locked into a service commitment and no longer are at will and can quit. It makes managing force structure a lot easier when you know people can’t walk.
  7. It’s the UPT 2.5 syllabus that will be executed at Randolph. It’s not particularly a secret
  8. AFPC for the most part just hands the drop list for F-16s under the TBD box. There are still boxes for Luke, Holloman, Kelly, Tucson, but they usually are 0 slots. I think it’s because AETC/A1 & AFPC/DP2OR just do a faces in spaces after assignment night for SERE/IFF/B-course after and it’s easier to not assign a location until everything else can be flowed.
  9. The lowest you could argue is an 8 year service obligation based off https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/10/653
  10. The House impeaches and the Senate tries, convicts, and removes; there is no “approved.”
  11. https://www.defensenews.com/news/your-military/2019/10/11/f-15s-air-defense-systems-and-thousands-of-us-troops-heading-to-saudi-arabia/ Cliffs: An Air Expeditionary Wing, 2 Fighter Squadrons, 2 Patriot Batteries, and a THAAD battery. Got to make some more 179s/365s/2 year accompanied requirements
  12. Yes that’s possible, although unlikely. A T-38 stud is most likely to get fighters, FAIP, then bombers, and finally a CAF heavy ISR asset.
  13. House for rent. https://www.ahrn.com/military-housing/House-4-bed-2-bath-Enid-OK-73703_1_12782616?fbclid=IwAR3A_tfUZfuKO9rjOUvV0gvrO1jsVY68lDV_pipRA3baqPv_17o7sbJ00DA
  14. All these UPT IPs will be great at teaching C-172 and C-208s in Afghanistan again.
  15. The T-6A added ADS-B out that integrates with existing avionics. Nothing else was updated. T-6As have all been modded for years with TAS (TA only, no RA) which displays on the VVI instrument display. NACWS went the way of the DODO. T-38Cs are being modded with ADS-B with a WAAS GPS that is additive to the EGI solution. No idea if Boeing will add LPV capes. As for the hardware though, it isn’t certified by the FAA yet so they currently are required to be turned off.
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