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  1. You can only log PIC during UPT if you are solo. This is in relation to airlines, which is the only reason you would need pic
  2. If you become buddies a personnelist with CMS God rights they can see remarks along your case rather than just what office it is in.
  3. I hear this is the exact phrase that 17S and 1B4s say at exercises when planners want to know their effects. Not that you should talk about it on this forum but I wouldn't be surprised if cyber suffers from overclassification.
  4. At least it's forcing some transparency.
  5. Try to join the MAF Assignments and Mentoring page. All the assignment functionals and AMC/A1 are admins.
  6. I doubt it, your UPT commitment is driven by 10 USC. Who knows though.
  7. If it's not under substantiating documents the AO can't see it.
  8. I thought it was going to end with, "and that's why I'm asking Congress for a $100K bonus." Jokes aside, cool video.
  9. You don't need to buy flight boots they will be issued
  10. What you mean I don't have to make doghouses and a DR course on a sectional to fly VFR? /s
  11. It sounds like he went through RPA training and nav training. I'm sure that will open another can of worms because he's not actually a pilot, he's an RPA-only pilot. So he wants to be able to fly preds and actually get in the air as a CSO.
  12. It may be useful if your MDG leadership can get you evaluated at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine Aeromedical Consulting Service (USAFSAM/ACS) at WPAFB. ACS "may" recommend you get a waiver rather than an ETP, even though it's "not" waiverable. Long shot, but they may be able to.
  13. T-6? It would make sense since most of the IPs are MAF dudes.
  14. They are called PSDs. They have a bunch of things and are the personnel guides that keep you from knowing their processes that conflict with AFIs. They are all on MyPers.
  15. Whatever happened to all the aero club aircraft? Sold off, scrapped, or sent to the boneyard?
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