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  1. There is an AD FTU squadron attached as an active associate.
  2. I would also like a $150K per year bonus tax free that only drives a 1 year ADSC. I could get a lot of a certain Ford pick up truck for that amount of cash.
  3. PV promotions have to be leveled based off overgrades on the UMD and they are based off billet type, AGR/TR/ART, etc... Early pin on is something that still has to be requested from ARPC/whoever, but it's usually approved
  4. For what it's worth, an IP going off the runway in a T-6 after taking the aircraft from a SP on a TG happened at CBM in 2015ish. I don't know if he was Q3'd. Unfortunately it sounds like you have a new frame of reference. SP does anything wrong, take the aircraft. You'll be the IP no student wants to fly with, but you won't get another Q3.
  5. Keep it going, the descent into madness is beginning!
  6. This seems pretty small potatoes especially in the world of "fly what you can, log what you need."
  7. It has to be Rand. He brought the 4th star from AETC
  8. I don't think getting rid of 4th Gen assets meets the intent of The Air Force We Need.
  9. You can only log PIC during UPT if you are solo. This is in relation to airlines, which is the only reason you would need pic
  10. If you become buddies a personnelist with CMS God rights they can see remarks along your case rather than just what office it is in.
  11. I hear this is the exact phrase that 17S and 1B4s say at exercises when planners want to know their effects. Not that you should talk about it on this forum but I wouldn't be surprised if cyber suffers from overclassification.
  12. At least it's forcing some transparency.
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