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  1. Are you an out of hide billet? If so, maybe check with your sq/cc billet owner.
  2. With the new SSR pilots get 25%(or whatever the multiplier is) + locality and then the 25% bonus is separate. So the people who were in high locality areas aren't being shafted anymore.
  3. That's crazy. I wonder what the CVR has on it. Malfunction or suicide. FLCS malf pushed them to 49 NL and they only cut 29 degrees before impact. OR Max power dive into the ground with the other pilot pulling the yolk back to 20 NL prior to impact.
  4. It's official. The USAF requested 8 F-15EXs. https://www.defensenews.com/smr/federal-budget/2019/03/12/us-air-forces-2020-budget-hones-in-on-readiness-emerging-tech/
  5. KC-46 selection board v3.0 results were released. Best part was the comment about selectees should feel free to apply to other assignments.
  6. Is SewerRat one of the new AIs that make posts to sound human or is he really semi-literate? The world may never know.
  7. That's a lot of words from the Chief and talking to SNC and Textron about how he "cannot thank the two companies that joined us enough for their partnership." Meanwhile, other sources are saying industry may not trust Big Blue on future partnerships unless there's money upfront. https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2019/02/18/air_force_may_lose_credibility_with_industry_over_light_attack_decision_114190.html
  8. Put that location and desire in talent marketplace. Let your commander know in a year or so and he can keep trying to extend you. Are you in a Gucci location? If so, it's going to be unlikely. Volunteer for a 365 before you get orders and then ask for a follow-on back to the same location.
  9. I'd assume if it has a 781 and is logged into ARMS it counts.
  10. PWC 1 pilots in the T-38C and T-6A are still legal to shoot the (100-¼) PAR into NAS Corpus. Good luck explaining why you went there though if TOP 3 finds out.
  11. The real question is: did you break out and land or have to go missed?
  12. So then the 81 FS got a new customer?
  13. It's important to have role models. A young girl can see it's possible to be an Air Force pilot when she thinks it's a male only career field.
  14. It wasn't a flyer because it's not a numbered member. If it's like the tbirds all the support officers have a number too. That would mean enlisted
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