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  1. So the implication is that they didn’t know the basics? Not that Lts can’t be interested in more advanced tactics. I just want to make sure I understand your intent.
  2. Clarification for Bashi: A lot of the 560th is populated with IPs who never taught T-38s in UPT. They were T-6 UPT/UCT IPs and then went to be a T-38 PIT IP later.
  3. T-38 students that drop heavies do just fine in FTUs without ever having learned “how to fly as a crew.” Heavy FTUs have less time in the jet now because sims can accurately replicate flight.
  4. Those were given away to other USG agencies from what I saw
  5. More spam! buy some 737 Maxes and name them the T-43B
  6. It’s one of the justifications being used to not replace it now. I don’t see the USAF with the appetite for a T-Z trainer. especially, when ACC is trying to lease T-50s through Hillwood for their ReForge experiment. And Hillwood/Alliance wants UPT at AFW.
  7. Funnily enough, AMF (Air Mobility Fundamentals) tracked studs for UPT 2.5 ( as of the latest draft) get more sorties after track focused on Crew Coord, mobility stuff. They also may never fly a T-1 but that’s another fight.
  8. The T-1 only was brought online to extend the life of the T-38. It had nothing to do with making a better MAF product
  9. You think it will be 737 sims? Hah, I think the AMP’d T-1 sim COA is more likely. And to the person that said IFF should go away, it is. What remains to be seen is what the new APT fighter track construct is.
  10. Good thing there are redundant INSes
  11. The T-6 UPT 2.5 syllabus doesn’t erode seat time. The T-38 and T-1 syllabi don’t exist yet.
  12. If anything, it would probably be more useful track B-52 bound students earlier then send them just to a bunch of T-1 sims. I’ve heard the B-52 flies like the T-1
  13. In current UPT: Sim Check, Trans Check, Nav Check T-38 tracked studs do a form check T-38s: Trans, Nav, Form No idea for Toners Legacy syllabus had a: Mid-Phase, Final Contact, Inst, Form. So only T-1 studs get less T-6 checkrides
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/coronavirus-wuhan-lab-china-compete-us-sources Cliffs: China was experimenting on SARS-CoV-2 for research not as a bioweapon. It escaped containment at the Wuhan Lab. The Chinese went full Chinese and lied and covered it up so it spread.
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