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  1. T-7 has det coord because the side opening canopy cant just blow away.
  2. You can take leave during Christmas. For covid right now anywhere outside 150 mi is leave
  3. I wonder what people in the 90s said about T-1 training when everyone had only gone through T-38s. The point is, pilot training changes.
  4. Are you at Vance? UPT 2.5 is at Vance because it was developed from Banzai
  5. And all that’s needed to get this from vaporware to prototype is a cool $50M courtesy of US taxpayers.
  6. Thankfully the pilot is fine. standby for a safety down day? “ A U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper assigned to the 49th Wing crashed during landing at Holloman AFB at approximately 1800 MDT today. The sole pilot on board successfully ejected and is currently being treated for minor injuries. Emergency responders are on scene; additional details will be released as they become available.”
  7. Meet the new bonus, it's like the old bonus of 25K, except it says FY21. I have no idea, but I have the pitchfork and torch market cornered.
  8. The students can find out now. When the flight commander submits OP4418 it’s supposed to have a fighter recommendation if they didn’t get a fighter assignment.
  9. You won’t get full meal rate on the weekends. You are”able” to utilize the DFAC on the weekends.
  10. Because the Central School Selection Board (CSSB) just picks you up for school. Your DT (MAF/CAF/SOF) then vectors you to a specific school and that gets sent to the AFPC or A1 Bobs to sort out.
  11. So the implication is that they didn’t know the basics? Not that Lts can’t be interested in more advanced tactics. I just want to make sure I understand your intent.
  12. Clarification for Bashi: A lot of the 560th is populated with IPs who never taught T-38s in UPT. They were T-6 UPT/UCT IPs and then went to be a T-38 PIT IP later.
  13. T-38 students that drop heavies do just fine in FTUs without ever having learned “how to fly as a crew.” Heavy FTUs have less time in the jet now because sims can accurately replicate flight.
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