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  1. https://www.defensenews.com/news/your-military/2019/10/11/f-15s-air-defense-systems-and-thousands-of-us-troops-heading-to-saudi-arabia/ Cliffs: An Air Expeditionary Wing, 2 Fighter Squadrons, 2 Patriot Batteries, and a THAAD battery. Got to make some more 179s/365s/2 year accompanied requirements
  2. Yes that’s possible, although unlikely. A T-38 stud is most likely to get fighters, FAIP, then bombers, and finally a CAF heavy ISR asset.
  3. House for rent. https://www.ahrn.com/military-housing/House-4-bed-2-bath-Enid-OK-73703_1_12782616?fbclid=IwAR3A_tfUZfuKO9rjOUvV0gvrO1jsVY68lDV_pipRA3baqPv_17o7sbJ00DA
  4. All these UPT IPs will be great at teaching C-172 and C-208s in Afghanistan again.
  5. The T-6A added ADS-B out that integrates with existing avionics. Nothing else was updated. T-6As have all been modded for years with TAS (TA only, no RA) which displays on the VVI instrument display. NACWS went the way of the DODO. T-38Cs are being modded with ADS-B with a WAAS GPS that is additive to the EGI solution. No idea if Boeing will add LPV capes. As for the hardware though, it isn’t certified by the FAA yet so they currently are required to be turned off.
  6. Yes you do. It’s on the course entry requirements for the T-38 PIT syllabus. The only exception is if you are a T-6 IP. T-38 SUPT/ENJJPT/FWQ graduate and have fighter / bomber experience or have previous T-38 IP experience. (a) Single pilot aircraft candidates must have achieved mission-qualified and certified as at least a two- ship lead in that aircraft. Note: Candidates with a previous T-6A UPT/PIT IP tour meet this requirement. (b) Those candidates from other aircraft must have achieved aircraft commander (AC) status with a minimum of 100 hours as primary AC. Note: Candidates with a previous T-6A UPT/PIT IP tour meet this requirement.
  7. LM is trying to sell the MRTT to the US. https://news.lockheedmartin.com/2019-06-20-Lockheed-Martin-and-Airbus-reaffirm-tanker-partnership-at-2019-Paris-Air-Show
  8. I don't PA my students in T-38s, I know T-6s waive/PA post T-38 track select formation sorties all the time. Even then, we still get the studs late.
  9. Randolph has B models for Det 24. The AF borrowed them saying they would fix them.
  10. When incidents in a GA airplane that's part of an aero club counts against the wing commander's safety record.
  11. It won't. There's a drop-down for your rater to sign for you that says member refused to sign
  12. Yes. They are denying waivers for non-fighter/bomber now. It's happened to at least one person who was pulled after starting sims
  13. There is an AD FTU squadron attached as an active associate.
  14. I would also like a $150K per year bonus tax free that only drives a 1 year ADSC. I could get a lot of a certain Ford pick up truck for that amount of cash.
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