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  1. The new airline thread

    Were you Domestic or International? I had the same issue on Domestic, but so far this month on International I'm at 5 hrs and I shouldn't have even flown that. I have a buddy on the Bus MIA international and he's averaging 40 hours per month. I'm curious to see how that will change when Domestic and International merge for them in April.
  2. The new airline thread

    AA has no min. It used to be easier until the Christmas fiasco. Now it seems like all trips are red (can't be dropped). 40-50 hrs is my target when I have a line. You could also sit reserve and fly that much in a typical month while getting paid 73-76 hrs.
  3. "Center the Bug"

    That hasn't hit AA yet. LVL CHG when out of VNAV (usually on vectors) is normal. And we usually don't do anything with the MCP when we leave.
  4. "Center the Bug"

    What airplane?
  5. The new airline thread

    Airline pilots print words on $100 bills?
  6. "Center the Bug"

    Man I miss the days we were all talking about cool stuff like killing bad guys and how WSOs aren't real people. Now we're all airline pilots and this is our life. Ugh. With that said, it was explained to me by a CKA while flying down to Managua is that on the 737, when LNAV fails it reverts to HDG. That's fine, until you're in the low altitude environment flying a STAR around mountains (Latin Terrain specifically) and LNAV fails and the aircraft takes off hard left or right while you're trying to figure out what just happened in the weather and at night.
  7. The new airline thread

    My iPad automatically maps to the printer at the gate we're departing from.
  8. The new airline thread

    Could you do a TX + seasoning instead? Is the Guard unit co-located with any of the major airline hubs?
  9. The new airline thread

    IIRC Brabus wouldn't be close to that even with a 3 year AGR tour.
  10. The new airline thread

    Something else to consider - if you're an O4, you'll start to lose money by doing mil as you hit year 2-3 pay (depending on the airline). No idea why you'd want to lose money to put up with the daily grind of AF BS when you could be a part timer, make more money, and work a lot less overall. Just food for thought.
  11. The new airline thread

    Most airline hiring departments aren't thinking that far ahead. You get a class date during indoc and they're expecting you to fill that pipeline to solve their manning problems.
  12. Why wouldn't you be able to take VA money and be an airline pilot? As long as you can still get a medical, I mean.
  13. The new airline thread

    How long would the orders be?
  14. Too Much Effort For $15 Lost Bag Tag, but...

    Fine. I'll fix this thread while you nerds talk about hotel pens.
  15. Too Much Effort For $15 Lost Bag Tag, but...

    This thread is worthless without pics of aforementioned Swedish Bikini Team.