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  1. Have we come up with a term for whatever the generation after SNAPs is yet? Because this is probably it. JHTFC. 1) Be secure enough in what you're doing to not care what a grunt thinks. You're going to need a thicker skin in this job anyway. -OR- 2) Find a new best man. -OR- 3) Remind him that you'll be crying yourself to sleep at night in your 1000 thread count sheets and spending all that per diem while he takes his stripper wife/gf to Golden Coral in his 2009 Dodge Charger financed at 31% APR.
  2. Being a slow runner does not necessarily mean you have a genetically low VO2Max, nor does it correlate with increased risk of heart disease.
  3. I don't think we did them in the b-course and I remember guidance coming out about at least having PAPI or ILS in 2009ish. Did them in the Navy in the Hornet all the time.
  4. I don't know anything about flying AF fatties, but it's useless info in a fighter overhead. Especially in a jet with a HUD (2.5 degree line) and a steerpoint diamond on the end of the runway.
  5. The ILS wire isn't to the end of the runway though. If you're using that for glidepath guidance on an overhead, you're going to be landing really long.
  6. Okay, explain. How do you use the ILS on an overhead?
  7. Because it's pointless when flying the overhead. Fun fact: the Navy flies night overheads.
  8. Learn this lesson now as you start your career - never miss an opportunity to STFU.
  9. In fairness, I honestly had no idea there was a uniform change until this thread today. Doesn't seem to be a thing here yet.
  10. It probably wouldn't have been as bad were it not for the obsession of Marines = VTOL. Have they ever actually used that capability in a forward-deployed environment? (Not the ship, but a place that requires landing and taking off where there are no runways on land).
  11. Is this the result of the backwards-ass canopy and more fallout from the POS B model compromises?
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