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  1. At the risk of beating a dead horse over how awesome Trident is, just throwing in my 2 cents about our experience. I picked them 100% off the feedback I read in this forum, so I guess we took a little bit of risk, but I felt more confident with each recommendation I read. Jon was very sharp (obviously, he flies for the world’s best airline), he answered all of my questions during our initial conversation, and even tried coming up with some creative ways to save us money. Sure they offered excellent rates and could speak military/airline with me which was extremely helpful, but there are two examples that motivated me to now offer my own recommendation. First, there was a typo in the paperwork that worked to my advantage, and when they found it on review, rather than asking me to pay up the extra money, Trident assumed the cost themselves. Then the night before closing a question popped up that needed legal review. The Trident guys stayed at work late and gave me regular updates in the morning to make sure I wasn’t wondering if we’d be able to close. They’ve got the concept of customer service nailed, so I’d happily use them again. Thanks Jon and Elena!
  2. I went SWA because they were the first to hire me, but I was weary about some of the same stuff I heard about them as far as quality of life goes. I finished my first year a couple months ago and was surprised that my logbook showed an average of 2.3 legs per day and 1.9 hours per leg. There are a hundred other variables leading to why I or anyone else would choose to stay or go, but just pointing out that from my perspective the ‘SWA is overworked’ narrative I kept hearing on AD was either overhyped or else I’ve just been fortunate.
  3. Reading the instructions...good move. My PME was missing from it too...is that being masked?
  4. I agree...well said. Besides the fact that the troll is now well-nourished.
  5. Just because YOU haven't heard of things doesn't mean they haven't happened. Reference Bone at Diego, Buff airshow demo at wrong airport, Thunderbird wrong altimeter setting, etc. Okay, stepping slowly away now from the troll.....
  6. I smell a troll. This happened at Shank. When exactly did you see a tanker fly the ILS into there? Gear up/wrong airport landings have happened before, and probably will keep happening too, as long as toolbags keep thinking their tribe is too smart or too good to do something retarded.
  7. Trolling. "If we elected FEs to Congress, we'd be swimming in cash."
  8. No kidding. You know, speaking from one amazing pilot to another, I think they ought to take all the inexperienced C-17 pilots to some aux field with a "nice paved under run" or something so they can practice how to flare into the zone...
  9. I'm using King Schools right now...AOPA/King/American Flyers all seem to charge about the same (except for the one-time American Flyers fee), but King was the only one I saw that didn't require a notarized certificate/snail mail or a trip to the FSDO when you're done...everything's taken care of online.
  10. Amen! First some tips that'll help you get through UPT: - Only your parents are impressed when you say you "rocked" something. Not even your UPT friends (or we) are. - It's not just "UPT humor." Think of these shenanigans as part of the tradition that goes with being a military pilot. Now to answer your question: you're on the right track. Try to come up with something that rhymes, and try to roast each person once, saving the last (and best) one for who you're trying to pass the wrench off to. Make fun of their dumb mistakes, or if you've got nothing on 'em, make fun of their dumb hobbies, looks, etc...just keep it harmless. For example, you can say: "Lt Studly thinks I'm a dolt for not saying so to speak, but at least I didn't hook for forgetting to pin my seat," NOT "at least my significant other didn't have an affair with the USEM last week." This stuff isn't meant to get in the way of getting ready for mid-phase; it's meant to lighten the atmosphere so mid-phase doesn't seem so overbearing...so have fun with it! Oh yeah...and pics usually help. -Hugo
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