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  1. On base this morning and realized when I parked the only mask I had in my car was a purple surgical mask and not one of the “approved” mask colors. Joked to myself that I’ll probably pass the wrong person and get lectured. Literally the FIRST person I pass is a Chief who stops me, “Sir, just so you know, a purple mask is not authorized.” “Yeah, understood but it was the only one I had in my car and I’ve gotta get to my desk.” He probably sensed my give a crap level was zero and followed it up with a “when you are in uniform Sir you’ve got to meet all of the standards.” Ah yes, y
  2. Not only has he been a clown his entire career, he now likely has legitimate cognitive decline on top of that. To be honest I do feel kind of bad for him at times. I certainly am not a fan of Biden politically, but no one deserves to be propped up like this man is being, when he should be enjoying the latter stages of his life in peace and quiet with his family.
  3. To be fair, there is a pretty massive difference between saying you are going to boycott a product, service, person, sports league, etc.. (even if some of the reasoning seems silly or ridiculous) by not buying or partaking in what they are offering; vs a concerted effort to smear and ultimately remove and destroy a person, business, idea, symbol, tv show, book, movie, etc... Example: I personally do not watch a second of NBA basketball and have not for years now. My reasoning is based not only on the ridiculous woke, political, and pro Chinese crap the league has spouted in recent history
  4. Thanks gents for the detailed info. Definitely some more research I’ll need to do on my end before heading in this direction. Glad to know it’s feasible though and that’s is something fairly commonly done.
  5. Appreciate the responses. It good to hear that some have had a positive experience going this route. @brabus, when you mention depreciating the plane, I assume you were hinting that there might be some sort of tax advantage when factoring in the depreciation amount on the aircraft, is that correct? Is there a big difference between going this route with a new aircraft vs a used one? I know that aircraft value does not exactly operate the same way as say, a car, and that values tend to eventually level out and hold at a certain level as long as the aircraft is well maintained, has full rec
  6. Not to mention it’s a guy who was no longer even actively serving.
  7. Has anyone used an aircraft they’ve owned for instruction? I was potentially looking into picking up a tailwheel aircraft (Citabria or Decathlon) and having it be available at a flight school I have a relationship with for tailwheel endorsements and spin training. It would not be available for solo rental and myself and the school’s chief pilot would be the only instructors authorized to fly it. I’ve read a lot on the financial/tax items of registering it under an LLC and the cost offsetting that can come from an aircraft being used as a business asset and not just a recreational h
  8. I believe that Gen has the dreaded IMS bearing issues. That will help keep prices depressed as well. FWIW, I personally think horsepower is overrated. Give me a well balanced car with enough power to work the chassis and I’ll be happy. Slow car fast is always the best mantra. The next Gen Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 is probably going to end up in my garage. P car money, even used, is still too much for me and Subaru/Toyota appear to have fixed the one problem with the original: the torque hole right in the middle of the power band. New version has a naturally aspirated 2.4L with 228hp and t
  9. I think you're talking about the flight crew, but I've seen comments on Facebook links to this article where people are scolding the individuals on the ground where the pieces fell for not having masks on. 🤦‍♂️
  10. On the California vs Texas energy deals: As someone who has lived in both states, they are not even comparable. California has rolling blackouts every single summer for predictable and annual heat waves. You literally have to factor the power going out into your summer planning here. Texas had an energy issue for a once in 80-100 year cold snap. Could Texas have been better prepared? Absolutely. Has Cruz made a fool of himself during this, yes. Is comparing the Texas snow storm power issue to the decades of power grid mismanagement in California fair? Not really.
  11. Also a tailwheel. The same Air Force that is afraid of VFR is sure a hell not going to try and train guys to fly a tailwheel. Absolutely ridiculous of course. I’d sign up to fly one in a heartbeat if I could.
  12. For someone like Tulsi that may be okay. Likely no future in the way left turning democrat party and if she wants to keep the D by her name (sts) she wouldn’t be able to go through the Republican primaries to get nominated.
  13. Or once they break they just leave them standing there. Banning Pass in California has more than a few broken down windmills just sitting out there doing nothing but looking ugly.
  14. https://notthebee.com/article/behold-the-woke-insanity-that-is-a-san-francisco-public-school-board-meeting I have no idea why anyone would want to live in San Francisco.
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