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  1. Exactly this. And while there would have been complaining from those on the right, I doubt you would have seen the threats that are currently coming from the left. People literally threatening violence over a Supreme Court nomination. And to be honest, based on how this year has gone, if Trump does get a nomination through, I fully except there to be actual riots and violence in the streets from the left...again.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Also a big sports guy myself, played in college even. Huge Nats fan as well, celebrated their WS win last year "bigly". This year, I haven't re-upped my MLB.tv subscription and didn't even remotely care to tune into their game against the Yankees. For one, its been nice having weekends and evenings completely free to do as a I please and not plan around watching a game. Two, so sick of the social justice crap that we've been hounded on for years now with sports. This didn't just start now, its been going on for awhile. Beyond that, a lot of pro sports these days is a garbage product anyway. NBA and NFL most notably. I never really got into the NBA and I gave up on the NFL years ago, long begore Kapernick or anything like that. About the only sport I see myself regularly watching for the foreseeable future is IndyCar and Sports Car racing. Both of those have managed to avoid massive SJW assaults, likely due to their fringe nature. Although with the Indy 500 coming up in August I'm afraid that might change.
  3. Yeah they have some interesting aircraft, including more prototypes. One I hadn’t seen before but they were towing around once was a YF-17, which I believe lost out to the F-16 but with some tweaks ended up becoming the F-18? I probably should donate to them. I walk by their hangars every now and then and get the feeling they struggle with funding.
  4. Statue of Ulysses S. Grant torn down in San Francisco. The man who won the Civil War for the Union, freed the only slave he ever owned, and was eulogized by Frederick Douglas. Our education system is a failure. Also San Francisco is not America.
  5. Maybe it’s my O-3 bubble, but most people I work with where they make their political views not so subtle are actually liberals.
  6. I would be laughing at this shit if they weren’t so serious about it.
  7. This is my problem with his statements. Agree or disagree with the message all you want, but now all of a sudden it’s permissible to take a social and political issue stands in uniform? I haven’t been in the military all that long but I was always cautioned as a military member about posting my opinion on sensitive matters and especially warned not to do it when tied in any way to the uniform.
  8. Do the CMSgt of the AF comment's make anyone else feel uneasy? It's not the content of the message that worries me, although there are some points I disagree with, but its a military member openly commenting on what in many respects is a political issue and using the uniform as a vector for that message.
  9. What is happening now in major cities across this country has nothing to do with racism or George Floyd anymore. Anarchy and a hatred of certain aspects of America would be more accurate now. Token caveat that I hate that I have to do: the cop who kneeled on George Floyd deserved to be arrested and charged with murder. That was wrong on all levels. But that cause has been destroyed now.
  10. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/05/21/how_fear_groupthink_drove_unnecessary_global_lockdowns_143253.html Pretty good article about fear and groupthink during this.
  11. Oshkosh airshow cancelled. Sucks. Was going to be flying in for the first time this year.
  12. This is from my own social media and is written by a friend’s girlfriend who is a nurse. She wants all protesters to not only be arrested for protesting but also be prohibited from receiving medical care. Yikes was my only reaction. Pretty scary thoughts running through the heads of normal citizens in this country right now.
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