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  1. (Speaking on the bolded part) I mean to be fair, that describes the Democrats as well. The Kavanaugh hearing was one of the most egregious examples of this, but some other fine examples are 4 years of BS Russian collusion and Poland impeachment. The shit volcano is honestly flowing down both sides of the mountain but I still see far more hypocrisy coming from the left. To segway a little bit here; I do not believe that there was actually widespread election fraud.I think Biden won and this election was a referendum on Trump. But I find it hilarious that high level democrat politicians as well as normal people I see on social media are now desperately clamoring for unity and saying that those going along with Trump’s election fraud claims are tearing this country apart. All coming from the same people that spent 4 years throwing temper tantrums and essentially trying to overthrow a sitting president all because of some strange orange man bad obsession. It’s the same level of hypocrisy that leads to people saying “no large gatherings due to covid!”, but then all of a sudden massive BLM protests and Biden election celebrations are okay. FWIW I’m actually glad that Trump lost because it removes his polarizing personality from the picture and now the democrats have to stand on their own with a garbage policy and a fractured party that can’t decide if it wants to go back to the mid 90s USA or to mid 60s Cuba. Edit: I realize that was a bit rambling and maybe had nothing to do with the current flow of conversation so my apologies.
  2. I just watched that video and that's not really what he is saying. Trust me, I would love to jump at the chance to trash Cuomo and his complete idiocy, but he's talking about Trump's vaccine roll out plan and not that the vaccine itself is bad news and that they are going to try and stop the vaccine. This definitely falls under a sensationalist and slightly fake news tweet. Even at the end he discusses working with other governors to find ways they can tweak Trump's roll out plan and not stop the vaccine from getting to their populations. Of course the TDS still runs deep in Cuomo so maybe that's where him and the other governors will end up if they can't work to tweak Trump's plan, but that was not what I got from the video right now.
  3. Bro, I literally pulled it from going to her page and scrolling down myself and finding it. Not rocket science.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/AOC/status/1324807776510595078 What incentive would I have to make that up?
  5. “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? ”
  6. Biden and the Dems will make a big mistake if they try and interpret this as a mandate on the nation’s decision to go along with far left initiatives. This election was purely a mandate on Trump. The squad already calling for the most progressive agenda in US History.
  7. As someone who voted for Trump, I am honestly having a hard time believing the voter fraud claims for this election. The primary reason for that is there was no "Blue Wave" in the other elections. The country essentially held the line on where they were with the Senate, and the R's even gained ground in the House. If there was some massive scheme to use voter fraud to help the Dems, I think we would have seen it play out in other races as well. Ultimately I think this came down to being a referendum on Trump himself. I personally know several people, both friends and family, who voted for Trump in 2016 but did not this time around. Their choice was based almost entirely on Trump's personality and the way he carries himself. I think those are the people who swayed this election the other way this time. In all honesty, Biden and Harris have a massive challenge in front of them (if they do ultimately win). The nation I think has proven, as Shapiro and Tucker have both said as well, that they are not buying the BLM, Antifa, AOC, super leftist agenda. Perhaps a slight majority was over the Trump experiment, but Biden and Harris are now in a tough spot because I think they, and the rest of the Dems, thought they would gain full control and have unstoppable power to push through a massively left leaning agenda. That is no longer the case. In my opinion, many on the far left in Washington will want Biden out quickly due to "health concerns", but that is not such an easy road to walk anymore without full majority. Making that swap before the mid-terms could prove even more fatal. As another poster mentioned earlier, Trump has probably served his purpose. If nothing else, he proved how deeply corrupt the media and most of Washington is and he showed how to impassion a base of supporters. I can't remember the last time I saw people that excited about a candidate not named Obama. The conservatives in this country now have a big opportunity in front of them to reshape what the party looks like. However, they need to ensure that future includes the base that Trump built. One incredible thing that I think Trump did is he made the Republican party become the party of the working class. Blue collar workers that would often lean towards the pro-union Democrats have switched sides. The conservatives in this country cannot throw that away. There needs to be less Mitt Romney's as the face of the party and more Dan Crenshaw's. I've had a few beers this evening so hopefully that all made sense. I guess everything I wrote might also be moot if somehow Trump still manages to win.
  8. That’s exactly why they picked him. His outward appearance is of a moderate. His mental decline however can’t be denied and I highly doubt that major portions of the Democrat party didn’t see that as an opportunity. His health will either deteriorate to the point that he ends up resigning or the radical portions of the left will pull the strings and use teleprompter reading Joe as the mouthpiece. Admittedly, the R’s making gains in the house and holding the line in the Senate makes it much harder on the dems to implement their plans.
  9. I don’t think he once said Trump is a better person than Biden or even compared him to Trump at all. In fact, he explicitly said people are making their voting decision based on personality and not policy record, and that’s the problem. Edit: and even if by some measure Trump is a bad person, it still doesn’t mean that Biden isn’t also a terrible person
  10. The other Jo may end up being Joe’s saving grace in a few of these states.
  11. That’s fair, although I’m not sure if he’ll be ready for a presidential run next cycle.
  12. Always tough to predict the future. The article mentions some of the differences between then and now, but a huge one is how far left some mainstream portions of the democrat party already are. There is a risk of a lot of damage being done in only 4 years of a Harris administration with Joe Biden as President. Beyond that, is there even a Reagan waiting in the wings? He challenged Ford in the primary and was already establishing himself as a true conservative and leader. I don’t see anyone right now in the Republican Party that could be that person. Another item from that article that I personally think conservatives make a mistake on is having the pro-life/pro-choice debate be a cornerstone of their policy. Most younger conservatives I know are actually pro-choice, and I think many conservative leaning women sometimes get turned off by the heavy pro-life factions of the Republican Party. It will be interesting to see what happens today, or maybe in the next few days and weeks?
  13. Local governments are super complicit in this as well, as you alluded to. In California taxpayer money goes to a program that allows homeless drug users to exchange dirty needles for clean ones. Just exacerbating the problems perpetually.
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