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    Gun Talk

    http://time.com/money/5178963/dicks-semi-automatic-rifles-cabelas-bass-pro-shops/ Cabellas/Bass Pro are a separate company from Dicks, and are still stocking and selling ARs. EditL Now that I re-read it, I think you meant that Field and Stream is Dick's version of a Cabellas/Bass Pro store. My bad, if that is what you meant.
  2. Bump for any current E-3 updates?
  3. kaputt

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Thanks for the response. Genuinely appreciate the bluntness. I've got a million things running through my nugget, so apologies for some unfiltered thoughts getting blurted out onto the screen. I do fully accept the responsibility and results of the situation. Thanks for the other responses as well. Probably should have read the whole thread in a little more detail.
  4. kaputt

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Bringing this topic back up looking for answers in regard to FEB Waivers. I'm going to leave specifics of airframe, etc... out, however if knowing those specifics will help you answer my questions feel free to shoot me a PM. The short story however is, I am facing an FEB from a B Course for failing to meet training standards. But it looks like I am going to be offered the option to take an FEB Waiver. I saw that FEB Waivers were mentioned earlier in the thread, but what I specifically want to know is, do you have any sort of control over what air frame you may follow on to if you take the FEB Waiver? The reason I ask is apparently the last dude who went through an FEB where I am ended up going to RPAs. Now apparently he did not get offered a waiver and actually went to the board, and I also don't know what the official recommendation from the board was, but it's still a bit of a worrying result. I saw an earlier post in here mentioned "the terms of the waiver are generally acceptance of an ACC heavy." But I was curious if this was something written into the wavier, or something discussed afterwards and preferences are then given to AFPC? Or is it possible that you are purely up to the whims of AFPC? Edit: I guess I should also mention I am a UPT to B Course guy, so the waiver would result in a reassignment, and not a return to a previous air frame or AFSC. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  5. Hearing some rumors Columbus dropped an F-35 tonight? If so, very cool.
  6. ENJJPT 16-02 B-52 F-15C x 2 (Both Guard) A-10 x 2 (1 Guard) F-16 x 5 (2 Guard) F-22 F-15E x 2 T-38C T-6 KC-10 RC-135 C-130 F-18 x 2 Canada Eurofighter - Italy
  7. Did Laughlin, Columbus, or Vance drop last night?
  8. UPT Students sitting casual waiting for class start are being briefed that RPAs are going to be dropping from UPT again. Not sure what classes might be the first but it seems they will be spread out amongst all four bases.
  9. kaputt

    Langley info

    I grew up in 757 area. There are some nice housing developments that have sprung up right across the Monitor Merrimack bridge in Suffolk. Riverfront, Harbor View, and a few others are the names I think. It's about a 25 min drive to Langley from there, and traffic at the MM bridge is usually less terrible. Not sure which school system you end up in out there though, but there are lots of private schools in the area that plenty military families end up putting their kids in.
  10. kaputt

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    Which track these days drops more AC-130s? Or is it about equal?
  11. Lots of rumors flying around that OTS will be switching in FY15 to a similar model to what AMS has been. That would mean no upper and lower class. Could be an interesting development because it allows them to turn OTS off and on a lot easier. Especially right now since future selection boards have been indefinitely suspended, but there are probably about 200 selects from previous boards still sitting around waiting to go.
  12. kaputt

    Upcoming Boards

    Is the 192nd Fighter Wing actually hiring for a UPT slot? Edit: Saw that someone had posted something about it a few pages ago, but then it seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Just trying to confirm or deny if they are having a board.
  13. kaputt

    Vision waiver info

    Thanks for the replies. I found the information I was looking for, but did develop a couple of more questions, specifically regarding the following statement in paragraph that reads, "Note: While attending UPT/UNT training FCI/IA standards (as appropriate) apply. Upon UPT graduation FCII standards apply." I'm assuming this means that at MFS I must still test out within the FC1 standards, correct? In that case what happens if I happen to have a change in my vision that puts me outside the waiverable standard for my refractive error? Would I be S.O.L.? FWIW I don't believe this will happen as I had a bit of wiggle room in my vision (-2.75 in left eye and -2.25 in right) but the added wait with my OTS delay and the fact that it could be well over a year from the day I tested for my physical till when I might get to MFS has me a bit paranoid. In addition is there any way for a civilian OTS select to get to MFS before OTS, or is that reserved for the active duty selects?
  14. kaputt

    Vision waiver info

    Well kind of depressing that I am again posting in this topic, but due to Sequestration myself and 37 other OTS selects have found out that we have been indefinitely pushed back from our 14-04 OTS class. As of right now we do not have new class dates, but are hearing that we might not go until August 2014 at the earliest. My question is, what happens with my flight physical and waiver, esp if I don't get a class till August or later? I know the physical is only good for one year, and I had mine stamped as approved on July 18th, 2013. Will I have to re-do my physical and waiver?
  15. kaputt

    Glasses vs contacts at UPT

    Ah ok, thanks for the info. That is too bad as I know those flight frames will look goofy on my narrow face. Oh well, thanks again for the info.