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  1. Your best bet for info is going to the AirplinePilotForums.com thread. Several current and former CBP pilots posting in there currently. https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/military/108466-cbp-air-interdiction-agent-pilot-21.html#post2811664
  2. I’m sure the reasoning in some test group was “we don’t want to look like the army”.
  3. Now lets get rid of the invisible spice brown rank as well.
  4. Anyone know about what the current cost of just UPT is? Didn't see it broken down by that in the article. Asking for a friend.
  5. https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/military/115780-centerline-thrust-restriction-changes.html Last post has some details.
  6. I found it interesting last night the amount of low hanging fruit/genuine positives, that the left did not stand or applaud for. Lowest minority unemployment rate ever, record number of women in Congress, firing incompetent VA employees, etc... Not sure why those all can’t be applauded?
  7. Reducing illegal immigration by 33% would be a pretty massive improvement.
  8. If I stop wearing my rape shoes, will Gillette stop charging me $40 for a replacement pack of razors?
  9. The worst part about this is not that some snowflakes got all offended, but that the Air Force caved to them and took it down. And then put up a weak apology post...
  10. The brown rank is also impossible to see because it camouflages perfectly with the OCP. Which leads to a lot of awkward do I salute or not moments. Good thing we differentiated that one tiny thing from the Army.
  11. I think whether its fair or not really depends on who ends up being in that approval chain. All it takes to change things is the opinion of one, especially if they happen to be at the MAJCOM level. Since my FEB I have spoken with multiple others who went through a FEB as well, and even those that ultimately got a favorable result had shenanigans go on during the whole process. Examples range from taking months over the AFI prescribed timeline for completing the FEB, but lambasting the respondent earlier in the process for submitting a waiver request one day late; to, one vocal person in the chain disputing the findings of IPs and CCs that have flown with the individual and either ultimately causing reversal of the FEB findings, or coming really close. Not to mention how the process works would be a lot like a trial by jury finding you innocent, and then one judge just reading some paper summary of the case and changing the verdict to guilty. But I guess that's kind of how justice works in the military regardless. In any case though, the best way to avoid this is to not go to an FEB in the first place. Which is something I still put on myself as far responsibility goes. But I still think its fair to say the process could use some tweaking.
  12. Hey, sorry to hear about facing an FEB. It truly is a sucky experience. I went through one in 2017 and it was a similar situation to you, I washed from a FTU. Here are a couple pieces of advice I would give you: 1) Work your network to get people to vouch for you. See what your current leadership and instructors are likely to recommend. Reach out to UPT IP's and see if any will write you letters of support or testify for you. I ended up having two of my UPT IPs come voluntarily TDY and testify in front of the board and vouch for the fact that I was a competent and capable pilot. 2) Be wary of the legal advice your ADC gives you. Ultimately this is your aviation career at stake. In my case the ADC recommended I NOT fight to get reinstated into my FTU course, as he thought it may burn bridges and piss people off in the training squadron (the FTU planned to recommend my removal from the course but reassignment to a new airframe). I went with his recommendation, but ultimately in the end I think that was a mistake (see conclusion below). 3) Keep a record of everything that occurred leading up to and during your FEB. You never know what things you might catch or discover that could help your case now or in the future. 4) Keep your head up! Show up every day with a smile on your face and do whatever job they stash you in with the best attitude you can. Be a bro. Even if this ultimately doesn't help your case in the end, it will help your personal sanity. Also own the fact that you are facing an FEB. Don't be the guy that makes excuses about why you're in this position. Own the mistake and show everyone that you know you can be better. Conclusion: Now here is the part you probably won't want to hear. You can do everything right in the process and still end up with a bad result. The FEB is set up so that no matter what is recommended by the FEB or Convening Authority, the MAJCOM Commander has the final say. In my case I had the FTU leadership and instructors, my UPT instructors, and the Convening Authority all recommend my reassignment to another airframe/mission. And while I did struggle in my FTU, I had no history of failures in UPT. However the MAJCOM commander still reversed their recommendation and removed me from flying status. As mentioned above, if there is one thing I would have done different (other than change my study habits sooner and not even face an FEB), it would have been fight to get put back into my FTU. And as I mentioned above, I think saying that you just want to go to another airframe has to the potential to cause a bad perception. From the Convening Authority on to MAJCOM, your case will only be seen on paper, and whether right or wrong, it could be perceived that just wanting to move on somewhere else demonstrates a lack of commitment or seeking an easier path. Who knows if that really would have changed the result, but it could have helped for sure. Sorry for the long post, but I know I would have liked to have read something like this back when I was in your shoes. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me. I have basically memorized the 11-402. Oh one more thing. If you are truly passionate about aviation and can afford it, keep flying on your own. It could help your case. I've since been reassigned to a new career field, but I'm working on my CFI on my own, hoping at least I can get into civilian aviation, or maybe someday find myself back in an Air Force cockpit. Good luck!
  13. kaputt

    Gun Talk

    http://time.com/money/5178963/dicks-semi-automatic-rifles-cabelas-bass-pro-shops/ Cabellas/Bass Pro are a separate company from Dicks, and are still stocking and selling ARs. EditL Now that I re-read it, I think you meant that Field and Stream is Dick's version of a Cabellas/Bass Pro store. My bad, if that is what you meant.
  14. Thanks for the response. Genuinely appreciate the bluntness. I've got a million things running through my nugget, so apologies for some unfiltered thoughts getting blurted out onto the screen. I do fully accept the responsibility and results of the situation. Thanks for the other responses as well. Probably should have read the whole thread in a little more detail.
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