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  1. I'd like to think one of those lines is me running to the bathroom with pants full of salmonella shits, you can almost see the little brighter red spot on Disney. Good times.
  2. SNL Call Sign Skit

    I want to choke myself for reading that article all the way through.
  3. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

  4. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    What about "the end of the USA big...over time" and righting the ship as early as possible? Ding ding ding. Don't like the tax hike, hire law makers who respect spending money (and lives as an added bonus).
  5. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    In my perfect little world that won't ever exist, if you graduate high school and enlist in the military, you get college paid for, if you want to go back in after college, you go in as an Officer. If you don't want to join the military, but you still want college paid for, you do some sort of peace corps for America. You go be a part of civil service programs all across the country, just like the military you don't get a choice where you go, then you go to college. Either way, we pull Americans out of their sheltered little lives and expose them to the rest of this country, while simultaneously serving the country and it's diverse population and needs. What does this do? Maybe after working side by side with people of different ethnicities, skin colors, religious etc, people get more tolerant. Vice just staying in their town surrounded by the same ol same ol. More buy in, more tolerance (hopefully), more leaders and generations who feel like they did something for the US and they want to protect what they invested in.
  6. Gents, As I sit here from my whiskey fueled perch, pondering the state of the nation, and pissed that the pats didn't lose, I'd like to ask your opinion. What if someone was to run for office on the following premise, accountability. "You all voted in to office people who got this business, our government and country, into mass debt, and continued war spending, monetary, and physical." (it's cumbersome wording, whatever, you get it, human cost) Those elected representatives (for the most part) have not served, their children do not serve, their peers do not serve, they do not know the cost of war. In order to get our country to be a solvent business, and our representatives to know what it costs, we're raising taxes, and starting a draft" ------------------------------- Point being Congress, POTUS, the cabinet, do not know what war costs. We all do. The majority of this country does not. They haven't had to pay for what their representatives are voting for, and their representatives definitely haven't felt the pressure of the consequences of their actions. Those officials absolutely haven't had consequences regarding their words, whether in public, twitter, whatever. If our leaders are affecting the route of this country, they should have some skin in the game, not just ratings. Just interested. Accountability. That's it. PS: If you're going to pick apart any minutiae of the above, don't waste your time. Think big picture.
  7. Like Button

    Clicking the American Flag wasn't good enough. That what very well done.
  8. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Allow me to summarize: MC-12 dudes= disenfranchised, type rated, mostly ATP holding, bitter dudes (and chicks), mostly T-38 trained, with an assignment left. More than 1,000 hours per down range, in a stack, doing stuff. UPT Grads= lots of time left to pay it back, good at making corn, can station keep for the most part. Air Force= Short on people, experience, good deals. UPT= At max blast, still can't fix the leak. 11F= Super short on folks, but somehow still too cool for school. OA/X= Investors? Possibly you! Take the author literally, yea that doesn't make sense. Got it, copy. Over. Fusion, synergy, sygma 6, buzzword. Mix it all up, doesn't sound too far fetched. Take your initial cadre of 11F'ers, throw in a bunch of your pissed off, MC-12'ers as the first classes (add a few UPT grads for good measure), who are itching to get back in the game, give them a program to make their own, give them the all holy "buy in". Guess what the Air Force gets? They don't take a bunch of 11F's out of the game. They possibly retain a bunch of experience in the mcdozen dudes that are definitely gone otherwise, UPT keeps sending people to the pipelines, who loses out? The 11R pipeline? Who's overmanned? Ok. Whatever. (insert conclusion here) Also: Handle of Bulleit Bourbon or Rye at Costco $31, 750 of Noah's Mill $44. edit: A ton of these people are T-6 and T-38 IP/EPs time meow. It really isn't that crazy.
  9. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Ah, the often seen "gear up" configuration, looks slick in the air, or on the ground.
  10. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    One of my favorite things to say in the cockpit, "treat it like a lady" means different things to different folks haha
  11. Flyover/flyby Q&A

    Standby for PM.
  12. Good military/aviation books

    Failure is not an Option - Gene Kranz. Saw the guy talk at KOSH last year with all the Apollo astronauts, it was great, he still drove the conversation and was the clear leader, when he spoke people listened. Hero of the Republic.
  13. Dream Sheet Advice

    Thank you for your service.
  14. Dream Sheet Advice

    this is the most caring and nurturing thread I've seen on base ops without any inter airframe bickering etc etc...I hate it.