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  1. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Lotsa hate from these boyos...
  2. U-2 Dragonlady info

    Bring booze.
  3. Florida ANG

    show up with booze.
  4. NFL Ratings are Way Down

  5. U-2 Crash

  6. Static Display for Lake Havasu AirFest

    I think I'll try some of that beer...
  7. Lost Another - Pilot OK

    Yea it says the pilot is from OK, but how is he doing? (slowly walks out of the room)
  8. Personality Type - MBTI among Rated Officers

    ESTP, 6 inches on a warm day.
  9. T-38 landings

    Get back to work dude...Backseat night landings have just the right amount of "fuckit" involved for my taste.
  10. LA ANG is hiring!

    Great having a beer with you at KOSH, in a couple of years we'll see how it goes...
  11. AF Considering Short Term OA-X

    Flak*...sorry it was very distracting.
  12. U-2 Dragonlady info

    If you look on the facebook that picture came from, the exact same picture without the jets is on there prior...
  13. Aircraft-themed bottle openers...interested?

    Shameless Plug for Planeform and Flanders, they did a bulk order of SICK T-38's and U-2's for the guys at Beale in flat black that came out frickin' sweet.