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  1. Word is it has sharks with laser beams on 1 and 9. Or was it midgets with lasers?
  2. Yeah, I guess there's no way to improve the survivability of an airframe due to its RCS size..
  3. Didn't ask for briefed capes, only if those lamenting the article actual know what is on the table.
  4. Serious question: How many here commenting have been briefed on the capes? Just trying to separate the chaff..
  5. Agreed. I'm not saying I've seen people lose their assignments over a classmate that is married, but I have seen a non-fighter turn into a fighter for a married stud.
  6. Whether it is still in the AFI or not joint spouse consideration for UPT studs is near the top of the list when deciding assignments.
  7. It was a flt/cc (non-fighter guy) in the -38 squadron. Hence the sq/cc of the 87th getting fired.
  8. It was a flt/cc (non-fighter guy) in the -38 squadron. Hence the sq/cc of the 87th getting fired.
  9. So what is the real reason for more FAIPs?
  10. How dare we misquote the great R. Lee Ermey's (may he rest in peace) Steers and Queers quote. For shame.
  11. I find it odd the AF goes scorched earth on these people when there are officers and enlisted getting married it seems like every other month. I'm not talking about both prior enlisted and one gets commissioned either. It's cool though, because one of them is getting out soon... Not saying either is right, it just seems like big blue turns a blind eye to a lot of other inappropriate relationships.
  12. Just because a slide built by an exec who was told to find a way to cut the syllabus says it takes 30% of the instructional time doesn't make it so. Didn't a viper student have an eng issue a few months ago and have to apply some of these procedures? When it was decided to kick the can to the FTU was the amount of additional time it would take b-course students with no prior SFO knowledge to master these skills in 4th/5th Gen jets computed? Brain bytes/study time could be better spent elsewhere. Also, sounds like a cheaper/safer option in a T-6.
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