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  1. Relevant to the current discussion: Sleepwalking Into Risk: Learning from the U.S. Navy Surface Fleet
  2. Australia is a continent. That’s slightly larger than an island..
  3. I guess if by spared you mean they all had CC directed Q3s to include a brand new FAIP sitting in one of the PITs, then yeah good on #1 for putting together a nice flyover as his fini before leaving AD.
  4. This is what they originally posted.
  5. USAF PA at its best. Again. https://www.pacaf.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2002488265/ https://www.pacaf.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2002488266/
  6. That’s great. I wish we had more young officers that could see through the BS. However, if every mx officer in the entire AF thought as the person in your example it wouldn’t be near enough to stem the tide of the toxic SNCOs that run mx (not saying all are toxic). This reality is due to the same reasons the CSAF can order the force to stop doing stupid crap that doesn’t make sense and yet we all inevitably see the stupidity continue. Those that have benefited and been successful in the current environment will continue to keep it alive unless they’re removed, and that won’t happen as long as the AF continues to treat senior enlisted like they’re equal to or above the CGOs that they report to.
  7. I definitely think SNCOs are the issue in our mx squadron. They treat the airman like crap. Keeping a few hundred 18-20 year olds on a tight leash in a foreign country 6,000 miles from home is one thing, but their responses to minor mistakes are way out of proportion. They’re the ones pushing the OICs to hand out paperwork for “reasons”. You can say oh well the Os need to know better, but those Os started out in the sq as a 2d Lt with a NCO or SNCO mentoring/teaching them that this is how discipline is handled in a mx sq. Like a good Lt they listened/trusted the NCO/SCNOs telling them this because they know these ppl were doing the JOB while they were taking naps in kindergarten. It’s no wonder mx can’t keep ppl from leaving the first chance they get.
  8. I just hope you’ve got a 0:0 seat with that ratio. OP, Dude, surely you’ve heard someone say “just be a bro” in regards to an interview. Guard units are looking for dudes to be part of the family, so keep that in mind, but if you’re getting comments about being too informal then maybe you’re going overboard with that. No one here can pin point why you weren’t hired because there are so many variables (in-unit hires, the other dudes have better stats, were more personable, had better answers etc.). As far as your AD questions, unless there’s a UPT IP etc on here willing to track down every drop in the last year and sort out the percentage of fighters there were and how many of those where CAS assets I don’t think you’re going to find what you’re looking for (or you could compile the data from The Drop Night Thread and get a rough wag). If the idea of being 10 yrs from now and watching a flyover at a football game and hating yourself for not rolling the dice and trying your hand at AD for a fighter slot gives you nightmares then maybe you need to talk to a recruiter about an OTS application. I’ll caveat that to say If I could go back and go Guard I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  9. Yes, that is correct. All songs have been purged from fighter squadrons, bars are no longer a part of the squadron, nothing to see here folks...
  10. Jetpower, recommend you ask the person who told you that you’re in that flight who your SRO is... They will have the info you need (Liverpool). Otherwise call the 71 stus and ask your question to ppl that can actually answer it. If you can’t figure out how to contact the stus then I recommend finding a good truck driving school.
  11. How so? The article states PROFANE 11 made that show call with nothing to suggest that changed how the mishap pilot maneuvered in the next few seconds, so can you elaborate on your statement? Copy it’s an article written by a “journalist” and I haven’t read the safety report yet so I get that important details might have been left out/may not be appropriate to discuss here.
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