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  1. How so? The article states PROFANE 11 made that show call with nothing to suggest that changed how the mishap pilot maneuvered in the next few seconds, so can you elaborate on your statement? Copy it’s an article written by a “journalist” and I haven’t read the safety report yet so I get that important details might have been left out/may not be appropriate to discuss here.
  2. 12 Saudis Sent Home It’s about time. Hopefully this is just the start and we’re going to actually vet these people more thoroughly.
  3. Its like how every now and then I turn on MSNBC or CNN just to chuckle at the bleeding heart libs for a few minutes.
  4. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory that Iran shot the jet down?
  5. The short answer is no. He will fill out a dream sheet towards the end of his T-38 time for basically every aircraft in the AF (-38 guys are “universally” assignable) and then his flt/cc will decide what he is going to go fly based on what aircraft are in his drop, his class rank, and what he wants to go fly.
  6. After the conclusion of the first iteration of the Syllabus Slashing Conference of Justice our previous sq/cc told us just the opposite when announcing the changes. He said the Bobs know they’re sacrificing quality for quantity and they’re accepting the risk (by they he meant us/the CAF) due to the crisis. Huge shock there was mixed messaging.
  7. No, they’re not an active duty unit. They’re a guard unit that runs the Eagle ftu.
  8. For the OP just realize if your rental agency rolls in utilities to your overall rent that finance will shit a brick, so keep that on the DL because it’s forbidden*. Recommend getting a vpn service and flashing it (sts) to your router. If you read that and went RCA dog nugget tilt then no sweat, so did I. Checkout express VPN (there are other services no doubt) for about $6/mo you can get a VPN from them that you can install on your phone, laptop and your router. The router option will give you a US IP address pumped out through your home WiFi, that way when you connect your smart TV your amazon prime/Netflix works like you’re in the US. It’s a shit show without a good vpn. Local internet company’s run around $60/mo for “high speed” (off base, or $100+ on base) internet plus $14 for a US vpn. Express vpn has super easy walk throughs that non-tech guys like myself can follow and their customer support has been great. Lastly, buy yourself a dehumidifier before you get here because it’s a must have. The ones at the bx are garbage and getting one shipped here can be a huge ass pain. Much easier to do research and buy stateside and ship with your HHG.
  9. Surge protector for the TV for sure. The apartments you were referring to are in the ¥200,000 to 280,000 range. O-3 gets you around ¥207,000/mo. plus you get several hundred for utilities that can go towards the difference. Agree with pilgrim, no need for a Japanese bank or the one on base for that matter. Look into the Amex platinum/Hilton cards if you don’t already have them. Some places take card some don’t. I always keep around 100 bucks worth of yen on me. You can find cheap cars in the lemon lot and off base but you’re going to have to pay cash so be ready to take out 3K plus out of the atm (the atms on base only allow $500/transaction so it takes a little while). Get smart on how road tax/JCI works here before you buy (your sponsor will know). Also, you’re going to need to pay around 5-7K to get into your apartment (at O-3 pay you’ll pay first months rent ~2K + ~2K security deposit + ~1K agent fee + some possible other move in fees) and that is all in cash (this from all my bros’ and my own experience) so know how to change you’re withdrawal limit in your card. The good news is everything is reimbursed by housing except the security deposit. Not all apartments allow American appliances (W/D, stove, fridge) so keep that in mind. Japanese appliances are most likely not what you want. The good news is you can get the American appliances from base for free. PM me with other questions.
  10. Word is it has sharks with laser beams on 1 and 9. Or was it midgets with lasers?
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