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  1. Boomer6

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    It was a flt/cc (non-fighter guy) in the -38 squadron. Hence the sq/cc of the 87th getting fired.
  2. Boomer6

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    It was a flt/cc (non-fighter guy) in the -38 squadron. Hence the sq/cc of the 87th getting fired.
  3. So what is the real reason for more FAIPs?
  4. How dare we misquote the great R. Lee Ermey's (may he rest in peace) Steers and Queers quote. For shame.
  5. Boomer6

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I find it odd the AF goes scorched earth on these people when there are officers and enlisted getting married it seems like every other month. I'm not talking about both prior enlisted and one gets commissioned either. It's cool though, because one of them is getting out soon... Not saying either is right, it just seems like big blue turns a blind eye to a lot of other inappropriate relationships.
  6. Just because a slide built by an exec who was told to find a way to cut the syllabus says it takes 30% of the instructional time doesn't make it so. Didn't a viper student have an eng issue a few months ago and have to apply some of these procedures? When it was decided to kick the can to the FTU was the amount of additional time it would take b-course students with no prior SFO knowledge to master these skills in 4th/5th Gen jets computed? Brain bytes/study time could be better spent elsewhere. Also, sounds like a cheaper/safer option in a T-6.
  7. BFM is a waste too, when is the last time anyone even got a gun kill...
  8. No different on the -38 side. Sq Training have been pulling their hair out with hooked TI rides for inability to brief/debrief/fly in general.
  9. SPS does PIT in house, so why not the other bases? In fact RND is so backed up with UIPs they had to send 3 non SPS FAIPs to SPS for PIT because the 560th couldn't handle the load (STS). Other bases have already started a short version of in-house PIT. Supposedly, it's only being tested on new FAIPs currently.
  10. Boomer6

    F-35 Lightning info

    "The United States already has more than 150 of the aircraft, whose sensors pilots say give them the most extensive overview about a battlefield of any combat jet available." Sensors pilots.. That sounds pretty neat.
  11. In the last several years I haven't seen any studs from Vance who dropped B-2s that didn't do just that. They're sent to PIT down at RND and then go fly as a back seater in the A model at Whiteman.
  12. Boomer6

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Dude you're a FAIP, you know better. JJ didn't hook you, he just wrote the gradesheet.
  13. Boomer6

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Totally agree. I wouldn't trade flying the -38 for anything, but if the kid doesn't want fighters he's gambling with getting an E-3 if he goes -38s at UPT.