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  1. The Next President is...

  2. More Uniform Changes!

    Vance bros have been wearing them for around two years in the T6 and T38.
  3. Not true. Dude had a great attitude all through upt. Handled it like a champ day of and after. Shoulda Faip'd him. Also, guys don't get E-3s because they piss people off (mostly). If that's how you think drops get decided you should probably talk to someone that's not a Lt. 99% of the time there are no T-1 trades in my neck of the woods. They think their #8 dude is better than our #1 or #2 (no shit) and don't play ball. Regarding heavy drops. Word on the street is AMC told AETC to pound sand if they want any more -38 trained heavy guys back as instructors. AETC said that's cool, we're not sending you anymore -38 trained dudes. Enter afsoc and accept assets.
  4. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Can't speak to T-6s but the sit downs are few and far between in 38s. Dude we can't sit post solo kids, no one cares about EPs, we have the timeline to worry about... Hypemic or histotoxic hypoxia both would make sense- contaminated air from OBOGS could block oxygen absorption, resulting in hypoxia. Think along the lines of carbon monoxide poisoning. Which would make pulling the green ring instead of gangloading make sense (actual 100% O2 from a seperate system), and if they suspect that the normal oxygen supply from OBOGS is providing contaminated air, gangloading would only make the hypoxia worse by increasing the amount of contaminants the crew is exposed to. And rather than have the crew try to figure out what kind of hypoxia they are experiencing, just go for your known good supply of oxygen all the time and figure it out later. Shack. Scary shit.
  5. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Yes, a none CAF guy can teach an SP to land and keep them from hurting themselves. As several posters above have pointed out studs are getting to IFF/B-course and they can't think or even fly tactical. This isn't a pissing contest. It's a matter of experience. Can a heavy guy go learn to fly a -38, yes. Have there been successful cross flows before, yes. Is it more likely a stud will be better at thinking/flying tactical if he flies with IPs who have been doing it for the last at least 4+ years, or from someone that did it for 5 months at PIT (rhetorical)? On top of that there is a different mentality from students when they're taught by CAF vs. non CAF IPs. If you doubt this ask any -38 IP, or SP for that matter, the kind of growing pains studs go through after moving from 99.69% non CAF IPs in T-6s over to the -38 side. Also, the majority of heavy guys coming back as -38 IPs right now are being given additional rides/instruction in TI because it's very much needed in some cases.
  6. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    When the timeline or bust mentality is pushed by leadership the only people getting anything remedial are the "raving lunatics" trying to push back and hold some semblance of a standard.
  7. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    It's depressing the number of times I've heard IPs arguing against giving an unsat with the reasoning of "Is this good for the timeline." The standard at UPT, on the -38 side at least, has been on a sharp decline for the last year or two, because we're more concerned on graduating everyone on time so the masses can keep the "100% on-time graduation" OPR bullet. We're sending SPs to fighters that can't fly TAC to save their life. UPT flt/cc's are sending dudes to fighters because "it's not their job to decide who is good enough to fly a fighter and who isn't, that' IFF's job." Then the studs that can't even fly TAC pass IFF and on down the road the can goes.
  8. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Apparently there is a push to evaluate moving all of UPT to virtual reality training, or so goes the rumor. KAUS wouldn't be bad for upt though..
  9. END 18-01 -38s: F-22 A-10 B-1 AC-130 U-28 E-3
  10. We'll see next week when the drop comes down.. Although who knows how long this supposed fighter drought will last.
  11. Valid. They're not supposed to be dropping any direct from UPT. No changes for studs to be adding them to dream sheets, yet. AF dudes flying the growler won't be boat qual'd. Leadership had a sit down with the -38 studs at END today and told them oprah is all out of vipers and to expect increased "opportunities" to fly other aircraft, but to not expect any MAF assets to drop. Basically, studs actually have to work hard to earn a fighter now.
  12. If leadership at UPT bases are approving pvc patches you're good. If they can make it through that legalistic nightmare I think it's safe to wear them.
  13. Cue the MAF v. CAF dick measuring contest..3..2.. "We all could have made it in fighters, my T6 flt/cc screwed me over. (sts).. "