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  1. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    I can already picture someone half-heartedly chanting this at a CC call
  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    How much do these Dyess shenanigans have to do with this guy being in charge?
  3. Safety School (Albuquerque, AMIC)

    Affirm. Just curious, mostly.
  4. Safety School (Albuquerque, AMIC)

    Thread revival: Any ideas on whether completion of a foreign military's FSO course would result in an S- prefix and associated safety stink?
  5. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    Agree with all of the above, but what's the incentive for Joe Plummer to vote for this kind of proposal? It's in the best interest, perceived or actual, of 99% of this country to maintain the status quo.
  6. VA Loans

    I’ve seen the same - couldn’t use a VA on the first house I bought. Wound up going conventional and eventually refinancing to a VA later on.
  7. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that any contribution that went over the limit would be refunded in its entirety. Thanks for the tip. On topic: It sucks that they aren't maximizing the opportunity here, but is it really a strategically incorrect move from the big AF perspective? If they doubled flight pay to two grand a month, is that a big enough move to keep young Majors from bailing in any significant number? I don't think so. If you're going to concede the pay aspect of the equation to the airlines, I guess you might as well save your pennies where you can.
  8. Personally, I put in a percentage of both my base pay and flight pay in order to get as close as possible to maxing it out. Since it's obviously a percentage-based system rather than one that lets you choose an exact dollar amount, I've usually found that going with the closest whole number percentage of my base pay still leaves me a couple hundred dollars under the mark. I made a spreadsheet as an LT, which accounts for any raises/flight pay increases expected throughout the year, that allows me to tinker with the numbers every December in order to set my percentages for the next year. Usually I can get within five bucks or so of the limit that way. Might not make a huge difference even in the long run, but it's an easy part of my annual EOY financial review.
  9. For one more data point, my (AD) flight pay correctly updated to the new table at the start of the FY, but I haven't yet seen the jump from 2+ YAS to 6+ YAS that should have gone through in November. Seems like a total crapshoot right now.
  10. Chances of Being Deployed Nat'l Guard

    You know, I actually hadn’t considered that an extra year’s worth of information might be worth leaving a little money on the table. Good point.
  11. Chances of Being Deployed Nat'l Guard

    Any further details on that? Some of us younger bucks have to make a decision on opting into the BRS next week, and this kind of thing definitely carries a lot of weight...
  12. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Not to give you too hard a time, Supe, since I’m sure it was colder back in the day, but -495F is below absolute zero.
  13. BRS continuation bonus details are out

    Not the perfect spot for it, but it's already under discussion in the ACP thread:
  14. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Can you post the stated requirements for our SA?