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  1. Yeah, DOR is drop on request
  2. I know of a guy who picked up two LORs as an LT for somewhat similar things (both for online shenanigans of a sexual nature). Didn’t make Capt on-time because of it, but had a good attitude and absolutely worked his ass off after that, including on some high-vis projects that the bobs loved. After a one year penalty lap, he made Capt, though the long term effect on his career remains to be seen. My bet would be that the referral would be noticed by most board members at a Majors board, even with another 6 OPRs on top. Whether that matters in a world with a 95% promotion rate is anyone’s guess. Ultimately someone has to be in that 5%, but like someone else mentioned above, there are more people out there than you’d think with negative paperwork in their past.
  3. This is something I've always been unclear on as an AD guy. How exactly does USERRA "reset"? If you go back to your civilian job for one day, do you get another five years of protection? Does it come back on a rolling one day for one day basis? Some other more complex way?
  4. 2, same. This was under the old ATP system and I don’t know if the checkride has changed at all since then, but I had no complaints with their program. And that’s coming from a guy with maybe 5 hours GA experience and zero time in light twins.
  5. For what it’s worth, CSAF apparently couldn’t agree with you less. He attached the Chief’s statement to an email sent to all wing commanders today, and told them to disseminate it to their wings. Standing by for words about Fingers in 3, 2, 1...
  6. Anybody have access to old UPT syllabi? Trying to track down a copy of the one that would have been in place when I went through KCBM as a student in 2011-2012.
  7. ANG still significantly better than AFRC?
  8. Kim Yo Jong... not a bad description
  9. Not in the ARC, so correct me to 100%, but wouldn't it make sense for a part-timer to always take their leave rather than selling it so that you get the points in addition to the pay?
  10. Harvested some capital losses and pushed that cash into oil/energy on 23 Mar. Otherwise just boosting regular contributions to passive funds.
  11. I’m surprised the LAF Lt Col board is still a go. Is it mission essential to turn LAF O-4s into O-5s, but not nurses/chaplains/whatever?
  12. Asked that exact question to the education office last year. They told me no.
  13. Obviously this is going to put a stop to airline hiring for a significant amount of time. I've seen estimates as short as 6 months and as long as 10 years, with a current consensus in the ~2 year range. Once hiring does start up again, do you guys see it initially being more competitive than it has been in the recent past for mil guys, based on the potential glut of guys whose UPT commitments are now expired, who got enough hours at their regional to be competitive, etc? Just wondering how much of my new-found free time I should be dedicating to the more ancillary parts of the resume like formal education.
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