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  1. F-15C: Guy in front rubs, guy in back tugs
  2. mcbush

    The Next President is...

    Think it's quiet because this election pretty much went exactly as expected, at least more so than any other in recent memory. Not sure I'd characterize Texas as business as usual, though. The TX senate race during the 2014 midterms saw Cornyn (R) win by a tally of 61.6% to 34.4%, with a total of 4.4 million votes cast. Compare those numbers to this year, where Cruz wins 50.9% to 48.3% with over 8.2 million votes cast. Not enough to flip the state, but still a significant change. Story of the day, in my opinion, is the firing of Jeff Sessions.
  3. mcbush

    Upcoming Boards

    You're not going to like what I have to tell you, but if you take it to heart, it will help you in the future. Your attitude is 100% the opposite of what it should be. You need to debrief yourself on why you came up short. I'm willing to show you how, but only you can take the steps required to make it count. I can guarantee that you will never, ever hear a CAF pilot say "why can't I catch a break?" in a debrief. If you ever hear a MAF pilot say that, punch him in the face and tell him to fix himself. Asking a question like that is a way of absolving yourself of ownership of the situation. You are the only one who can control your performance, which means that you need to figure out why you failed to reach your goal, strike your target, execute your airdrop, or get hired by a squadron. A good debrief is the most important part of any sortie. It's an opportunity to actually learn lessons, rather than just observe them, in order to be better next time. Doing that requires brutal honesty, and often requires admitting and owning your failures and shortcomings in front of your peers. You don't have to do that yet, since this is a personal exercise, but realize that if you're going to be a successful AF pilot, you should be the type of person who can put his ego on the shelf and take a good honest look at his performance, good and bad. Learning from a debrief usually starts with a question, called a DFP or debrief focus point. Your DFP is NOT "why can't I catch a break?". Instead, your DFP is really "why wasn't I good enough (in the eyes of the only people who matter, i.e. the ones hiring you) to land the job this time around?". That is the question that will drive your future actions and spur you to be better if you can fix it. Once you have your DFP, identify your contributing factors, or CFs. No one knows these better than you. What are your weak points? Maybe you stayed up too late drinking before the interview, or maybe your grades weren't very good in college. How much flight time do you have? Is it less than your peers who are also applying? Remember, the people you're competing against are shit hot, top-1%-of-Americans kind of people. If you have 45 hours and a PPL under your belt but they all have 200 hours and an instrument rating, then this could be a contributing factor to the overall outcome. I realize that you don't know everything about everyone else, but you know what the weaker areas of your application are. List out 3-4 of them, ideally ones that you can improve upon moving forward. Step three: identify a root cause. Usually, there's one CF that's more important than the others, which led directly or indirectly to the chain of events that caused mission failure. What is your biggest shortcoming? Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring board - what part of your application would cause you to look at other applicants rather than snatching yourself (sts) up right away? Usually in aviation, everything can be done better the next day. That might not be the case for you - your college GPA is probably pretty set in stone, for example. However, there are always things that can be done to improve your application and, more importantly, yourself. That leads straight to the fourth and final step: the fix. What can you do to improve your odds next time around? What concrete actions can you take to prevent that root cause from holding you back in the next interview? Map it out on a piece of paper and post it somewhere where you'll see it often. Use this framework anytime you fail and you'll find yourself succeeding more and more. No pilot has ever flown a perfect sortie, but the good ones work hard to get a little bit closer the next time around.
  4. Always a crapshoot. It probably depends as much on your classmates' preferences as anything else. You could easily be the only one looking for helos in a class that drops a couple of them, or you could be the #2/4 in a class that drops one. Just boils down to luck and timing, like everything else. That said, finishing highly in the rack-and-stack can only help.
  5. mcbush

    Russian Dry Dock Sinks

    I like to think that there's a Russian BODN out there where some salty comrade's cracking jokes right now about getting their dock wet courtesy of ЪѻƵip's mom
  6. mcbush

    Tanker to Fighter

    Let’s be honest, there’s no plan.
  7. mcbush

    The Next President is...

    I don't see Republicans holding the House, but I also don't see the Dems gaining any seats in the Senate. I did think 538's piece this morning on the Democratic fundraising advantage could portend unexpected results, but I don't know what to make of it any more than Nate Silver does.
  8. There was a bit of a storm there recently, not sure if you heard about it...
  9. Not the case in C-17 land either.
  10. mcbush

    Reno Air Races

    How’d he go from being an A-10 dude to a T-Bird?
  11. mcbush

    Stocks for Dummies (Aviators)

    “The ancient Oracle said that I was the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing.” - Socrates
  12. mcbush

    The Next President is...

    What do you mean? Genuinely curious.
  13. mcbush

    The Next President is...

    So, nobody wants to talk about POTUS’s former campaign manager and personal attorney both becoming felons yesterday? Or about Cohen’s assertion under oath that he was directed to violate election law by his client, the Donald?
  14. mcbush

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Agreed up until the last point. Situation dependent, obviously, but if we’re getting hijacked and you have a clear shot, fvcking shoot ‘em.
  15. mcbush

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    Check two posts up.