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  1. Basically just a VA refi https://www.va.gov/housing-assistance/home-loans/loan-types/interest-rate-reduction-loan/
  2. Friend of mine got PTDY approved for this just last week. YMMV based on your boss and your ability to sell it.
  3. This is a smart bet. And Haley will win.
  4. I'm still in the outer reaches of AMC (aka PACAF), so I have somewhat low SA on life at the super bases, but from my perspective it hasn't changed that much over the past five years or so. As an IP, I try to fly about one ~50 hour trip every 3-4 months and one ~4 hour local per week. That means I probably spend one month a year on the road... a far cry from the 300 days a year some people were logging 10-15 years ago. That being said, I think a lot of the "ops tempo" grind for our younger folks comes from other TDYs not necessarily related to mission employment. Once you're done with your 5 trips to Altus (for airdroppers), SOS, CATS/MECOC, AIS, etc., you've eliminated a lot of the things that pull you away from home. It also helps that we only deploy a handful of copilots and ACs from the PACAF squadrons, so the threat of deployments is extremely low out here. I haven't seen one in over 4 years, but of course, YMMV.
  5. I think some of that stems from a legitimate difference in philosophy and perspective, but mostly boils down to the fact that incumbents are always going to tell you that everything has been awesome on their watch, and challengers have to sell the notion that everything is terrible.
  6. You forgot Kurdistan. But don’t worry, everybody always does.
  7. I think it’s just base pay. Here’s a chart that’s going around on Reddit: https://i.redd.it/9rnge9wpbfl51.jpg
  8. mcbush

    FAIP Q&A

    Good friend of mine did exactly that. Really wanted A-10s, but it wasn't going to happen out of his student drop, so he put FAIP near the top of his list. Got picked for it, did a couple years at Columbus, and is now out flying A-10s and loving life. That said, this is the ultimate YMMV. There's obviously no guarantee that your FAIP drop is going to be any better than the drop you saw as a student, and it could be significantly worse. All comes down to the same factors as everything else: luck and timing (and a little hard work and being a good dude).
  9. mcbush

    F1 Thread

    How/where do you guys watch F1? I'm not usually a huge car guy, but I'm interested in checking it out. Where do I start?
  10. Another year down, and we’re further than ever from dedicated light attack. For the optimists out there... see you next year.
  11. Yeah, DOR is drop on request
  12. This is something I've always been unclear on as an AD guy. How exactly does USERRA "reset"? If you go back to your civilian job for one day, do you get another five years of protection? Does it come back on a rolling one day for one day basis? Some other more complex way?
  13. 2, same. This was under the old ATP system and I don’t know if the checkride has changed at all since then, but I had no complaints with their program. And that’s coming from a guy with maybe 5 hours GA experience and zero time in light twins.
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