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  1. Copy, just wondering what proportion of ROTC/OTS guys EAD before the Academy folks every year. i.e. if 2000 people are getting promoted, do the USAFA grads generally end up with line numbers 200-900, 1200-1900, etc. I’m sure it ebbs and flows a bit and isn’t important in the long run, just curious.
  2. On a totally different note, any SA or WAGs out there about what range of line numbers the academy guys usually wind up with for O-4?
  3. I don't have any sort of inside scoop, but the way I read it, this should apply to everyone.
  4. Obviously one of the stupidest ideas ever, but for a surprisingly large number of reasons. Obviously it's ridiculous on its face, and it's ridiculous to think that people won't figure out how to bypass it, but the math on it is crazy too. Arizona has a population of 6.4 million people. If we assume half are men and half are women, and we trust the stats thrown out at Church last Sunday (no shit, thanks Church) that 85% of men and 33% of women watch porn, that gives us a maximum of 3.8 million total viewers even if we include kids of all ages. Multiply that times the $20 mentioned and you're generating a maximum of $76 million. By suggesting that border security is "the first" of the causes to be funded by this, she's implying that it would pay for more that just that, which is crazy stupid. AZ represents almost exactly 20% of the total length of the US-Mexico border, meaning raising $76m for AZ would be roughly equivalent to raising $380m for border security for the entire country, which is 6.6% of what Trump is currently asking for to get started on his wall, and somewhere between 0.4-1.5% of its total estimated cost, depending on who you believe. Sit down, Gail.
  5. This checks from what I remember last year. MilTax was just a different name on the same program. Finding the right link is always impossible, though.
  6. Takeoff out of Missouri, sit in cruise for 14 hours, press a button, sit in cruise for 14 hours, land.
  7. Think you’re talking about the debit card version of the GTC that went away years ago.
  8. Even if we ignore the fact that this isn’t how trade agreements work, I just want to point out that the new NAFTA (known as the USMCA) has not been ratified and therefore isn’t currently in effect. We are not, by any stretch of the imagination, raking in billions of pesos from our friends south of the border.
  9. Any thoughts on how long this partial government shutdown is going to last? From their own perspectives, neither Trump nor congressional Democrats have much incentive to give in. The question, in my opinion, is if the rest of the Republican party will eventually throw in the towel.
  10. Agreed. Like it or not, tanker culture will have to change because threats to the tanker are changing. The line of thinking that tanker or other HVAA dudes will forever be able to operate unfettered in ALR low environments is outdated and doesn’t reflect the reality of threats that are here now or will be very soon. The -46, for all its flaws, does move the ball forward in some ways. Helping to bring the MAF up on the datalink is one unclass example.
  11. Go back? We’ve been there continuously for at least the last five years in my little corner of the AF.
  12. Think it's quiet because this election pretty much went exactly as expected, at least more so than any other in recent memory. Not sure I'd characterize Texas as business as usual, though. The TX senate race during the 2014 midterms saw Cornyn (R) win by a tally of 61.6% to 34.4%, with a total of 4.4 million votes cast. Compare those numbers to this year, where Cruz wins 50.9% to 48.3% with over 8.2 million votes cast. Not enough to flip the state, but still a significant change. Story of the day, in my opinion, is the firing of Jeff Sessions.
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