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  1. The DPE was the only worthwhile part of accessible aviation ... and I don’t know if he’s still giving check rides. Avoid crazy Carl.
  2. Once they get 12-15 years old, paper thin, and the threads turn a bit purple ... they’re super comfortable.
  3. Midget isn’t a race...it’s hilarious
  4. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    California is so stupid
  5. People usually fuck themselves by not knowing that they are the target. never pass up the opportunity to shut the fuck up.
  6. Masters degree helps with your airline apps as well .... just sayin
  7. It was the summer of Hoss. And it was glorious
  8. When it went back down to 60, I had 45 days i had to burn that year. that was a good summer.
  9. I / we’ve been calling it Kung flu since it started. Keep up!
  10. So porny. Very nice. Stay strong!
  11. The $3 question is ... if AA declares bankruptcy are those guys still getting their 50 hrs?
  12. Faips progress a bit faster than their peers... slightly. But not really important. Your issue highlights why Adair T38s worked fairly well. Cheap, plentiful, and UPT newbies that went there got faip-like hours with added tactical experience. As an added bonus the Tyndall Adair kids got to fly to/from/in the same airspace and see the b-course missions and debriefs (from the other side of the table). I think it freed up a lot of brain cells later since they weren’t having to learn motherhood (to from airspace, shot Val litany, etc) fresh in the b-course. also was the way upt next was headed (at least last I heard). UPT to IFF to Adair to bourse.
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