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  1. Take detailed notes.
  2. She can’t touch your va disability I’m told. In Florida, it’s not worth fighting over assets as they will just be split 50/50. Tell your airline .... it may not ever be an issue. But if you do have issues in training they can help.
  3. Welcome to the Air Force! get used to doing everyone else’s job for them.
  4. Different wings then (325 FW, 53 WG)? It was enough of a difference that a PCA across the street could keep the flesh peddlers happy.
  5. Read the directions / help for each section for each airline. It varies. Whatever you actually put in, be able to justify it / back it up with paperwork / explain to someone who has never seen an airplane (HR monkey) in terms a 4 year old would understand.
  6. Moving your availability date prior to an actual interview is no big deal. Airlines won’t care and likely won’t notice. Folks were getting in trouble, or shown the door, for changes AFTER the interview. Basically they got hired and then said, “oh by the way, i really can’t start in February .... how’s August sound?” If they think you’re being dishonest you’re sunk. Prior to the interview, you can change dates and stuff on your app as you see fit
  7. If you have to choose between the two because of start date conflicts...get your foot in the door with the airlines. The af is hurting for pilots and there will likely be plenty of opportunities to get back into the ftu at a later date.
  8. What mws? if you’re flying fighters, you’ve got 2 yrs and 6-9 months on station at best. Buffs / jstars / etc with only 1 or 2 bases ... still highly unlikely. Look to PCA to a tenet unit or other command on the same base. For example, Tyndall has (had) ACC flying and AFMC flying (wsep). So you could theoretically bounce around the same base. Seymour is similar. Usually for shiny pennies tho. If you want to homestead ... the guard / reserves is really your only plausible option.
  9. HossHarris


    Having just lost nearly everything in hurricane Michael... here’s a few tips for Florida gulf coast homeowners insurance (sidebar): - You are likely underinsured. Rebuilding a house is $150/Sq ft at a minimum. - You are definitely underinsured in additional structures. - Opt in for 50% law and ordinance coverage. The standard is 25% if you do nothing. This extra pot of money will save your ass in several situations. It’s cheap. - Get replacement cost coverage (not actual cash value) for your personal property. It’s a bit more expensive than the L&O bump up to 50%, but worth it. - Read the text of your actual policy...and keep up with year to year changes to it. Pay particular attention to named storm exclusions. You can get different underwriting, riders, separate policies, etc. to fill the holes you find. - When the disaster happens, and it will, step 1 is read your policy again in detail. Welcome to redneck paradise! Stay off my fishing spots.
  10. At delta, and I think other majors are very similar, you start losing money around year 2 and it’s real money in year 3. That being said, from a purely pragmatic standpoint, it is a powerful tool for managing your airline schedule. In the olden days, folks would stay in the reserves forever to have that scheduling power. With the seniority movement these days it may not make as much sense to lose that money. And there are the intangibles. Continuing to serve means a lot to some.
  11. I’ve been sitting reserve oct 18 through present. I’ve worked zero actual hours. I’ve been paid about 360ish hours. So about $62k gross with zero actual work. Zero. We’re currently overmanned on my plane in my seat. I’m on year 2. Its been wonderful. My effective hourly rate for actual work performed in 2018 is up around widebody captain. The grass is greener.
  12. Depending on the airline, healthcare can be rather spendy! Like 6-9 hundred a month for a family with large copays and out of pocket. Anything you can do to offset that cost will help!
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