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  1. Can faips go direct overseas (not Korea) from the f-16 b-course these days?
  2. Navy standard. It’s not gay if you’re underway
  3. Once you retire/quit, the Velcro comes off pretty easily and it makes kick ass boat/fishing jacket
  4. I can almost guarantee there’s a pilot in now that will face a RIF in the future. The only constant is change ....
  5. “Operates” rq-4. operate may not be the correct word ...
  6. If anything, those numbers are a little low ... at least for delta. Low for gross pay, about right to 5% high for take home ... and I’m not a striver nor hard worker (anyone who knows me will vouch).
  7. The real proof of the pudding will be if the promotion rates for each category are tailored to the needs and missions of the af. I don’t really care who’s on the operator board if the promotion rate is 90+%.
  8. We fly speeds out of speed cards for the E190 at AAL also. Round your Landing weight up to the nearest thousand and plug those numbers off the card into the CDU so that it brings the bugs up on your speed tape. Yes, it is so easy a caveman can do it. Electronic bugs...magic! the mighty maddog has physical bugs on the airspeed indicator you manually move around. No knobs, no dials, no magic.
  9. You can travel almost anywhere, for business or pleasure, without any effect on your clearances ..., as long as you let the appropriate clearance folks know in advance. Sometimes WELL in advance.
  10. Use caution with sleep issues. some say easy disability rating, but if a doctor says you require a CPAP the FAA will be interested (if you ever fly for $$). obviously get the help you need ... but sleep apnea isn’t panacea the rumors would suggest.
  11. Egypt ETSS gig was better than Saudi
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