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  1. I don’t doubt that things suck now ... but it didn’t used to suck (as much). I’ve seen and participated an many wonderful bar shenanigans. Sometimes the bosses stuck around and did shots off the strippers. Sometimes there was punchy-face. Sometimes they left early for plausible deniability. Sometimes the shenanigans were at their houses. But there were always shenanigans.
  2. Yes. There’s no rank in the debrief. There’s no rank in the bar.
  3. It usually involves where you want to live as a primary driver.
  4. And every military guy that manages to get away with it makes it that much harder for the next mil guy to get called or get hired.
  5. Yes. You can sell some/all/none up to 60 days. just realize you are taking a financial hit by selling it back. You lose bah, bas, etc. You also lose the 5 days of leave you would earn during those 60 days you’re selling.
  6. Good way to lose a cjo .... at least with delta.
  7. Yes! 3 months of reserve when we were overmanned a bit, any home layover >16hrs I coukd Scrounge (maybe 6-9 for the year), and general apathy. work less, not smarter nor harder
  8. https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/major/126228-end-2019-salary-survey.html
  9. I’ll contrast as a delta commuter. Year 2/3 maddog $136k pay, $14k PS, $23k DC, $5.5k per Diem and other stuff. $179k total. 360hrs of block. 60 nights on the road (not in my own bed). no strategies or gimmicks .... no premium or overtime flying .... just absolute minimum effort. /bragging
  10. Reference the salary post on APC under majors. Lots of good data points.
  11. I remember hearing about that. If it’s a 12 hour leash tho.... shots!
  12. Or at least relatively close. Atlanta sucks. The panhandle of Florida is awesome and close enough.
  13. I think the key difference is that this knucklehead was in Baghdad when he caught a warhead. I’d also be willing to speculate that there was pretty good intel linking him to the embassy shenanigans .... or ... he was getting a little too popular / powerful back home and we got tipped off. (retired ... don’t actually know anything ... free to wildly speculate)
  14. 12 hour leash...8 hours bottle to throttle....profit!
  15. If I can be at home, drunk, poking the frau, while shooting fireworks .... or fishing in the gulf .... then it’s not really work.
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