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  1. If it doesn’t have an FAA blessing you get nothing for a logbook. It’s effectively a toy
  2. If you really want to fight them you’ll have to change bank accounts. They can still reach into your direct deposit account long after you’re gone.
  3. If you craft the orm sheet for your squadron correctly, you can never add up enough points for management involvement .....
  4. Shut up and color. Take your lumps and learn. If you quibble, and it is quibbling, you may win the battle...but you may also lose the war. And of course, the obvious answer, don’t fuck up the pattern and you won’t face this issue.
  5. I’m an inch shorter than when I started UPT because I was young and bulletproof in a viper. I am no longer young and my back and neck remind me of that every day. Was it worth it? Prolly. Ask me again when I’m 60
  6. Strike Eagle Bubba is running a program with ties to delta in NC https://mil2atp.com/mil2atp-inc-named-top-flight-school-southeast/
  7. They would have had to get to you MUCH earlier. Waaaay before getting close to the end of your ADSC for any “good deals” to have any effect. basically, they’d have to make the AF great again from the start. Good luck.
  8. That and smoking ... being a gang banger in Chicago.... skin cancer .... you doing sunscreen inspections on the flightline?
  9. You coulda had that whole program unfucked in a week.
  10. You’d also be surprised at how badly the cops/local da screw up blood alcohol testing.
  11. You assume big blue is still using IFF as a quality screen and cutting folks....
  12. While you CAN..... it’s generally considered polite to wait until you’re off probation. Hell, you can drop mil leave in Indoc if you’re feeling froggy.
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