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  1. Where in the constitution does it say the federal government has a duty to protect the citizenry from financial ruin?
  2. I don’t know if that’s a battle worth picking ....
  3. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    I am of the other camp on pistol calibers....bigger holes are bigger. a lot of the “kick” has to do with the weight of the pistol. A super lightweight “lady” gun (lady smith revolver in 357 for example) has a sharp angry kick. An all metal 1911 does not .... and as an added bonus can be used as a blunt implement if you’re out of ammo
  4. Airlines will look at your FEF
  5. Yup. Another swing at bat. Just be aware that being a faip May close some doors further down the road. For example, Fighter WIC is/was much more of a challenge to get into as a former faip.
  6. The DPE was the only worthwhile part of accessible aviation ... and I don’t know if he’s still giving check rides. Avoid crazy Carl.
  7. Once they get 12-15 years old, paper thin, and the threads turn a bit purple ... they’re super comfortable.
  8. Midget isn’t a race...it’s hilarious
  9. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    California is so stupid
  10. People usually fuck themselves by not knowing that they are the target. never pass up the opportunity to shut the fuck up.
  11. Masters degree helps with your airline apps as well .... just sayin
  12. It was the summer of Hoss. And it was glorious
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