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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The age 65 change arguably had an equal or greater effect than the economy. We could have another recession and it barely affect airline hiring.
  2. Stuck at Kef

    Thanks all! This was strictly for a tourist trip. I think we are going to shift a little east to.....Scotland! Any tips on Scotland would be appreciated! (Tentative plan is to stay in Dundee and split time between touring and playing the classic links courses.)
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I’m still curious what the “flight training center” is of those slides. And still laughing at the slide that blames congress for this mess.
  4. Stuck at Kef

    Necropost of Justice! I just want to confirm that there is no longer and military lodging on Iceland, right? I googled around and couldn't find anything but I just want to make sure. Thanks to anyone who has been there recently.
  5. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I think I understand the "Contract UPT" thing on that chart but what is "Flight Training Center?" Great slides....please keep posting this stuff when you get it.
  6. All I see is yet another FMS I would struggle through.
  7. You are correct. In fact, I believe you can fund it as a traditional then convert it to Roth. They call this (focus on 'they') a backdoor Roth. But if you are in this area, you can't deduct any of the traditional contributions.
  8. Can't. I make too much now to fund IRA's. Not saying that to brag, but it was a cluster F when I hit that threshold a couple years ago. (O5 with additional income from real estate and dividends) Betcha Cleared Hot is in same boat.
  9. Retake the test as well. Even a slight improvement shows that you are dedicated to continual improvement.
  10. Why not just set your base pay percentage for tsp to equal whatever you want? (Which should be the Max people!) Much easier than having any special/incentive pays go to tsp.
  11. To be determined. Has to be a job that I’d enjoy in a place I’d enjoy. Not one or the other. Has to be both. Still doing research and reaching out to people.
  12. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Yeah i think you are looking at this wrong. You seem to ask “what should I do with my career?” Which is totally different than what retirement option to pursue. You need to know what your plan is then choose which retirement option works best.
  13. There are a couple jobs I’d do. (Literally “a couple”) I’m wondering if I’d have more leverage with this program than attempting to vlpad into it. (I’m over 20 agr with no bonus or commitments whatsoever)
  14. Has anyone started this process or inquired recently? I have a number of questions.
  15. Latest Movies

    I meant the first one was great.
  16. Latest Movies

    Awesome. That movie was incredible. So underrated.
  17. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    I understand that. I went through army pilot training before upt. Doesn’t stop me from questioning the sanity of a recently retired pilot going to do that at a upt base. That’s a lot different than teaching 135 sims at Hickam or c-17 at mcchord or ec-130 at dm.
  18. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    I would have to question the sanity or background of anyone who chose to work as a retiree civilian at a upt base for under $200k a year. Omitting the 6-9 people from those areas, you’d have to be unhireable at the airline or have some serious skeletons in the closet.
  19. There’s gotta be a finance officer at Afrc and ngb headquarters right? Is this really an unsolvable issue? Id have to guess it is a three minute coding issue in mypay or whatever archaic system they use.
  20. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Why mention something then not provide a single detail hindsight? I’m in Afrc have no idea what you are talking about.
  21. From that af times article: "We’re standing up F-16 graduate pilot training at Holloman [Air Force Base], so if we have some F-16 retirees that are relatively recent and current, then we would look at that option.” hahaha. Good luck wth that.
  22. I have a question for the group. An often refrain is "get rid of the pointless staff jobs." Are we sure they haven't done that? If not, why? That would seem like the first, easiest fix.
  23. If they are serious about this (I actually haven't seen any indication that they are), the first thing you do is allow guys to keep getting their retirement when then come back. Now you are talking close to $200k a year and you might get some takers. But to ask (or whatever we are calling this) guys to give up a $50k pension to make $130K? No way in the world. I know a lot of recently retired people and I literally can't think of a scenario where someone would do that. The first step that would actually help this and be easy to implement would be a massive increase in TFI initiatives along with being able to be a part timer (TR/DSG depending on the language you speak) to be able to get their retirement except for the days the are in status. Regarding the question asked of me earlier about the 16 TAFMS restriction. You can read the details about all the bonuses under mypers, officer, then compensation. Active duty, ANG and AFRC all have their own program. Currently AFRC is the only one with a federal active service restriction. While I assume the figure that the 16-20 year guys aren't leaving (which is a dangerous assumption in itself) they seemed to forget that the guys with over 20 have less and less incentive to stay in.
  24. I'd keep going in my AGR past retirement if AFRC didn't have this absurd 16 year TAFMS restriction on the bonus.
  25. It is voluntary and the amount of dudes that volunteer for this might be in the single digits. Meanwhile AFRC still has a 16 year TAFMS restriction on the bonus. I am going to run the numbers to see the money breakdown for a LtCol AGR to keep going past 20 or retire, start drawing retirement pay then come back in as a traditional reservist. (Another program that is open at the moment)