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  1. From that af times article: "We’re standing up F-16 graduate pilot training at Holloman [Air Force Base], so if we have some F-16 retirees that are relatively recent and current, then we would look at that option.” hahaha. Good luck wth that.
  2. I have a question for the group. An often refrain is "get rid of the pointless staff jobs." Are we sure they haven't done that? If not, why? That would seem like the first, easiest fix.
  3. If they are serious about this (I actually haven't seen any indication that they are), the first thing you do is allow guys to keep getting their retirement when then come back. Now you are talking close to $200k a year and you might get some takers. But to ask (or whatever we are calling this) guys to give up a $50k pension to make $130K? No way in the world. I know a lot of recently retired people and I literally can't think of a scenario where someone would do that. The first step that would actually help this and be easy to implement would be a massive increase in TFI initiatives along with being able to be a part timer (TR/DSG depending on the language you speak) to be able to get their retirement except for the days the are in status. Regarding the question asked of me earlier about the 16 TAFMS restriction. You can read the details about all the bonuses under mypers, officer, then compensation. Active duty, ANG and AFRC all have their own program. Currently AFRC is the only one with a federal active service restriction. While I assume the figure that the 16-20 year guys aren't leaving (which is a dangerous assumption in itself) they seemed to forget that the guys with over 20 have less and less incentive to stay in.
  4. I'd keep going in my AGR past retirement if AFRC didn't have this absurd 16 year TAFMS restriction on the bonus.
  5. It is voluntary and the amount of dudes that volunteer for this might be in the single digits. Meanwhile AFRC still has a 16 year TAFMS restriction on the bonus. I am going to run the numbers to see the money breakdown for a LtCol AGR to keep going past 20 or retire, start drawing retirement pay then come back in as a traditional reservist. (Another program that is open at the moment)
  6. Can I wear both my air assault and airborne wings with my pilot wings? Thanks for researching!
  7. I'm not sure. I have air assault wings and know they aren't allowed but my airborne wings are. (Although then everyone just assumes I went to usafa). If I were you I wouldn't wear the tab on flight shit but I'd research if they are allowed on the dress jacket.
  8. North Korea at it again

    Ready to tie pme to this? One of my silly awc papers was on North Korea and my "feedback" was something to the effect of "you didn't propose anything that hasn't already been discussed." No kidding.....his has been an issue for almost 70 years. So now-for the rest of my life-when I read about North Korea it just makes me pissed off at pme.
  9. I'm nearly certain YAS is years aviation service which starts the day you are entitled to flight pay. Ie first day of upt
  10. VLPAD

    Very interesting. That's awesome. And way to say no to hmn.
  11. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Fwiw, its las cruces. And having lived near there and near mojave-I'd suggest Mojave (but live in Tehachapi) if given the choice. Both are middle of nowhere but at least you can get places from mojave.
  12. VLPAD

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread I applied and was accepted and then denied release by afrc. (11f). I know of at least one other that was denied. I'd also like to hear from folks who VLPADed. (Now it's a verb!)
  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    "Also, if we think we have it bad because of ###, we need to go to see those in Walter Reed and reconsider if we really have it that bad." They didn't really say that, did they? Tell me they didn't say that.
  14. It's simply a matter of not enough qualified people for the available positions. Most agr positions have very specific requirements listed as mandatory. There are also "desired" qualifications as well.
  15. Welcome to trying to fill agr positions in 2017.
  16. Ackc-congrats dude. That is awesome. We had a former infrantry officer in one of my f-16 ANG units (he had sf and ranger tabs too) and it was cool.
  17. Lost Another - Pilot OK

    There are two reasons: 1-much less risk of g lock 2-much less risk of spacial d due to way less night flying.
  18. FY16 "Bonus Shenanigans"

    You used logic and called me old all in one post. Bravo good sir. (Still would like some free money since I'm one of about six dudes left from my year group)
  19. FY16 "Bonus Shenanigans"

    Speaking of bonus shenanigans, I'm going to keep asking why Afrc has a 16 years tafms restriction but the ANG doesn't until someone can provide me an answer.
  20. I have a question: Why is there a tafms restriction for Afrc but not for the ANG? Id ask Afrc myself but they didn't put a single way to contact anyone on the message.
  21. I honestly think some of this has to do with the age of the people making these decisions. It is very difficult for people to place inflation into real context. I've had the following conversation with my dad: "Sierra Nevada is $14 a 12 pack?! That's so expensive!" "uh dad. Do the math on what beer cost 20 years ago" thinks...... "you're right. Bargain "
  22. It is also apparent that the following announcement would hold more people than the bonus: "No more 365's. Period. For anyone."
  23. Not to be pedantic, but it really does matter: you would pocket $75,000 at the absolute top. Make sure you factor taxes in when making this decision.
  24. It was released if you didn't have a chance to look at it. The 16 year TAFMS restriction is still in place which is frustrating. And before you say, "well they already know they have got you," consider this: that could be the difference in staying past 20. I know of numerous folks (myself included) that were on the fence about extending their AGR time past 20.