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    It was this time last year when Capt John "Trojan" Graziano died in a T-38 crash, and a year before that when Capt Paul "Stuck" Barbour lost his life the same way. Don't worry gents, Trojan and Stuck are two of the best men and pilots I've ever met and I know they are giving our Vance boys a royal welcome up there. They're in good hands. Nickel on the grass.
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    It's a lot more fun driving a slow car fast than it is a fast car slow!
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    You’ll have plenty of time to make impulsive purchases as a Lt
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    So I saw that they loaded IFT for Apr 2 and my CSS told me JBSA Randolph as well. Could be a placeholder.
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    I can credit Lt Col Kincade almost entirely for preparing me to succeed on my instrument check. Phenomenal pilot. Rest easy gents. 🥃
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    The opposite is true. ACIP and bonus should be paid at a monthly/yearly rate for part timers the same as active duty. Both have the exact same requirements to be ready to fly. Also for all the complaints about AD pay, the same goes for drill pay: it’s not enough for the skills brought and already invested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Because they are locked into a service commitment and no longer are at will and can quit. It makes managing force structure a lot easier when you know people can’t walk.
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    Apples and oranges. I would not rate any car experience as matching flying fighters, but that doesn’t mean cars aren’t awesome/fun. I’ve been a Vette guy for a long time and finally sold mine not too long ago. It wasn’t the flying comparison that drove the sale, it was changing life priorities. I also wish I hadn’t spent my entire cadet loan on a BMW, but it was fun.
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    As a LT spending serious $ on a vehicle is stupid. Flying a fighter doesn’t ruin driving a vehicle. The Air Force finds a way to make everything not fun. All you think about in the plane is doing the mission, not enjoying flying. Also, gs aren’t fun or cool. No one likes pulling them, even though any fighting falcon pilot you’ve met at an air show pretends they do.
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    Being just a civilian and aviation buff, I lurk around this forum, posting the odd YouTube link and sharing what others post with some old timers. But since we're remembering those who have gone before us, tip one back for this guy for me, gone just over a year now. He wasn't an astronaut, or a fighter ace but he dedicated his career to the Air Force & the WI Air Guard. All were glad to know him; I was lucky enough to be his grandson. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/obituaries/2018/09/30/kenneth-sweet-survived-pearl-harbor-helped-found-wisconsin-air-guard/1480905002/ https://dma.wi.gov/DMA/news/2018news/18155
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    Called CSS, Im on the loss roster. May 2020 for JBSA Randolph..... not 100% sure why that is, but thats what Ive got now. Im a pilot select with my PPL already.
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    I'd opt to say shooting may lose it luster once you start raining 30mm hate!! BRRRRRRRRRRTTTT
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    I was originally an ABM select but was bumped up to CSO (my #1). When I sent my declination email for ABM I put in there that I would accept a CSO slot if one opened up.
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    This! I used to do a ton of autox and track days (time and priorities have shifted but I still enjoy one on occasion) if you are looking to get into the car scene for fun (not status symbol or “my car is fastest”) big money is not required. I have driven some seriously fast cars but they aren’t always more fun (often less fun) I bought a used Honda S2000 for $11k with part of my cadet loan and modded it slowly over the years. Still have it almost 11 years later and added a 2015 WRX to the mix as well. The fun per dollar ratio is insane. There are lots of really fun reasonably priced cars. Used Vettes, muscle cars, S2000’s, WRX, EVO, hell even the lowly miata is one of the most fun cars out there. These are all at least as fun as an M or AMG and often more so at a lower price point with affordable maintenance leaving money for consumables like tires and entry fees (the former of which will eat way more of your budget than you ever imagine).
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    I was actually about to buy into the scene. I'm not headed to UPT yet but just wanted to know if it was a stupid investment before dropping serious $$$. I'll probably hold off until I'm at UPT to make a better financial decision.
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    It won't ruin the experience, they're just so different. In high performance airplanes I've found I'm mainly thinking about the mission and executing things correctly, not "weeeeeeeeeee!! I love g's so much!" (g's hurt btw) . Very rare are the missions where you just get to f-off and cloud surf, but yes that is very fun. Zipping around in a performance car is more straightforward fun because it's easy. No one's grading you and there isn't going to be a debrief. You don't have a million things running through your mind while your body is being subjected to significant abuse. It will ruin roller coasters though.
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    I’m over Grosjean because he’s a has been. Ocon was up for grabs this year, Hulkenburg is up for a seat...and you’re sticking with someone who is at the ceiling of their potential.
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    I just watched the Mandalorian with the kids last night. -#3/10 StarWars stories. Lauded by Home/CC "Outstanding!" No PC BS. 98% compliance w/orgnl series.
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    It looks like no one here went to Nellis Airshow. However we got to bring in our A-37B (S/N 87921) after a 20 year restoration. It was the first public display of the aircraft, and it was a big hit. 1st photo is from the Nellis ramp this weekend. Two Vietnamese AF pilots that flew it stopped by and said hi... very interesting since the jet was delivered in '69 directly to the South Vietnamese AF. They flew it for 6 years and about 2200 hours of combat time. It has the 7.62 patches as a reminder. When Saigon fell 29 April 1975, it was captured by the North. We have pics of the NV crews with the jet 2-4 days after Saigon fell, and it actually flew combat missions against the South. The 2nd photo is of 87921 in NV hands. This is the only A-37B currently flying in North America. I think it is one of only 3 flying in the world. We are discussing having me fly an aerobatic routine in 2020 with it. However it will only be at a few select airshows on the West Coast. With full wing and tip tanks and 2 pilots, it weighs 9,000 lbs. The J-85's are putting out ~2750 lbs thrust each. Needless to say, for those of you that flew the T-37, there is no comparison. The acceleration is spectacular. The owner has done a fantastic job, and the cockpit is like new. The only additions are an Aspen unit and a new ADS-B and transponder. The ejection seats are cold. Side note: the Combined Arms Demo that the 57th Wing flew was unbelievable. ACC must have waived everything they've had in the AFI because for once I was blown away by an AF "display". The jets were puking flares like it was going out of style. Loud, fast, low. Nice job to Maj "Stranger" Davenport and the Nellis folks for a jaw-dropping display.
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    Link to article He gave a talk when I was at the Academy. He made the break call over Guard on the PRC-90 and he made the joke that every aircraft within 50 miles broke and released flares. The Iraqis that we're about to capture him shot their rifles when he reached in his vest to grab the radio but since they were all terrible shots he was unscathed. A toast....
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    KSPS 20-02 USAF (All active duty) A-10 A-10 F-15C F-15E F-22 B-1 T-38A Langley F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke MC-130J Kirtland T-6 FAIP Canada CF-18 CF-18 Germany Eurofighter Eurofighter Eurofighter T-38 FAIP The great Oprah Viper giveaway has gotten its second wind.
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    Still no Cub time for me to talk about but I have really enjoyed getting comfortable flying the T-6. I really enjoy the warbird community. I also did a backcountry course last summer in Idaho. THAT was a hoot, I definitely need a few more airplanes!
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