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    Duck, I think they are trying to figure out what to do with you.
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    What causes a person to think that shooting is a proper response to a life situation? When a young boy walks into a HS and shoot a girl he broke up with, what is the critical element that was present (or not present) that lead that person to believe that COA was reasonable? What bit flips in folks heads that leads them down that path? And what in the rest of the 99.x% of society keeps that bit from flipping? I personally think that is root cause here. Be it a truly mental breakdown, lack of faith/society heading away from a "greater purpose than just me" mindset, or lack of a strong family....those seem to be root causes here. Go ahead and raise the age limit on gun purchases, ban the bump stock and large cap magazines, heck...hell enforce every rule currently on the books...there will be another mass casualty situation involving firearms. This process will repeat until the realization that gun laws/restrictions may be a preventive measure...but they won't solve root cause. That is the real slippery slope here. I'm a proud NRA life member and unfortunately can't live with my trove of firearms here in DC, so don't misunderstand my ultimate position on this issue (you have the right), but society/politicians know they are spouting BS/window dressing when they talk about bans/new laws ....they are missing, or not in public addressing, root cause (Center of Gravity for your OODA Loop types) and that is what pisses me off the most about this entire situation. Standing by for wire-brush/flaming. ATIS
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    I just find this comical now. They did something similar with the 06 yg and kept rolling it back over 2 months. Duck I think they know how bad you want out and are going to keep you for as long as they can. But I do understand how frustrating this can be for folks who are planning on getting out and may already have jobs lined up. Who really knows what is going on with AFPC and those who are making these types of decisions. It just one more reason why they have lost the faith of the troops.
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    FIFY. I know what you meant.
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    OK, I accept your challenge. Nikolas Cruz is to blame. But the FBI, Broward County Sherrif, and Florida Department of Children and Families have blood on their hands in this. Their failures in light of overwhelming and repeated evidence of threats of him shooting up a school are pretty clearly spelled out in that article.
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    Many of us have found that it's tough to do airlines and keep flying in the ARC, and airline FO sure as hell ain't PhD rocket surgery. IMHO and USERRA aside, if your team will notice you're gone and constantly have to pick up your slack, it's not a great match for ARC flying.
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    I personally cannot attest to what you're asking for. However I worked for Lockheed Martin and I worked with a guy who flew in the reserves (Vipers) and said it was tough. He was often gone and when it came to performance review time he definitely felt he got short changed compared to others who were there year around. It's not supposed to have an effect on your job however it does. Just keep that in mind.
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    among all the raw and shit deals in the air force FAIPing to your non pilot training base is fairly tame. does it suck? sure. but get over it. it could be worse but its actually not even that bad.
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    Ah, the standard "it could always be worse" argument seems to be a favorite of big blue, definitely a favorite of the kind of ppl telling us we're easily replaced.
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    Definitely learn more about USERRA. It's not a choice of whether a company is "forgiving" of service. It's the law, they have to keep your job while you are away on orders.
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    Get familiar with USERRA protections if not already. I had a gig at an airline throwing bags paying my way through school. Told Mgmt i’m entering active duty, they said send my EAD orders to HR, they collected my badge and sent me off no questions asked. I also sent a copy of orders to my union too for record. Been out 5.5 years and still have my position if i choose to go back. Still have flight benefits, been able to add my wife and kids to them as the years went on, it’s been pretty sweet. Word on the street is i still have my locker in our break room still too haha. If anything i’d suggest a place with a large workforce that will have the manpower to cover your loss should you end up on 6 month orders short notice...that is if u care. If u dont, any company that supports your lifestyle between orders works in my experiences. For insight into the “professional” companies, had a mentor working for Berkshire Hathaway doing “professional” type things. He was on orders for like 4 years, BH did away with his former position and made a new one for him when his orders ended...then he ended up on long term orders again soon after he went back.
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    Can’t remember the last time I was here, but I had to share. Here in my unit (AMC) we just had two guys this last week opt to separate vs taking some bs staff 365. Both these guys had 18 years in... and they opted out! The AF needs to get its head out of its a$$, take a hard look at what is truly needed from a deployed perspective. The mission creep/COCOM CCs unwilling to make the needed cuts will continue to decimate AF pilot resources when they have a choice. AMC screwed the pooch when it agreed to take extra deployments for ACC/Special Ops... the robbing Peter to pay Paul is going to create the same problems in AMC. Treat the problem, not the symptom, smh.
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    Hacker: it’s just easier to use Gmail. You remember how much of a pain it is getting anything non-standard going on official email. Nothing wrong with Gmail and more than one person can check it.
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    Yeah, I had already screenshot his ridiculousness and forwarded them to my bros. He is gonna spread them around and I am gonna leave it up to them to handle. I have no problem with people giving honest, straight to the point feedback. It’s when you cross that line to tell people not to apply or to give up. I think that says more about the person giving “advice”.
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    Not sure exactly what you mean by quals...but IP in your MWS is a must and I'd say the majority of us were EP's as well. Expect a 6 month non-flying deployment as repentance for this good deal. Otherwise 1 local a week (1 hr flying/2 hours other/3 hours total time) and maybe one TDY a month (usually 4-10 days).
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    I imagine part of it is that they over-produced mobility pilots for a few years, back when maybe only 4-5 guys in a class of 30 drop T-38's, combined with sending a bunch of T-38 trained dudes to heavies. 11M has been overmanned for a long, long time.
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    and the true goals of "gun control" finally reveal themselves from the shadows