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    All of this beer talk is getting me thirsty...not sure which one I want.
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    One (1) solitary lone soldier year old Miller Lite at the bottom of my ski boat's cooler. Found it after a three hour boat ride under an 18 pack of kid's juice boxes, some 6 oz Walmart cokes and two big bags of ice. Was so cold it burnt my hand. 10/10
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    If you are me, you still get a DP to O-4 and move merrily along your career. I suppose it may mean I don't get 2 below to LtCol, but like you said, I know I am done before that really matters, so why go to that crap? Just remember though...once you make your bed, you better be ready to lay in it!
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    Eight weeks?!? The five week course only had about two weeks worth of actual work and now they're going to stretch it out another three weeks! They should just make it nine months, add a masters degree, and make it a PCS. Oh, wait, there's already a school there like that... Imagine how much harder it will be for guys to not punch their flight in the face (that was my one and only goal there) when they have to deal with them for another three weeks.
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    Yuengling Lager. 7/10: It was the only beer in the vault fridge.
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    PBR... 10/10. smooth and simple. would only be about a 9, but it is about the only beer (I know of) that you can get a pint for $1.50 these days. So that gives it a bonus point.
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    If you truly believe the full tank is optional...someday you may have to ask yourself if that extra 100 lbs was worth it.
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    Take away their wings and their FAA licenses and ban them from all guard units and blacklist them from Southwest and make an example of them so this doesn't happen again and send them to Clovis and won't someone think of the children? and promote me. //SIGNED// Modern Air Force "Leadership"
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    No you fucking ignoramus...he was saying "both". If that "dead guy from the Vietnam era" was still alive he would most certainly punch you right in the snot locker.
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    Who said anything about PME schools producing good leaders? The only school that produces good leaders is Weapons School...just ask any Weapons Officer.
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    The tank has to be the same each time it's weighed. Otherwise, it's called FRAUD nsplayer. Not saying, but I'm just saying.
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    Worth what? Lighten up francis. I'm not gonna purposefully not fill it up, but I'm not making an extra stop at the gas station just to top it off. Same goes for when I weight it full, not gonna stop at the gas station with a truck full of my sh*t and pulling a car on a trailer. It all comes out in the wash man.
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    I'm not suggesting this in any way, but that full tank of gas is totally optional...I'm just sayin'... My gripe at the weight station was they made me take my dog out of the car because he was "moving around" and it threw off the measurement. I said BS, I hauled his heavy ass all the way across the country! Anyways, GL man.
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    I can fly this one...
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    Sometimes I push buttons. In this particular case, I am 100% serious as there are really ######ing stupid people who would use the excuse "but I read it on..." to justify why they defrauded the government. To me, it is worth it to make sure I have a legit weigh-in once every three or so years...to others it may not matter so much, but they should always be careful of what they imply and how the grade A morons of the world will see it.
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    So....your answer is a dead guy from the Vietnam era?
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    There is a difference between "is it on the F" and "is the tank fully topped off." Anyone with half a brain can easily see that fully topped off is a theoretical max that you can never actually reach. However, what you were implying was completely dishonest. Am I going to stop for gas before weighing in empty if the needle is not on F? Yes. Am I going to stop for gas after driving a few miles to pick up all my stuff and driving back to weigh in full? No. Unless the needle has come off the F significantly. Playing the gas game for a few extra cents per pound per mile is just as retarded as the guys who try to move bricks or cinder blocks with their DITY goods. If you're "not going to suggest" but just tell people something illegal is "ok" you could screw someone over who didn't know better. Just sayin'...

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