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  1. I personaly love this video. One of the oldest and baddest video of all time I've seen about piloting. Sure, in millitary you do not fly like this but who lnows what battleground can hold for you? 😄 Tbh I also like the way this video recorded. Something oldskull and warm to my heart. Nowdays usually they use optical camera cubesat but this feels different. Sure with this thingy we have access to see how fly can look like through the satelite view but still it is very difficult to say that I prefer this over oldskull records. I hope you enjoy this video!
  2. Who would believe twenty years ago that this is not going to be a stupid joke? This world is going to raise from the ashes or die with help of the left brave women
  3. I'd say that I've heard lots good things about Enterprise so I can recommend from the stories I've heard. Deffinetely do you own decision but keep this info in mind!
  4. And this is a big true point by you...I'd never imagine the situation like this one every. But with the help of our polititian it just happens on our eyes...One day we will raise from the ashes and will get what we deserve
  5. I think nothing will happpen at least in that timeframe which media says. It's stupid to attack at time when everyone knows it and expect.
  6. Believe yourself, focus on your dream and you'll get a spot you want! You are only 21 and that's a great position if you ask me. Despite any doubts push it to the limit!
  7. Thank you! Yes, that's the point. Short term issues are not that bad like long term. I wish everyone health but they should be more responsible about themselves. If you can take easily COVID-19 its self then you'll easily take a vaccine.
  8. As we can all see corporations like Facebook and Google are pretty much dictating their will on the internet. Their monopolies allow them to do their own things without big restrictions. That's an unfortunate situation, to be honest, but I hope that will change very soon.
  9. My dad was not promoted to Major in one point of time in his life. That happened because of the intruges around because he was against some shady deals. He was sad but went through this a great man. At the end he did get his Major rank.
  10. Heinz Guderian. Tanks forward! - is one of the most interesting books about WW2. Lots of personal and real battles discussions from the Nazi's points of view. If you are interesting in a millitary books you'll enjoy this one.
  11. I've got my vaccine recently and I'll say that everything is ok with me. Unfortunately forsed to do that, but at the end feel nothing really special to be honest. Seems like my health is good and can take this amount of virus easily.
  12. Nothing to do there, but of course it should be done better. Militaries had to anounce it earlier and prepare everyone and if need evacuate but not the way it happened...
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