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  1. Better yet, let's just kill all those that refuse the vaccine. No exceptions! We could put them all in cattle cars, sent them to camps, and put them in gas chambers. It will be pretty efficient. You would make an excellent choice to be a guard at such a place!
  2. Are you assuming I am talking about the blind side of BMI where extremely fit people would be considered obese? I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about fat people. Being fat should equal a dishonorable discharge.
  3. The age, BMI, and comorbidities of each one of those deaths is important information.
  4. Here, here. I move that we dishonorably discharge every fatbody in the military with a BMI over 30. They have disobeyed a direct order to maintain in fighting shape. You want a force that won't get hurt by this cold bug? Get rid of the fatties that are LARPing in the military.
  5. 11 days post Pfizer dose #1 I symptomatically test positive. How the does that work? What are the odds of that? I have ignored all of the social distancing, masking, and stay at home bullshit to the max extent possible for the last year and a half. Now you're telling me that the vaccine is so great that I test positive 11 days later? That said, this ain't shit. It's a cold. I've had worse.
  6. Snowden should be held as a national hero. Everyone should read his book.
  7. Can only blame the crew for so much. I picture the scenario as: Scaneagle run by whoever/HUMINT/random dude that hates another dude passes information up the chain. Crew on station hears "confirmed VBIED at grids xxxxxxyyyyyy, white 4-door sedan, in courtyard, call contact." "say when ready gameplan/9-line" "AGM-114, center mass" "cleared hot cleared hot cleared hot" Blame the FSO, the colonel behind him, the general above him, and everyone else above them. The biggest problem is that the people at the top LIED about secondary explosions to make themselves look better. Knowingly lying like that should meet some consequences. I do not trust these people.
  8. Unlike SOS teaches, ethics systems should not be based on lifeboat situations. That didn't happen and the answers to those questions do not matter.
  9. From a friend through the rumor mill: It seems at least one UPT student that is already flying complete but not graduated yet has refused the vaccine. What happens to them?
  10. The latter. The mission broke me and I'm done. I've participated directly in ending many lives for no purpose. Those people could still be alive and there would be no difference. Who knows if they were even bad people. Showing up overhead just to waste a random dude that is no threat to you, your family, or your country takes it toll after you have been doing it for years on end. You know the flashback scene in the third Bourne movie with Jason, his trainer, and a dude in the corner with a hood over his head and handcuffs? Jason was told to pick up the gun and shoot him. The trainer would not answer any questions. I picked up that gun and shot many people and watched them bleed out live and in high definition. I can't do that anymore. (No, I did not "fly" a drone, I was there overhead) I'm pretty much at the end of my UPT ADSC and want out ASAP before these idiots in charge find a new way to sacrifice my life in order to give them a bullet on their next OPR. I have yet to be convinced I need the vaccine, either. If I was a free man I would not get it until I am convinced that it will benefit me. I'm not a free man and there is now a gun to my head, so I guess I will be getting it shortly.
  11. If I could use this as an excuse to get out under honorable I would do it tomorrow. If I could do honorable and get non-vol sep pay, I would have done it yesterday.
  12. What are the details of that separation? Non-voluntary separation with the pay that goes with it? Honorable discharge? ADSCs removed?
  13. I have no clue if I've had it or not. I've never been tested and I haven't been sick in a long time beyond occasional allergies. I've just lived my life as if this stupid this wouldn't harm me, as "the science" shows, and I've been fine. I have not lived in fear. I kind of understood that the vaccine might be worth it when we were told the vaccinated were fully protected, could not get the virus, could not spread the virus, and did not have to wear masks. None of those were ever true and lead me to believe that getting it is pointless. Now it's just a matter of "it reduces how sick you will get" by some unknown amount. Seems pointless to me. I like to laugh at the people that rushed to the front of the line to get this thing when it made them better than everyone else. They could proudly show their vax selfie, vax card, and parade around with no mask. Now that is gone. Sad. To those arguing that not getting it is disobeying a direct order and should result in an article 15, court martial, and dishonorable discharge: my commander was not wearing a mask while telling me to get the vaccine. He disobeyed a direct order. He obviously should be subject to court martial and dishonorably discharged. Right? I should report him to his commander immediately, right? That's what you all do every time you see someone disobeying a direct order, right?
  14. 4-5 hours is more station time than some assets normally get. I would not think the transit time of a robot would matter. That seems like plenty of station time. We never had a legitimate long term strategy. Why start now?
  15. The base is out of shots. New stock comes in in a couple weeks. I was told it was only one type. I am required to get that.
  16. I was never going to volunteer for it. I'm ordered to do it, so I will do it at the latest date possible. As far as I know, I do not get a choice on vaccine type. Next up is for the boosters to be mandatory.
  17. Why is anyone under the impression that we're not continuing to strike targets in Afghanistan every day like we have for the past 19+ years? I have zero information, but I would be shocked to hear that at least MQ-9s aren't overhead 24/7 like they have been. That's not even counting the three-letter agencies and SOF on the ground that may or may not be there. (Again, I have zero information)
  18. I, too, was ordered by my commander to get the shot on the 17th. He asked if I was going to fight it or ask for a religious exemption. He said he did not know what the penalties were for refusing. I was not wearing a mask while he was telling me this. He was not wearing a mask while telling me this. We both know this is a complete joke. He said he hated that he had to tell me this. Does anyone know what the penalties are? Would it be silly to request a written order? I said I would only do it if I was directly ordered.
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