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  1. Patch answer…. “It depends”. Just a joke, but come on. So tired of seeing people in leadership positions with zero critical thinking skills and arm chair quarterbacking. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Except, when you’re a celebrity/athlete competing at the highest levels, on television…. You have rhinestones in the shape of a GOAT to self-ID as the greatest…. we do. Same as people with no kids judging parenting techniques of those with kids, or women judging the merits of circumcision when they have no penis, or men having thoughts on abortion even though they don’t carry the baby. I can go on and on. People do get to judge, criticize, and critique athletes. Or anyone, for that matter. Bottom line: is she a villain or should her mental health be minimized? No. But is she a hero, brave, and all these other things the media is praising her for - without a hint of criticism for quitting when she couldn’t perform at her peak - no. Two things can be true at once.
  3. Obviously the lower minority vax take rate is due to systemic racism. Obviously. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. Love all this near peer talk from the C-17 guys. Spoiler alert: even if ya had the link, the radar warning, and all the other tactical gear the patches and airdroppers think they need to push into a dense threat area, it aint gonna happen. These “high speed” individuals in the community truly do have an identity complex that pushes them to somehow think they’ll be a night one train just behind a strike train and need all that gear to survive - any knowledge of current “near peer” threat would tell ya you won’t be. It hurts to hear it, but the money is absolutely better invested in equipment and upgrades that allow the jet to be more safe in hauling the mail worldwide in a permissive area where you’re not a liability to other assets trying to protect a miles long train flying 130 knots to drop jumpers. That said - I do agree, pretty bullshit all the steps you have to take to plot a ring on the display or trouble needed to find your bullseye. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  5. I’ll never forget on the one I participated in, hearing the patch mission lead repeatedly calling for the “picture” and getting a response: “clean”…. This happened probably 5 times with the ridiculous, long ass train of lumbering moose in tow. Well, what he meant to ask for, was “lowdown” (mind you, major fowl for asking for the lowdown that many times and clogging up the damn radios). Well, as you would guess, the entire formation of tactical magical moose gets dragged through the, not surprising, standard threat they train to lean against during their IR low level local training, the SA-6. Won’t even go into the make believe and wand waving that would go on, and high fives from the guys who argue tactics in that community, had they “survived”. I bet the DFP was “why didn’t the loadmaster plot, on his paper bullseye chart,the picture fast enough to ‘defeat’ the 6?” Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. I mean... a maintenance cc per the article. Trickle down effect and root cause - MX leadership sets the tone for the culture for the young guys. Hopefully the individual(s) who actually left the iPad there get action too... but far too often we blame only the young maintainers when it is the leadership that is toxic and causing the problems and allowing mishaps like that to happen. Sucks either way.
  7. Rumor mill is not one, but two instances of dating or other relations with enlisted/way younger officers while not yet divorced; also, conveniently timed to cover up his practice of hiring bias based on race. #gowokegobroke
  8. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/wing-commander-at-charleston-afb-relieved-of-command/article_38205b18-932c-11eb-ac5b-6323cbb65882.html The commander of the 437th Airlift Wing at Charleston Air Force Base has been relieved. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. To be fair, I reckon most 2nd/3rd tour dudes are very close to the proverbial punch out and they’ve already made up their minds. Don’t know if that goes into the calculus or not when the powers above decide who to exclude from certain programs... not much to gain from those year groups close to their commitment, regardless of experience, when most are probably getting out in a couple years anyways. That being said, the Air Force is kind of ed anyways so why the hell not. Maybe they can sway one or two minds to drink more blue instead of going to greener pastures.
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