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  1. isn't there supposed to be a picture of chicks to go along with that post....
  2. While this whole thing is a huge load of crap, the commanders unfortunately are forced into a CYA position. The really unfortunate part of this is that the actual vulgarity of the true crimes are being diminished by the horrible solution presented by the leadership. It's just sad that no one has stepped up to say "No, we're not going down that road of banning everything. Sexual Assault and Harassment are wrong and will be dealt with accordingly. The consequences of doing such things will serve as the reminder to others not to follow down that path. Other things such as Pin-ups etc. are not wrong, and not even necessarily against the general culture of the U.S. or our heritage as a service. Lastly, should any male or female have any concerns with anything going on in their life, use the resources provided and you will see that this Air Force really does care to solve this issue". This is hopefully a temporary phase, but at least in the meantime there are ways around this. An LT house with a bar can have whatever suggestive artwork, patches, etc. You can sing whatever songs you want there. Hell, you could wear whatever morale/friday patches you want there too. The house can be passed down through the generations of LTs. Or find a nice dive bar and become regulars. If you get close enough with the ownership, they might even let you put up some stuff on the walls. They won't mind a whole squadron worth of business on a regular basis. As much as it sucks, if you move everything away from the squadron buildings, it can't be touched (for now). It does kinda kill the ability to just go chill at the SQ bar late on a Friday or whatever, and it will definitely be tougher on guys with families or who live on base, but it's basically the trend I noticed was used in UPT and still pretty much the way it is my crrent SQ.
  3. careful with Spoo, he likes to act like he doesn't know acronyms to see who will respond... got me good a couple weeks ago, the dirty fucker...
  4. Let Me Get That For You? Edit: Upon clicking the link, it appears to reveal itself as "Let me google that for you"
  5. http://www.foxnews.c...test=latestnews Welcome to driving girls, be on the look out for anything and everything. I can't imagine the shrills that were let out... As for the guy who was hit, sometimes you get what you have coming....
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Lee_McNair Wow, especially after reading up a bit about the guy.. how on earth did the thought "well, he fits the description, but he's too calm to be our guy" ever cross through the cops head? The guy had quite a bit of experience being an escaped prisoner. A calm nature about the situation should have been expected.
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  8. damn, beat me to it... here's another link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tommywes/half-cat-half-machine-and-totally-insane
  9. http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_t3#/video/crime/2012/01/16/exp-ng-tx-nasa-wife-mistress.hln what's up with the astronaut corps these last few years?
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    From the album: T-38

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    From the album: T-38

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    From the album: T-38

  14. From Pop's site: 2. Wear the type of clothing you'll wear with the item. Measure without pulling the tape tight. Do NOT make any "adjustments" to measurements, enter exactly what you measure. so, they say to do so, but it shouldn't matter since you aren't pulling the tape tight, and realistically the difference between a flight suit and a regular t-shirt fabric is probably in the same margin of error as "how tight is the tape"
  15. the geometric shapes near the blue concrete pads looks quite a bit like simulated airport(s). SE of that (in a runoff area it seems) is a very specific grid thing with what looks like bombed out cars. The grid is very defined if you zoom way in. Some other (almost power plant) looking thing to the E of that, and then more geometric shapes (in rougher condition) to the NE of that.
  16. Ok, a few questions about Pop's Mods. Are you saying you got both the "fur liner" and the "3m Thinsulate liner"? I take they are not both zip out (I see options for each of them to be zip-out)? If not, is that even possible/wise/necessary to have both liners zip out? What about the detachable arms on the liners, any recommendation on those? Secondly, it asks about a snap secured epaulette, which I assume is not very authentic, but is there a use? It seems pointless... Third, would the detachable wool collar come in handy? would it be out of compliance with current standards? would the jacket be less comfortable when it is detached? Is it more authentic?
  17. It's on VMPF, it's basically pre-signed by the gov't, just print it out. It's like hidden though.... VMPF, Self-Service (Sts), Personnel Data, Proof of service Letter. Edit: now it just gives me dates, I coulda sworn 6-9 months ago it actually was a letter... well, hopefully it still works.
  18. Well, In theory there is supposed to be a BMI trump card. Not that BMI is all that great of a indicator either, but it does fight for the tall guy in this case, where he should be allotted a larger waist as long as his BMI is still 25 or less and still scores all points for the waist measurement. The problem with that is that a 25 would be like the "max" if it was a graded event, but instead it's just the catch all for the tall guy, so as soon as you aren't 25 or less BMI, you instantly get the whole beat down for your larger waist size, not just a small fraction taken off for being 25.1 . The other issue with BMI is if you put on enough muscle, you'll bust through 25 as well, so you can't be a tall man who lifts too much, or you really are out of options. (this whole statement is only as current as the last time I read the reg, I do not guarantee it's currency as I cannot keep shoes from dicking with the regs.)
  19. I just heard from someone that they have a 10 month wait from Commissioning to EAD and that they got off easy because the going rate is 12-18 months right now for non-rated guys. I thought my 6 was pretty extreme. Can anyone shed light on this? If this is true, it really is a WTF? The way it works you'd only wear butter bars for 15 months (if you were 18 months of just sitting).
  20. IT IS CRITICAL THAT ALL PILOTS/FLIGHT CREW MEMBERS REPORT ANY OBSERVED FALLING SPACE DEBRIS TO THE APPROPRIATE ATC FACILITY TO INCLUDE POSITION, ALTITUDE, TIME, AND DIRECTION OF DEBRIS OBSERVED. FAA HEADQUARTERS, AIR TRAFFIC SYSTEMS OPERATIONS SECURITY Unless the damn thing nearly hits you, if it's anything like a meteorite streaking across the sky, how the hell are you supposed to make that report? "Uhh... about 1469Z about however far the eye can see in front of me (my position was on the east coast facing west) there was a streak in the sky, i'd guess somewhere between 6,900-690,000 feet above me and uhh... must have been going left, but probably more of a down, my guess is it's probably hit the ground by now, but you should probably warn anyone west of the east coast...."
  21. 1. "navigator had consumed about a glass of vodka"... There is no such thing as a russian drunk off 1 Glass of Vodka... doesn't even matter the size of the glass! 2. "The use during the flight of a navigator in a light level of alcoholic intoxication." ... wait, which is it? the headline says "Drunk Navigator"... way to over exaggerate for a headline.... 3. I think I'd be more confident in a drunk russian than a sober one. First, why aren't the others drinking? something's wrong! Second, the drunk one is obviously the most in his natural state, and the other 2 were probably still fighting the confusion as to why they aren't drunk!
  22. haha nice... funny thing is I actually hesitated when typing it. I just didn't have a word like "container" to use instead.
  23. I understood what he said. He was advising to pick your battles, and that he learned it was the wrong one to pick. I just said that it still says something to stick with your beliefs. Hopefully his sticking with his beliefs will lead to some great opportunity behind the next door that he doesn't see yet. For now, I'll take his advice, not fight the wrong battles and hope the best for him. --- starvation... since you have a clue how any of my teachers/professors taught. All I can go off is what I've seen, but most college professors I have dealt with (not all) have the wrong attitude. For example, "well, I wrote the book, so rather than actually teach, I'm just going to read the words I wrote, directly from the book on a projector."... well, fuck, I can read the book just fine, that's not why I came to class. I did just fine in college, I just didn't feel I gained as much from it in terms of critical thinking.
  24. I guess that came out wrong. Wasn't really trying to be funny. It was more of a "Things could be worse". He could have gone against his conviction of "not getting a cheesy masters just to fill a square" and ended up spending the money/time on it and still ended up in the same boat. Which would have been an even greater kick in the nuts. And I only said it because I've seen it happen already, and I'm new to this. I never said it wasn't good advice or that I didn't wish things were different for him. It was also a heads up that filling the boxes doesn't even guarantee anything either. So I thank him for his advice, and although it may have burned him, it does say something to stick up for ones beliefs, which he did. He's not the first to be burned for sticking up for his beliefs, and won't be the last. But it does take some balls to do so, and to that I actually give him much credit! Yes. I went to a pretty quality MN public HS. I felt that coming out of that I was more of a critical thinker than I was coming out of a bachelors in AE. In my degree program, I learned how to plug and play with formulas and learned some Aeronautical concepts and the way things work, but I didn't feel like I came out as a brilliant thinker ready to solve problems outside of basic aeronautics. I'd actually argue I got more out of my AP classes in high school than I did regular college classes, maybe it was just the way I learn though/my priorities.
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