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  1. Found out through the public release I joined the twice passed over club. Leadership here absolutely blows.
  2. They will go through the full 2.5 T-6 syllabus and the full PIT syllabus, plus a TBD version of TI once they are in the unit before flying with a student. So I agree that skill wise they may have a leg up on the FAIP.
  3. The chair is against the wall.. the chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache.. John has a long mustache.
  4. My understanding is you are not responsible to pay back any un-earned bonus payments in this situation. I would call the AvB office though and give them your specific situation and they will be able to advise you with the most current guidance.
  5. Was this done before ASU started running the program? I ask because with the way they run the proctored classes now it would be very difficult to get it done in 4 months, if even possible, due to how the pre-reqs for the follow on classes is structured currently.
  6. I took your advice and gave them a call this morning (DSN for the AvB office is on MyPers if anyone was wondering). Apparently the reg is severely out of date. BL, twice passed over and Palace Chase are no longer under the recoupment rules. Even more leniency for med DQ.
  7. Per AFMAN 36-3004, under the recouped payments paragraph.. Voluntary or involuntary separation due to promotion non-selection whether or not the member was offered continuation. There are also a lot of caveats regarding med DQ, so keeping the bonus isn't always guaranteed in those situations. Been doing a lot of homework on this since I'm about to get 2x passed over.
  8. 5 year look is not in play, and probably won't be for quite a while until DOPMA is changed.
  9. From everything I've seen, you will be one helluva squadron commander..
  10. @ClearedHot Thanks for the updates, our major networks are severely lagging with info.
  11. Does that even get published publicly somewhere the masses have access to?
  12. I was pushing 29 when I started.. don't suck and you will be fine.
  13. That current number is heavily influenced by a higher than normal DOR rate.. so take it with a grain of salt that the syllabus is flushing out weak swimmers. As far as why they DOR rate is higher, that discussion probably belongs in the "What's Wrong.." thread.
  14. Concept is indeed the same.. so is it valid or not?
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