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  1. Is it an accurate impression that MLR drives the SR's adherence to the rules/customs of PRF writing? My understanding is that SR credibility is a large factor in how many additional DPs they win for their people at MLR. Does it take on the feeling of an awards fight club or is it a straight review/scoring of records? Most of us will never see an MLR, and it doesn't get the same attention as the actual board, but it seems to play a big part in outcomes. The MLR will do a quality review of all records (including those slated to receive a 'P' outright) prior to scoring. Only records that were pushed to compete for a DP by their senior eater will be scored. If the board president sees any issues with PRF quality, there is time to address them prior to the PRFs being due to AFPC. The three boards I've observed were all focused on selecting the best officers for the total force and strength of record was very important. "Glove" saves with a superstar strat 1 time leading up to the board isn't enough. The board sees right through that stuff and it gets called out.
  2. Nothing wrong with your plan. No different from starting clock with first child and then adding second.
  3. 2nd on the AMEX Hilton card. Easy way to accumulate points quickly.
  4. If only it were that easy (putting everything on boats).
  5. This was mandated by law...I think the 2012 or 2013 NDAA directed the requirement (not 100% positive if it was one of those...but thank congress in any case). Whether or not you can email the documents is base specific. The base I'm currently at allows the documents to be scanned and emailed.
  6. Expectation management? "Secretary expects personnel cuts to be less severe than previously estimated" http://mobile.airforcetimes.com/article/20140226/NEWS/302260031
  7. No, currently you can not convert your traditional TSP to a Roth. See: https://www.tsp.gov/planparticipation/eligibility/traditionalRothContributions.shtml
  8. She's already at Fairchild...maybe temporary duty over at Resistance Training as a student would be in order.
  9. My understanding is the entire Senate is going to vote so they cancelled the committee hearing. http://www.militarytimes.com/article/20140207/BENEFITS05/302070017/Senate-vote-Monday-repeal-COLA-caps-retirees
  10. If you wash out of IFS you'll never know. Participating in a program designed to weed people out before the big game just for fun doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
  11. Horrible article. No other service can execute what the Air Force does on a theater or global scale. They operate to support organic assets especially with ISR and mobility in addition to kinetic actions.
  12. Retirement for the Enlisted force is not the same as officers. The way it was explained to me is they have to apply for retirement versus submitting for retirement. Never looked it up to check but seemed to be semantics to me...
  13. Economies of scale. Eliminating an entire airframe saves more than making incremental cuts across the board.
  14. I don't have the link...but search on the portal for Air Force Statistics. Last I looked the ACP take rate was over 64% for this year.
  15. Turkey has very strict requirements with regards to cargo (advanced notification requirements). Romania is all about Logistics. Not everything flows via air.
  16. http://www.af.mil/mobile/News/tabid/252/Article/467284/20th-air-force-commander-relieved-of-command.aspx What goes TDY?
  17. C17Driver

    PCS Bingo

    Did you try compatability mode in IE?
  18. I was just providing information in bullet format...that happened to fit perfectly on the OPR.
  19. You're being facetious right? While I've had Commanders comment they would take care of it (PRF), I also realized how busy they were and that the junior exec would end up doing the initial hack....I would rather write my own...I know my record better than the Lt that broke his leg and ended up being an Exec because he couldn't go anywhere anyways.
  20. ACP numbers by base are released and available on the AF Statistics website. I don't have the link at home, but a quick search on the portal brings it up. Numbers based on MDS, MWS, base, MAJCOM, etc are all provided.
  21. There is a credit card that is linked to the program. Much like a Delta AMEX, etc. I seem to have the same problem on occasion...
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