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  1. I recently palace chased (6 months off of UPT) and now am realizing I am far too task saturated with the civilian job to keep up with the Reserve gig. Is there anyway to take a knee without being recalled back to active duty? IRR? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Filed under the list of shit I knew a month ago...Don’t show up to your Reserve unit the day after your separation date. It doesn’t matter and everything will be messed up. That being said, can anyone help with a pay question on UTA lodging? My DOS was 1 Aug and I reported to my unit on 2 Aug. They gave me 4 UTA periods and 15 AT days to build up some time (I’m a TR). I want to do the 4 UTA blocks First so they cover my hotel the night before and then the AT days on the back half somit covers my travel home. The problem is I am not in any system so the lodging for my UTA days is just on my GTC instead of booked through the UTA office. My question is how can I get the UTA office to cover my hotel upfront? Is there a form? Simple computer click? Any and all help is appreciated!
  3. Would any of the old heads be willing to post some redacted resume examples to show the writing style that helped them in transitioning to the civilian world?
  4. Let’s not forget how they killed that green beret in Africa too for not accepting the money out of the “informant fund” the SEALs have been skimming. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2017/11/13/us/politics/navy-seals-green-beret-death-mali.amp.html
  5. Looks like asking the question on BaseOps was all I needed! Got final approval today. 6 days for my truth data.
  6. Duck, There is a in-service recruiter at Nellis for both ARC and ANG. Ours is in the MPF building.
  7. How long did it take for AFPC to get you the final approval once you had your 1288 sent back in for the last time? Was it just the 5-7 days?
  8. The only two weapons school graduates in the 06 year group in the helo community are/have palace chased.
  9. Yea man. Definitely not my intent. Far more good than bad and I’m friends with all the OG patches. I also agree with your comments on ACC.
  10. I can’t speak about how UPT was done in the 90s and prior. I do know that just because we used lead paint and asbestos in those decades doesn’t make it right. UPT-H and segregated UPT flights are two things that can remain in the past. Helo guys going to T-6s starts the building block to a lifetime of integration with the rest of the CAF.
  11. The problem is that the UPT-H program would not be equivalent to even the baseline Army program. Additionally, the HH community operates in a significantly more difficult operating environment then most slick hawk drivers deal with in the army. We have had W2s come over and struggle in the HH. We have also had them be extremely successful. Either way, the proposed UPT-H plan was not sufficient to prepare HH crews for CSAR.
  12. So your logic is that because a fully qualified/seasoned Army RW Pilot can cross over means that a brand new nugget off the street can make the same transition?
  13. It was a terrible idea to stop helo pilots from going to T-6s. The original plan would have been to do IFS, get a commercial instrument (no low level, etc.) with a contract helicopter company and then go to straight to Kirtland. It would have been an extremely expensive option that would have resulted in a significant loss of experience and capability.
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