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Found 3 results

  1. Even though the terms UAV, RPA, and their triple-gold medals and ribbons are not highly favored in these forums, there is plenty of new stuff in development that seems to have been glossed over in the world and, well, in the location where all the intelligent aviators seem to hang out: BA.net. In fact, this is probably the perfect time for us (however you choose to define the term) to look in another direction, and different "insert your own colloquial term of the minute, i.e. synergylisticaly-out-of-the-box" thinking. Rules are: there has to be pictures (SFW), it has to be somewhat-reasonably credible, and no discussion about how the technology will affect your promotion, bonus, or inherit rights to marry your brother, once-removed. I know full well that I may be the only one posting here, but I could not find a better location. Air launch to orbit: Made for SpaceShip2 (with 500 paid travelers already), but ready to launch smaller payloads. Maybe with a C-17 (If they put an FE on it first) Paul Allen's concept, stratolaunch: Who just built a hangar for this big boy: http://www.geekwire....rgest-aircraft/ There is definitely some DOD potential in this concept, and I'm guessing they will need actual pilots to fly them! Even if it is just monitoring the autopilot... we could be on the cusp of a new golden age.
  2. So, I've had to call "uncle" as I can no longer carry heavy bags to the aircraft--my back can no longer handle long bag drags with a lot of weight on my shoulders... yes I have to become one of "those guys". I need some advice on what to buy so that I can roll it across the tarmac with checklists, headset, 1" binders, IPAD, etc...but also put it in the overhead for commercial flying with a flightsuit and boots. Probably something that I can place another bag on top of, so I can roll two on one like airline pilots do. I know there was a thread awhile back where a guy was pitching his pilot, rolling, pubs/nav bag, but I couldn't find that thread anymore. I've seen the 130 NAVs that bring their handy roller bag that they can sit on in the cockpit, any idea where to get those and if it is worth being identified as a NAV? I can't imagine you can get a lot in those bags for commercial flights though.
  3. All - Our 4th Dos Gringos CD ("El Cuatro") is officially released! Check out http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dosgringos to download it...hard copy CDs will be available to order on the same website within a few days, and expect iTunes and other sites to carry the new album any day now. As always, you can check out www.dosgringosrocks.com for updates, or for links to buy our other albums/T-shirts. Song List Ballad of Thunderbird 2 I'm a FAIP My Wife's Vibrator Boots on the Ground You Told Me I Would Be a Fighter Pilot TAMI 21 Code Brown AFN I Don't Want to Join the Air Force Left Behind That Thing We Never Talk About Thank You Cheers, Dos Gringos
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