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Found 8 results

  1. I was referred to this forum by a current active duty AF pilot. I am currently in the end process of the AF Officer application process and currently have a scheduled start date for OTS. There are a couple of things that have come up in the last couple of weeks that have raised some red flags regarding the information I have been given by my recruiter versus what I have been told by several current AF pilots as well as a flight instructor. I am wanting to fly, however my overall GPA from college is just under the 3.00 requirement (2.75). What I was told by the recruiter that I have been
  2. I'm an AFROTC cadet with a slot for pilot training and recently encountered some issues with my flight physical. Wright Pat had my medical records with a history of asthma (before my 13th birthday which is the waiverable date for childhood asthma). With that in my record, they sent me in to take a PFT and MCT. I learned that I had failed the PFT and was bad enough the pulmonologist didn't let me take the MCT. (The specific issues was a low FEV1/FVC w/o the bronchodialator and a >200cc increase in FEV1 post-bronchodialator.) I was then told that this is disqualifying for pilot but that I cou
  3. Any flyers have experience with repeat rhabdo? I'm pending an MEB for it unfortunately with a Do Not Retain recommendation because the flight doc is saying I have the potential to be nondeployable to the sandbox because it's too hot. Does anyone have MEB success story related to rhabdo? Is it waiverable for a FC1/A physical should I be retained? 'Preciate it.
  4. I am not sure if this has been posted here before. Searching through the forums, there have been only a few, scattered references in revived threads. I have not seen the memo attached. I found this memo from HQ A3 granting a blanket age waiver for RPA pilot applicants. This particular one is for active duty but I have called around to ANG and Reserve units to see if they are following suit. I have a memo from the NG Bureau stating that they will. Up until recently, individual ANG units were making their own call on it. Units that were doing well in manning and applicants told
  5. Hey all, I am about a couple weeks away from a flight physical and I got some paperwork with an interesting question. The question was "Have you ever or do you now have an undescended testicle". I haven't said anything yet because I had an undescended testicle but it was fixed when I was much younger. I was wondering a few things in this situation. 1. Would this condition disqualify me from flight? 2. Is this condition waiverable/ what are my chances for a waiver? 3. Worst case, there is about an inch long scar on my pubis, how in depth are the medical screens/ do you think the
  6. Hi folks, I know this might seem like a rather bold question, but I have searched quite a bit and haven't found the exact answers I am looking for. I thought this would be the place to ask before I start contacting units. I have seen on unit applications that there is an education exception to policy for applicants who do not have Bachelor's degrees but are "exceptionally qualified." The requirements were based on hours completed and GPA with the caveat of finishing a Bachelors within 4 years of commission. So here is where I am at currently, and why I see this as an opportunity. Personal
  7. (please bear with the lingo and "perspective"...ROTC cadets like myself are more than an amateur in the processes and lingo of active duty) Current status: - ROTC cadet (3rd year, approaching senior year) with a rated categorization, specifically CSO 12XXX - In process of getting my flight physical scheduled...filling out the self reported inventory of what's "wrong with me" - have a current knee injury (or so i believe an injury) waiting for official doctor diagnosis of whats wrong with it, MRI has been done, waiting for results Problem: - I do not want to lose my CSO slot
  8. I am a Cadet at the Air Force Academy and I recently had my vision tested for pilot qualification. I passed all my tests with flying colors except the Red Lens Test which I failed. The docs told me to come back for in-depth testing of my depth perception (which is a more thorough examination then the Red Lens Test) since I failed the Red Lens Test. The depth perception test was the one with the circles etc. I passed that one with flying colors as well. The docs then retested me on the Red Lens Test at the end of the depth perception test and I failed it again. The docs said they are going to t
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