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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all,I plan on applying for the 18OT02 active duty board and had a question. I want to apply for a rated slot but because I got hit with a surprise deployment in July of this year I have not been able to take the TBAS as required to apply for rated. As such, I plan on applying for this next board as a non rated applicant on the advice of my chief saying that I can also try to become a pilot after OTS selection and that now would be the best time for me as we have the support of my group leadership and above to get the 2star to sign off on my LOR and that may change by the time the next AD board rolls around because our group leadership will have changed. My question is does anyone know how hard it is, or just what the route is in general that one must take to become a pilot or other rated officer if you have been accepted as a non-rated selectee? Thanks in advance.
  2. Published list of OTS start dates?

    Hello all. I'm a civilian who got hired by a C-130 guard unit. Does anyone know if there is a published list of OTS / COT start dates? I just passed my FC1 and am expecting to have dates assigned in the next couple of weeks, but I'm wondering if I'll start OTS before the end of the year. Also, does anyone know how Christmas / New Year factor into the training cycle? Thanks!
  3. ATTN: Experts and Professionals that know everything about AD Rated Boards! (Posting for S/O)Here is my personal rundown: I am a non-tech major with a 3.6 GPA, I made a 78 on my Pilot and an 85 on my Nav. All of my AFOQT Scores are a 78/85/57/37/23. I took my TBAS Friday and made a 40 for my PCSM with no flight hours. I really am confused about how I made a 40 or how it is scaled because I thought I only missed 10 or less. I have a lot of leadership experience, community service, managing positions, etc. I am worried that my PCSM is going to ruin my chances despite the other scores and my personal packet. I really don't know if I would even be able to get enough flight hours before boards for it to count, or if it would be worth it? Most of the posts I have seen are people with 200+ flight hours and so they make an overall 80 on their PCSM which would put their PCSM lower than mine to begin with. How do my scores compare? Do you think I have a shot? Would it be worth it to show the board that I cared enough to shove some flight hours before boards to show that I really want this? Am I freaking out about this for no reason or should I just wait the 6 months, miss this board, and apply for the next one? Thanks in advance!
  4. Good evening ladies and gents, So, here I am, just signing on for a six year contract at an airlift squadron for Aerial Transportation (2T2X1) and I've run into a slight dilemma. So the squadron I am currently on with is an airlift squadron, were going from 130s to 17s in 2018 and that sounds super nice. However, a squadron not TOO far away from me flies F-16s and I've always love the idea of flying fast jets and they have alot of boards for folks. Here are a few questions to throw out to the experience masses: 1. Would it make me look like an ass getting on with one squadron just to leave them for another squadron later on down the road? 2. Would it be possible for me to become an officer THROUGH the other squadron? As in, would it be possible for me to go to the 16 squadron to the board and apply for OTS AS WELL as UPT? This is my main question, I'm curious as to if I can move from my current squadron as an enlisted to the fighter squadron as an officer-selectee and UPT candidate. 3. Any 16 guys want to talk about their life experience? Same for the 17 folks as well. When it all comes down to it, I wouldn't mind flying with my squadron if I get the opportunity too. But I would love to have the chance to fly F-16s if I can. Thank you guys for your time.
  5. Taxes & Pay in OTS/UPT

    I've found my way to the '15 military pay tables, figure '16 won't be much different. The basic pay is straightforward but how do the allowances work? If I'm single/no dependent do I only get BAH if I manage to get off-base housing in UPT? What's the subsistence allowance? Finally, does all this get taxed normally or are some parts exempt? Thanks!
  6. I am heading down to TFOT and TFIT at Maxwell in January and I am a non prior UPT ANG select. My unit will only issue me ABU's and most of the Blue's but not the Blue's Coat, Pants Shoes and some of the other essential accoutrement and non of the Mess Dress that is included on the reporting instructions. Finance just informed me that I don't get the 400$ for officers to buy clothing because I am not an officer... I can probably get that later but still a pain. Also stopping by the BX i am sure that all the stuff I need will cost way more then that. Any body have any recent experience with this stuff? Do I just eat and it and pay for the stuff? On a related note, for recent guys at Del Rio, did you get your flight suits and stuff at Del Rio or was it issued by your unit? Our young pilots told me that they got it at UPT and that is part of the budget that our unit allots towards a training slot so we don't want to pay for the stuff if we already paid AFTC for it. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I've been considering applying to OTS for a while now. I've been studying various AFOQT books, reading about things online, talking to pilots, etc. I contacted a recruiter, and he sent me some generic OTS documents. What really struck me was this: I haven't moved forward with the process, mainly because I don't have a Private Pilot's License. I only have an hour of flight time. I'd like to get my PPL before applying, but is it really necessary? I'm sure it would improve my chances, but I'm wondering how true the "1% chance" thing is. I realize this has been discussed somewhat in other topics, but I haven't seen anyone directly address how OTS is currently dealing with pilot hopefuls who do not have PPLs. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  8. Pretty sure field training for this summer, 2014, has been cut short from 28 days to 22-23? What are your opinions? Is this too short? Good? Bad? I appreciate if you compare your own military training to this summers training.