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  1. That’s what you’re fighting for......
  2. “Presumed innocent” doesn’t mean just take it when someone attempts, or appears to attempt to kill. If I was convinced someone was trying to kill me, I wouldn’t think to myself, well their skin is a certain color so I’ll just let them do it.
  3. All hail the giant moth
  4. Saying I’d deal with a C-130 unit......as a last resort probably won’t help.
  5. I’m sure PC types will make sure that gets changed
  6. I think it's not mocking a huge part of the population from the podium. Kinda hurts your chances of winning an election.
  7. Obama's going to give her a blanket immunity before he leaves.
  8. We gave him our confidence,now let's see if he's really on our side.
  9. I picture guys in sparkly tights,holding each other and sobbing uncontrollably
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