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    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    It's so weird...I remember what the Air Force was like and how people operated in the squadron say 10-12 years ago. Why is it that General officers can't seem to remember??? How do they lose touch that fast? It's not like they've been out of the AF for 50 years and suddenly come back in. Agreed that there is little hope for fixing this, absent a wholesale firing or an actual dramatic shift in policy/actions at the SecAF or CSAF levels. Having said that, give them their 28 chances. But I'd be damned sure not to let other chances/opportunities pass by while waiting for Big Blue to unfuck this. It'll take half a career. In that time a person could be half way up a seniority list somewhere...
  2. Bergman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You're joking, right?! You did caveat your comment so I'll give you that. Which community are you referring to, because in my limited experience the ARC bubbas are full-up and have 2-3 times more experience as well.
  3. Perhaps they were Nav/EWOs for 6 years before going to pilot training. Overall good analysis and appreciate the number crunching. The AF is screwed on so many levels, and they've done it to themselves.
  4. RUN!!!! Fucking RUN!!!! Don't give these ass clowns one extra month of your lives! They haven't earned the loyalty and effort of the caliber of people they "lead". Management is so out of touch that they think a bonus is the solution (which, even with the bonus, is a drop in the bucket compared to even second year airline pay, not to mention quality of life which is priceless). Until they start genuinely CARING ABOUT THE PEOPLE, I will advise anyone that will listen to GTFO immediately if not sooner.
  5. Bergman

    The cadet email thread

    Indeed. I live about 3 hours away from the airport so when I had short call, I'd drive 1.5 hours closer, then double-dip some pay at Starbucks doing my quarterly CBT, or go cruise Best Buy or CarMax for a while. Sometimes go to the beach or do a short run (they never said you had to show up clean!) Thankfully I never got called for a true short call, usually just assigned flying at 0600 the next day...so I'd just drive to an airport hotel and hit the pool and/or bar until bed time. Rough life.
  6. Bergman

    B-29 "Doc" flies again!

  7. Bergman

    Paging Steve Davies

    Shit fuck satan death sex drugs rape (name that tune)
  8. Bergman

    Offutt GA Crash

    Update: http://www.omaha.com/news/metro/pilot-and-instructor-who-died-in-saunders-co-crash-are/article_644c3dd8-5353-11e6-a363-972728494cc6.html This one hits particularly close to home. Ron Panting did all of my PPL instruction back in 99, including soloing me and recommending me for my check ride. I also worked with him in OGV around that time. Good pilot and a really nice guy. I really hate this part of the business. Godspeed, fellas.
  9. Bergman

    B-29 "Doc" flies again!

    Footage from the chase plane:
  10. Bergman

    Next Chief of Staff

    Is it sad that in my mind I read the "shot down over Syria" part of that link, combined with earlier comments that he had flown RPAs, and immediately thought to myself, "They shot down the Predator, I wonder how that feels...Did he go get a cup of coffee..?" Anyway I digress.. Let's hope he can start to right the ship because we're taking on water at an alarming rate and far too many are headed for the lifeboats.
  11. Bergman

    B-1 leaving Al Udeid

    B-52s arrive in Qatar
  12. Bergman

    B-1 leaving Al Udeid

    http://www.afcent.af.mil/Units/379thAirExpeditionaryWing/News/Display/tabid/298/Article/643030/farewell-b-1-the-b-1b-lancer-sets-rotational-records-before-leaving-aor.aspx Who is going to replace them? Or are we just curtailing the bomb dropping for 6 months?
  13. I would disagree that the days of the guard bum are gone. With so many people going to the airlines, the bums who are left are getting more days than they can count. I've seen Captains turn down temp tech saying, "if you want me, I will work in this office for this specific person and you will give me 120 days AGR orders". Management says, "Okay" because they are so understaffed. The ARTs are all having heart attacks because they have to work for the first time in 10 years with so few guard bums around to do the shit jobs that havare typically been passed down. As for sitting reserve with an airline...it depends on airframe, but most new hires right now won't sit reserve for more than 2-3 months.
  14. Bergman

    New Deid Dorms

    All things considered, I'd rather stay in the CC with my own room than double up in the Fiasco Dorms. As a bonus, maybe the Cadillacs won't be as gross with fewer people using them. But more than likely, they'll close half of them, thus keeping the density the same.
  15. Agree completely. In my experience, people were much happier in the AF in the 90s. Even the people who were getting out weren't leaving because they'd been screwed over, or were pissed at big blue in general. The commanders were largely pretty good, people did their job and went home to their families. I hate to say it, but in my opinion the AF is measurably worse in every area. I've been trying to think of just ONE thing I can honestly say is better now than then, and I can't come up with anything. Seriously. It breaks my heart.
  16. A point to consider...a first-year pilot at United or Delta would get over $10,000 in "bonus" (profit sharing) which would go up to over $20,000 in the second year, and possibly way beyond that depending on how much you work. IMHO staying in because of the money is not sound logic. People should want to stay in to serve their country, the quality of flying, and a sense of comaraderie while making a livable wage. The problem is that the USAF is doing everything it can to stomp out the camaraderie, regulate the flying to death (and take punitive action on a whim...a la Q3s for wearing a baseball cap at OTBH), and force people to constantly choose between service and their own family, which isn't fair to the member (179s, 365s, etc). So that's the issue...you can make more money at the airlines, have a better QOL, and your family with be better off also. That's an easy choice, and it will continue to be until USAF leadership gets their shit together.
  17. Bergman

    B-1 leaving Al Udeid

    I wonder if this is just typical AF spin to say "we're running out of B-1 crews who are able to deploy again." As to B-52s in theater again...if you thought the ATO was already a colossal waste of time/gas getting jets to and from the fight, imagine how much the BUFFs would suck up flying from BFE and back every day, as the closer bases can't support them (wingspan/outrigger gear).
  18. Wow. What a truly shitty deal. The entire US military needs to GTFO of Afghanistan immediately if not sooner. If you are an ARC IP and thinking of taking this deal, slap yourself. All of the major airlines are hiring and any military IP is well qualified. Go to the airlines and don't ever look back. Lord I hope the tanker bros don't get hit with this crap. I feel for you herc guys!
  19. Now they are all sitting in the boneyard...most of them Code 1.
  20. True. One of a number of reasons I don't live in DC!
  21. The main problem with your theory is if you get hired by a heavy unit, you will fly T-1s in UPT. Highly unlikely a fighter unit would even consider hiring you without having at least flown T-38s. Has it happened before? Yes. Is there a chance you could go to ENJJPT and fly -38s even though you're going to a heavy unit? Yes, but very unlikely. As was mentioned previously, already-qualified pilots are bailing to every airframe right now, especially fighters. Trying to get a unit to stick their neck out for some weird one-off T-38 TX course then IFF then B-course unit-transfer guy is extremely unlikely IMHO.
  22. Speak softly...and carry a concealed .45.
  23. Bergman

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    There are empty rooms right now. Everyone has their own, and the vast majority have gone straight to their 'permanent' room upon arrival.
  24. Bergman

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Dependapotamus! "You had me at Tricare"